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Strangest Place Ever

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I've jerked off in the woods on a hike, in a public restroom when traveling on a long road trip, driving in a car, after a legitimate massage still in the massage therapy room, and even with someone watching. This was about a surprise phone call from a long distance lover at a time when I was horny as could be but not in private place.


One hot summer day, I was sweating like crazy in the heat and humidity of New Jersey and was cleaning up and rearranging inside my rented storage unit, one of the large ones. I had gotten up early and gone over there before it got too hot but I knew by the time I got home, Id need another shower. Id woken up horny from sexy dreams but had ignored it and hurried out of the house. I had a busy day planned and needed to be very productive. So, I was still feeling that ache and craving as I was working hard, listening to talk radio, and then my cell phone rang.

The voice was Lisa, a woman that I had met on the internet and had only had the chance to meet face to face once. From the beginning, we hit it off with personalities that matched and also with a high sexual drive. We would talk about masturbating and our desire to get together a lot. Lisa was a kind, generous, horny woman with a good sense of humor and we always hit it off on the phone. She asked me what I was up to, I told her sweating away, and she teased me about already being involved in masturbating so early in the day. I told her that I wasnt and explained that I was cleaning and hadnt even taken time for self-pleasure following the sexy. She asked me what my dreams had been about. I could tell by the noises on the phone that she was probably getting excited. I was also getting excited because in my morning condition that didnt take much.

I asked her where she was and she told me she was still in bed, that her ex-husband had the kids so she was relaxing and had planned to catch me still in bed so we could pleasure ourselves together on the phone, just as we had done on weekends a few other times. I expressed my disappointment because clearly we were both needing to orgasm and I would have loved to help her and said that maybe I could still talk to her even though I was in the dingy storage unit. Then, Lisa said having me jerk off with her while I was in the unit would be a great turn on for her. In the background, I noticed the noise of her loud vibrator going now and could tell she was serious about that so I agreed.

At first, I tried to pretend that I was doing it while talking sexy with Lisa, telling her Id love to get down and lick her right then and that I loved they way she got so wet and squirted when she came. Are you really touching yourself, she asked me. I admitted that I was not yet and she got a little miffed, I could tell from the way your voice sounds. You are so easy to tell when you are playing along with me. I put the phone on speaker and set it on a stack of boxes, stepped over to pull the storage unit door a bit more than half way down. Now it was pretty dark except for the bright sunlight beaming below the door. I couldn't stand to have it completely closed because of the heat but I didnt want to be easily seen from the outside. Anyone could have come over and peeked under or lifted the door and caught me now.

Lisa made me describe what I was doing for her as I opened my pants and pulled out my penis over the top of my boxer briefs. Lisa asked me describe what I was doing and that did not meet with her approval. I think it's much sexier to imagine you with your pants down below your knees like a horny teenage boy pulling at your cock. Mmmn. And what if someone could see your naked calves and your briefs down at your ankles, and looks in, ooh my. Lisa was audibly more turned on and that got me into it as well. Stroking myself using just the sweat running off of me in that prison of a hot box, I talked with her about just that in a fantasy role play.

Than as we both got close Lisa pm said if she caught me pulling my cock like that, she would come in and kneel, bare her breasts, let me shoot hot cum all over them. That made her go over and I could hear her familiar sounds of orgasm. She begged me to paint her breasts and I shot off all over the concrete floor with splat after splat. Just then I realized there were legs and feet wearing feminine flip flops walking by my unit between my car and the door. I told Lisa I'd call her back when I got home, said I loved her and thanked her while I quickly stuffed my stiff penis back in my pants and got presentable.

Lifting the door, I was blinded by the sunshine and refreshed by the breeze. Then I saw who had gone by. A young lady was at a unit directly across from mine. She rushed over to where I was standing in my doorway. Oh thank goodness , there is someone in there, she said. I walked by but couldn't see anything. Can you help me please? She peered around me to the place behind me where my wet stripes were on the floor. You ok? I assured her I was fine and had just been sweating from moving heavy things. Yeah, I see, she replied. Then, I helped her take a heavy chair out of her Subaru. As I swept dust over my semen stains, I thought how surreal it all was.



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