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The Beach

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My roommate's car!


I am a student at a very male dominated school. Sadly most of them are computer dorks, but not all of them. We'll call him Fred, well Fred and I have known each other for a few months now and our relationship has changed from just friends to something more than that.

Last night my roommate and I went on a double date, on the way there we were a bit bad and lay down in the back seat, just to cause my roommate, the driver, to get flustered. Well then Fred started to kiss me and the rest of the world melted away and all that mattered was his lips his tongue and his hands on me. He pressed my head into the seat with his lips and slowly slid his hands up my shirt to fondle my breasts, now this would be perfectly alright except for the two uncomfortable not even a foot away. But as I said my mind was not working properly, then he started to rub against me, the feeling of his hard cock against my throbbing clit sent me over the edge, I needed him so badly...his solid weight pressing me down his left hand slipped down to my hip and then into my pants oh god!

Fred I shouted, not in a good way, my mind recalled the not so avid audience. So after a time I managed to disengage myself from under him and curl up on his lap for the remainder of the ride, which was quite enjoyable because his hands were everywhere stroking my head, caressing my breast and slipping down between my thighs to tease me. Shudder I am still amazed I had the self-control to not tear his clothes off right there. After the movie which I did make him watch, we went to the beach, my roommate and her date went to lay on the sand while Fred and I stayed in the car. In the front seat, we were banned from being in the back, I pushed up the console in the middle and curled into his arms. His lips descended to mine and all the rushing need came back to me. He fondled my breast through my shirt before pulling it up to tease my hardened nipples. My senses were swimming, he slid his hand down my rib cage to unbutton my pants, I gasped when his fingers entwined in the hair covering my pussy.

He slid his hand further into my panties, pausing to gently rub my clit for a moment, then pushed his amazing fingers inside of my dripping wet vagina. I moaned, so did he, our kisses became more urgent as I came close to the peak, then he pulled his fingers out and slammed them into me, I shattered clinging to him, a low roar torn from my throat. God that was amazing. By the time my senses returned my roommate and her boyfriend were headed back to the car, so I had to unwillingly drag myself from his arms and sit in my own seat....but his hand never left my thigh, gently caressing me through my jeans the whole car ride home. When we got back to campus we had to part ways but next weekend we're staying overnight at our other friends house so.....I can just imagaine I will return the favor and much more.



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