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Time Of The Month, Again.

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Backache, tummy ache, and a light flow.....typical period for me. Accompanied, as usual with almost overwhelming emotions. I can go from very sad and tearful to feeling deep love and affection to extreme anger in a heartbeat.  This time, I was sitting and talking to Amy.


Since that first time, Amy's first time that is, she has changed a lot. Outwardly, she is still the hippy, earth-mother loving girl I know, but it is obvious she has become a very sensual girl as well. She masturbates, she tells me, whenever and wherever the mood takes her. And, she has had sex with a man! (Yay!). I think she may have scared him a little though. More of that at another time, if she lets me tell you. 
Anyway, we are both on, and sitting in her room listening to some folky-type music and just enjoying each other's company. She had told me of her first fuck, and yes, it turned me on. Tentatively, I asked her about masturbation during her period. Remember, until that day she touched me, she hadn't even touched herself.
She said "I feel very sexual, but, well, it's a little messy, isn't it? I mean, you know, to wank off during a period." I told her that it isn't necessary even to remove a tampon if you don't want to, and that, even if you do, sometimes a little mess really doesn't matter, it's the feeling that counts. I told her I was on too, and that I frequently masturbate during my period as it relieves the aches and pains. 
She mulled this over a while and, while she did so, I noticed she was rubbing her tummy. "Pains?" I asked. "Mmm hmm," came the reply. I got off the bed and moved around behind her and pulled her backwards against me. We were nestled against each other and I began a gentle massage of her tummy, before allowing one of my hands to gently cup her breast through her t-shirt. I know only too well how painful tiny breasts can be during a period so I took it very gently indeed. Amy tensed a little before giving vent to a long drawn out, "Mmmmmmmmmmm, don't stop". 
Time is the key here. Boys, if you ever get sexual with a girl during her time of the month take some advice: imagine how slowly you should go, and how gently you can touch her, then triple it. With Amy, I have no idea how long I took before I had slipped my hand up under her t shirt. Her breasts felt like rocks and they must have been hurting her. My other hand was now under the waistband of her skirt and gently moving down over her panties. I felt her part her legs, giving me permission to carry on. For ages, I just gently applied pressure, and not much of it, to her clit through her panties. Oh, how that felt! Such a privilege! Again, guys, if a girl lets you near her at that most feminine time of her cycle, she is doing you a huge honor. Treat it as such. It means she trusts you more than words can say. 
Finally, I slipped my hand under the waistband of her panties to discover, to my delight and surprise, that she has shaven – and shaven thoroughly! I didn't even feel any slight stubble as my fingers tracked with exquisite slowness to her clit. 
She wasn't as wet as I've known her to be. Well, she wouldn't be, would she? The only moisture could come from the Bartholin’s glands on the outside of her vagina but, even so, she wasn't doing badly. Her clit was engorged and I felt the little string of her tampon. Focusing on her clit, I made small circular movements, making sure to keep my finger moist. Dryness on a clit can get really sore, really fast (are you listening guys?), so I made sure my finger was regularly dipped in her moisture. Amy was writhing a little, and moaning gently. Clearly, I was getting something right. 
I decided to experiment a little and slipped my finger inside her just a little way, and found the end of her tampon. I gave it a gentle wiggle figuring she would either like this or not. She arched her back and said "Ohhhh. That's really sexy!" (Note to self: next time, push fingers in her further.) 
By now her breathing was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. "It's ok to cum whenever you want, Amy," I said and gave her a small love bite on her neck. I learned last time that she likes this a lot. She reached around with her hand and held the back of my head as her orgasm hit. I felt every contraction of her cunt as she came, and made sure I stimulated her tampon at the same time – like a small cock against her g-spot. 
Afterwards, she was uncertain, almost apologetic. "Are you sure you didn't mind doing that?" By way of response, I licked my fingers. Why not? There was no blood on them and, anyway, I wouldn't have minded if there was. A girl’s scent changes during her period. It's much more earthy. Personally, I like it. It's a privilege, as I said, to be permitted to be intimate with a girl at that time. 
Me? Yes, she did me too, but in a way that surprised me. She likes to see my naked body, so she stood me up and slowly stripped me. Then she lay me down on her bed and kissed me from my forehead downwards so slowly, that by the time she got to my tummy I was almost cumming. When her lips touched my clit, I couldn't hold back any more. This girl is the most amazing kisser I've ever known! So slow, so sensual. Every kiss, every lingering stroke of her tongue on my nipples, even on my tummy button, was erotic and added to my arousal. 
I found that I had time to experience the moment. To live in the precise second of the moment. Even spreading my legs in front of this girl’s face, knowing I was on, knowing she could see the string of my tampon, was erotic. She couldn't see anything more because it was a new tampon, but the mere act of spreading one’s legs during a period is an act of utter trust and resignation. 
My cum was like a thousand butterflies flickering through my quim and my clit. Different in every way to the strong, pulsating cums that arise from being fucked or fingered aggressively. (Which, at the right time, I also love. Complicated, aren’t we?)
As usual with Amy, we held each other afterwards, me naked and her upfully clothed.
As I lay with her, I realized how safe I feel with Amy. How complete. Then the realization struck me. I am falling in love, and it's with her! I thought I was falling in love with my married friend but, no, it's definitely with Amy. 
I don't know if I am anything more than “exploratory sex” to Amy. I truly don't. But I do know that there isn't an abusive bone in her body. If, or when, she chooses to bestow her love on someone, they will find she is totally honest and has no understanding of the meaning of the word guile; she plays no mind games and what you see is what you get. 
I snuggled closer against her, feeling her stroke my hair and kiss my head softly. A small tear rolled down my cheek as I stroked her back. 
Beginnings are delicate times and I don't even know if this is one yet, at least not for her. 
But for me, well perhaps, just perhaps, this is more 



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