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Steve Sleepover At My Place

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Good old backyard camping with my mate and some porn magazine; what could possibly go wrong?

A month before this story took place, me and my family stayed at our family beach house, which had been occupied by my Mum, brother's family; occasionally, they went somewhere else during the holiday, allowing us to stay at the home. Like any kid that age I had the habit of exploring the house, including my older cousin's room. I went to explore one of his clothes drawers and found a couple of nude magazines. After sitting in the room looking at the magazine and getting a natural hard on, my sister came in to find me, to tell me we about to go to the beach. Seeing me reading the magazine, and she looked at me, laughs, and calls me a perv. After spending some free time during our 3 days there looking at the magazine, whether by myself or my bro, I decided to take the risk and sneak two of the magazines into my bag.


About 1 month later, I was hanging out with my buddy Steve, and he asked me if he could sleep over at my house that night. I asked my Mum, and she said it was ok, but only if we slept out in the backyard in the tent. Being a warm day, we both agree to the idea, plus my Mum usually preferred us out there because we didn't have to worry about waking my father up. That night, after dinner, we went to hang out in the tent just chatting when I brought up the magazines I found at my cousin's place and decided to go upstairs and get them. 

I came back to the tent and showed the 2 nude magazines to Steve; watching his eyes light up. Steve  grabbed 1 magazine as I grabbed the other 1, and we both just sat up and started to look at the magazine, and eventually, my cock started getting hard. I looked over at my buddy and could see him pitching a the tent in his PJ's like me, he also never really wore undies under his PJ's. After looking at the magazine and my friend's cock poking through his pants, I could not help but pull my cock out of my pj shorts and just slowly stroke my cock while reading the magazine.

Steve looked over at me and then decided to pull his pj pants down and copy me, so there we were, two horny mates laying next to each other in a tent, looking at dirty mags and stroking our cocks. We then both found ourselves slowly getting really horny, stroking our cocks, and we started to pick up the pace. I then got myself prepared by taking my shirt off, and Steve decided to copy me. We pretty much dropped the magazine aside as we both watched each other jack off. About 1 minute later, I started twitching and felt my balls begin to stir; this was it. I started moving my hips when 5 to 6 strings of cum came spurting out of my cock, the first two reaching as far as my neck as the rest started just spurting out all over my stomach. I looked over and saw Steve slowly stroking as if he was just hypnotised by what just happened.

I slowly wound down with the warm cum feeling on my hand. God, that felt good. As I looked at Steve, still dazed by my mess, he just came to a stop. Looking at his hard 7 inch cock I could not help but reach over and then slowly start stroking his cock, wanting to get the feel of it. Steve looked a little shocked but at the same time just let me take over. I guess when you've got a raging hard on, hands feel good on your cock especially when that hand has warm cum as well. I said sorry to Steve but he said no please don't stop, your warm cum and hands feels stimulating.  Steve reached down to touch my now flaccid cock. I asked him if he wanted me to pick up the pace, and he said yes please as he started breathing little heavier. I started picking up the pace, Steve saying please don't slow down go quicker and I kept at it.  Steve let go of my semi-hard cock and just laid there breathing heavily and started thrusting his hips with me stroking his cock. He started grunting and  squirming and then Steve said here it cums, here it cums. All of sudden cum came busting out of his cock, with one bit hitting his chin and covering his chest and stomach. Feeling another man's warm cum felt really good as it landed on my hand. I started slowing the pace down and then came to a stop. Steve was collecting some of his cum from his body.

As I lay next to him, amazed at what had happened I felt a hand with warm slimy feeling touching my cock. Steve said can I return the favour? I didn't even say anything; I just let go as I felt my cock get hard in his hand. Warm cum on the cock really is stimulating and feels amazing.  Steve just took it slow at the time, saying it was his first time feeling another man's cock. He was getting the feel of it. The slow strokes went on for another 2 minutes when he asked me if I would like it to pick up. I said yes, please, in an pleading voice. Steve started to pick up the pace and I felt my cock twitch every time I felt his hand reach the tip of my cock. Once again I could feel my cock about to erupt, telling Steve to please keep going, here it comes, and then my cock exploded and spurted more cum on my body, not as big as the first one but just as good. Steve slowed down, feeling my cum on his hands, as he came to a stop and just lay backward next to me. It was 2 or 3 minutes of silence, and we both just lay there looking up at the tent, still just recollecting what had happened. I wiped all the cum off my body, even after cleaning the cum off my cock, I could still feel the stimulating feeling of the cum on my cock. I  gave Steve my now cum covered shirt and he started wiping most of the cum of him.

We both just fell asleep after that; the next morning, we both took turns having a shower in the downstairs shower and then went up for breakfast, not saying anything about what happened the night before, like it never happened. We had some more jerking moments until Steve moved away to Melbourne with his family. 



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