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Stroking Him for Anna

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Stroking Him for Anna Anna logged off the computer and stood up. I bugged her, 'Watch out for the wet spots.' Anna looked down at the the red chair. There were darker spots where she had been sitting. 'What's that?' She asked. 'And do you see the little dots on the arms of the chair,' I explained to her, 'That's when it squirts out really high.' 'That's disgusting,' Anna declared, yet looked carefully at the red chair. 'Why is it' I smiled, 'Let's just say he's got a lot of pictures that remind him of you.' She smiled. I continued, 'He loves big tits but there are more and more pictures of petite girls like you.' Anna laughed, 'Oh, c'mon.' 'I'm just telling you he likes you.' Anna shyly looks away. 'I told you, since I caught him it's all in the open. I couldn't resist, so I told him it was okay for him to slide his big hand up and down his cock as long as he didn't spray.' Anna giggled, 'C'mon.' 'It's true, it saves his jerk-off chair. Last time he lasted a week, even with his favourite big tits, he didn't lose it until he saw you.' Anna looked at me with her mouth open. I explained, 'Remember when you came over that day with the striped socks and the red shorts? Anna nodded nervously and excitedly. 'Well, remember when we fooled around with the camera?' 'No,' Anna looked worried. 'Let's just say somebody accidentally saw your pictures on the computer and he sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.' Anna couldn't believe it, 'No.' 'Yeah, let's just say the download was sort-of wet. I don't know where he was aiming.' 'I can't believe it, which picture?' 'You were sitting in the red chair in front of the computer with the red shorts...' I teased, 'It was probably the striped socks.' Anna stared at the chair and didn't understand why her pussy was getting embarrassingly wetter and wetter. 'Don't you feel irresponsible knowing he couldn't stop jerking his big cock because of you? And the mess he made...' I joked. Anna looked at the cum spots on the red chair. I saw her looking.'Messy, messy, he should have used that,' I pointed to the African sculpture near the computer. . Anna pointed at it and smiled. 'This?' I nodded. She picked it up. 'It's heavy.' 'Nice isn't it,' I smirked. 'You notice anything I said playfully. Anna giggled. 'It's got big tits!' 'And..?' 'I don't know, the nipples?' 'You see how it's kind of stained?' 'Yeah,' she smiles, trying to anticipate what I was going to say.' 'Well, you know my stepfather...' She giggled some more. I tease her. 'You know how he stares at you, especially with the short dress and the stockings you're wearing today...?' 'Maybe...' she smiles. 'Why do you think the sculpture is stained everywhere?' 'I don't know,' she pretends innocently. I spoke more quietly, 'What do you think?' She smiles. 'I don't know.' I tell her, 'He titfucks it.' She laughs loudly. 'Shhhhh!' 'So it's stained with-' I nod and wait for her to finish. '...with his cum?' 'Yes, lots of it,' I whisper mischievously; ' he lays it down and sticks his cock between the tits.' Anna rubs her hand on the sculpture, 'Really.' She grins, 'How do you know that?' 'He's done it right here in the livingroom. Early one morning, that's when he's extra horny. He thought I was gone already and he didn't hear me get up. From the hallway, I could see his ass pumping away.' She stared at me.'Really.' I pointed to the red chair. 'I know he loves to jack-off at the computer but it still was a surprise to see him titfucking in the middle of the living room like that.' 'My god!' She grins. 'Tell me more.' I couldn't resist, 'Want to see it?' 'See what?' she said nervously. I teased her, 'He's hot for you, we can get him to titfuck in front of us.' Anna didn't believe it. 'C'mon, won't he be embarrassed?' 'A little, but he'll just get too excited as usual. He's shy when I strip for him but then he starts pumping away. C'mon let's go to the mall for a while. He's coming home pretty soon. We can show up a little early and catch him.' 'Catch him?' Anna looks confused. 'Pumping,' I say impatiently, moving my hand up and down, 'he does it for hours.' Anna gets wetter and smiles nervously. I check my watch. 'Let's go now.' We didn't knock when we came back. He was at the computer and quickly closed the window on the screen then tried to jam his cock back into his pants. I saw part of it glistening with pre-cum. I smiled. 'Hey, remember Anna?' He looked shyly at me then saw her. 'Hi,' he tried to say. She smiled back. His dick was finally inside. 'How are you?' He said, his voice still cracking. 'I'm good,' Anna told him. It was quiet for a moment. I start teasing him, 'You've been keeping busy haven't you?' He manages to ignore me then asks, 'Anybody want coffee, juice, anything else... tea?' 'Tea,' Anna announced. Everybody noticed the wetter spot on his pants and where he was sitting in the red chair. Anna looked at me; we both smiled. He was more composed when he came back with the tea. 'Don't spill that on anybody,' I giggled. 'Anna doesn't want a wet spot on her skirt.' She looked down at her bare legs and then crossed them, making the short skirt creep up her thighs. I watched him stare. 'Anything good on the computer?' I asked. 'What?' 'The computer, did you see anything interesting?' Anna giggled. 'No...' He wobbled his head, 'What did you see?' I jumped right in, 'She was pretty cute, were all the big tit girls were on break or something?' Everybody laughed this time. I noticed Anna's skirt was creeping higher. I announced, 'Anna likes the sculpture. Tell her about it.' 'The sculpture?' It took him a few seconds, he looked at me. I asked her, 'What do you think of the sculpture Anna?' She nodded and politely said, 'It's nice, very nice.' I couldn't resist. 'She wants to know why it's kind of stained.' It embarrassed both of them. Neither of them said anything. They looked down. 'C'mon you two, it's simple. How about it's all stained with come?' I looked at Anna. 'Because he titfucks it all the time and creams all over it.' Everybody laughs nervously. I move in the chair, accidentally pulling my sweatpants down a little, exposing my lower belly. I look at Anna's legs, 'What do you think of Anna's outfit?' I tried not to grin. Anna smiled shyly. He stared at her cute legs. 'It's nice...they're nice, very nice.' The bulge started to show in his shorts. They both stared at the sculpture. 'Looks like you both like the sculpture,' I teased. Everyone laughed. I was a little nervous but I couldn't resist anymore.'Ummm....I was wondering...' Anna stared at the sculpture and giggled. I laughed with her, 'What's with you?' I teased. 'Nothing. Nothing.' She smiled. He laughed a little too. 'Am I missing something?' 'Well...' I said. 'I was...' I hesitated, watching Anna staring nervously at the sculpture. Then I said it, 'Would you titfuck for us?' Anna giggled. His face turned red. 'What!?' I was enjoying this too much. 'It's covered in your cum isn't it?' He still didn't say anything. 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I just figured we'd be open.' He looked at Anna and tried to console her, 'It's a bit of a shock.' She smiled back at him then motioned to him. He looked confused but he stood and walked towards her. She touched his crotch and he moaned. I was surprised and watched. She opened the zipper, his cock sprang out and he said, 'Nooo.' But he didn't move away. Her small hand wrapped delicately around his cock and she began sliding up and down the shaft. It bucked upwards with each stroke of her hand. I watched them and went to get the sculpture. I looked out the big window and put the sculpture right in the middle of the room. 'It's all yours now,' I told him. 'Nooo,' he repeated. Anna giggled and let go of his cock. 'I want you to show us what you do when nobody's home.' He turned red, but moved towards the sculpture. Anna smiled and reassured him. I told him, 'Take your pants off and put it between the tits, isn't that what you usually do?' He didn't say anything and straddled the sculpture. His big cock with just enough room between the drooping carved tits. 'Start pumping,' I ordered him. His cock leaked pre-cum. Anna gasped. 'That's good. Wet those tits so you can hump them better,' I told him. He's face was still red but he moaned involuntarily. Anna stared at his wet cock slowly sliding back and forth. 'Does that feel good?' He barely could say it, 'Yesss.' I quietly told Anna to take his shirt off. He stopped for her. 'That's better, now everybody can see you pumping those tits. Do you like that?' He didn't move and didn't say anything. I raised my voice, 'Don't you love playing with your big cock?' His cock pulsed but his ass stayed motionless. 'I shouldn't...' 'I'm impressed! How do you keep from humping?' He didn't say anything. 'Is it because of Anna?' I asked. He gasped, 'I...I...', and kept looking down. I told him firmly, 'Look at Anna.' He looked up shyly. She turned and lifted her skirt, exposing her firm little behind. He moaned and a thick white drop leaked out of his throbbing cock. 'Oh, oh, what's that...' I teased, 'Anna is making the semen leak everywhere!' He slid forward almost groaning as another droplet came out and made a fine string from his cock to the tunnel between the tits. Anna gasped, her small hand running up the inside of her now wet thigh. Then I ordered him.'Now stop!' I looked at her and Anna mischievously pulled her skirt up higher. His cock throbbed and he responded with a short pump. 'Don't do that. I said stop! No pumping until I say so.' He stopped. I nodded to Anna. She began slipping her panties down. 'Noooo,' he groaned loudly, more drips of cum dripped onto the round tits of the sculpture. She smiled at him and tossed her panties towards him. He thrusted, she giggled. 'No!' I told him. 'Just watch her.' She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and thrust her chest up. He groaned again, his ass starting to sweat, the muscles anxious to contract. I felt sorry for him, 'Okay, you can titfuck. Slowly!' He moaned and slid slowly between the tits. Anna began taking off her stockings. He stared at her and started pumping faster. I picked up her panties and slid them slowly into the crack of his clenching ass. He stopped humping and held them there, his cock throbbing with anticipation. 'Are you afraid of coming already?' 'Yes,' he groaned. 'It's been over a week.' I giggled. 'A week!? You poor boy. You didn't play with that big leaky cock for over a week?' 'No...I mean, I did... I couldn't help it... but...' 'But? But you did. Bad boy,' I joked. 'But you didn't cum right?' He nodded and pumped the tits involuntarily. I looked out the window and noticed the city bus going by slower than usual. I smiled.'You think they can see you titfucking in front of everybody?' He tried to stop, the moving bus was still there but he started titfucking again. Anna giggled and lifted her skirt higher. He moaned and moaned, then cried out for sympathy, 'Twelve days... all those tits... those tiny asses...the cute pussies...' 'Easy, stop, come here, save some for Anna.' I motioned to him and tapped on the couch beside me. 'Come here.' He looked relieved and got up quickly then sat beside me with his glistening cock sticking up. 'Watch Anna,' I told him. I put my hand around his cock, it jerked in my hand; he looked half-frightened.'It's okay, Mr. Jack-off, we'll have to be careful Mr. Jack-off but you have to watch Anna.' 'But, she's so-' Anna lifted her shirt in front of him, he pushed up and down in my hand. 'I think he likes you Anna.' She giggled and played with her tits. He jerked more. He stopped. I could feel it coming. 'Move closer Anna,' I stared him in the eyes and my hand went long and deep. 'Twelve days!' I cried out at him, pumping his cock hard. He groaned. I repeated, 'Twelve days wanking to Anna.' He groaned louder and stared at her as she moved forward. 'You poor bastard, you spent hours and hours tugging to her pictures, do you want to spray your cum on Anna's tits?' He yelled out, 'Yes, yes, yesss...' Then I felt it, his first shot went high and came down on my sleeve. I leaned his jerking cock at Anna and started spraying her tits. She moaned as the cum began covering her titties. She unexpectedly drove into my bare foot, humping her wet pussy against my toes, her cries almost drowning out the wet, slippery sound of my hand jacking everything out of his big cock. 'You bad bad boy!' I kept jerking his cock. 'Bad boy squirting all over Anna.' He cried out, 'Anna! Anna!' He stopped and pulled her mouth to his. Anna smiled at me until his lips lowered slowly onto all of her nipple, his saliva leaking and mixing into the slowly drying cum. Anna was staring at me then closed her eyes... 'I'm getting the camera,' I said.



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