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Staying with a Couple at the Convention

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Younger guy goes to a convention.  The motel is short on rooms and he is assigned to stay with a local couple who has a deal with the motel.  Turns out the couple is bisexual swingers.  The wife gets turned on by domineering and watching bisexual guys.  She directs the playing around, and joins in, as well.

My job sent me to another city for a seminar that they wanted me to do. This kind of thing was new to me. I had never been to a training seminar before. I was just 18 at the time. I had a mixture of feelings about going, some nervousness, and some excitement, like it was a vacation away from home.The problem was all the motels were full because of a bunch of different events that were going on in town all at the same time. So, for my stay on the first 3 days my boss made arrangements for me to stay with a married couple in town. This was actually arranged through one of the motels who had a list of people who could handle housing in the event of motel "sell outs." My guess is that they had this problem in town many times before.Anyway, I was to stay with a married couple in their 40's for the first 3 days of the seminar. Then I would be at Howard Johnsons Motel for the last 3 days, but would have to share a room a man who was going to the same seminar I was going to. (although I later changed it so I ended up staying with the couple the entire 6 days)I flew in on Monday, then took a cab from the airport to the house where I was staying those first 3 days. It was great where they were located because it was within a short walking distance from the conference. It was less than a block away.I arrived at Mike and Cindy's house at 2 pm. The conference wasn't going to start until that evening at 6:30. So I had a little bit of time to get situated at Mike and Cindy's house. I went to the door and knocked. Cindy answered the door and I was pleasantly surprised how good looking she was. I had been told they were in their 40's, but Cindy looked to be around 30 something. She had blonde hair down to about half of her back. She was in excellent shape, and was wearing a white button up shirt and blue jeans. I introduced myself, and she invited me in.She showed me to my room which was located in a somewhat private part of the house. She told me that the house had been added onto years ago to accommodate an elderly in-law. So, it was somewhat private in that it had its own bedroom, bathroom, and small living room area. Part of the living room had a kitchenette area, but it mainly consisted of a counter area with a small sink and a microwave. I actually was quite impressed with how nice it looked. In fact, if I was given my choice of where to stay, I would have selected here over the motel, anyway.Cindy said that they had housed many people here before. She said they had a deal with Howard Johnson's whereby the motel collected the daily fee, and the motel got a portion of it, and they got a portion of it. She said "Your stay includes breakfast every morning at 7 am." Then she said "I can also accommodate lunch if you want to do that. I can do it for $6.00 each day." She then said "There are a lot of places to eat at in town but the problem you are going to have is this town is packed with people right now, so you may be better off coming here for lunch. Besides, it is less than a 5 minute walk from the conference. But, it is your choice. Just let me know."I said "For now, unless I tell you different, I will plan on lunch with you each day."She said "Great. Also, tonight's supper is provided, too. It is figured in with your room rate through the motel. Then she told me what the meal would be. She said with all other supper meals, I was on my own to find a place in town. I said "Sounds fine. I'm looking forward to tonight's meal." She said "You will meet Mike later on. He works dayshift and leaves at 6:00 am, and gets home around 5:00 pm. Supper will be ready at 5:00 pm.Enjoy your room. Everything is ready for you."I settled into my room while Cindy went back into the other part of the house. I had cable tv and a large screen tv, about the size of most motels. There were even magazines by the side of the couch. I thought to myself "You can't beat this. I am glad the motel was full."I enjoyed my time in my room until supper time. Cindy left me alone, except to bring in some peanuts and a soda as a snack. I met Mike at supper time. He was a good looking man, who also looked younger than his age. He was very pleasant to be around and made me feel comfortable.I went to the conference after supper, then afterwards, immediately walked back to Mike and Cindy's house. They had given me a key, so I unlocked the door, and came inside the foyer. They were in the living room watching tv when I came home. As I entered the foyer, they hollered from the living room that I was welcome to visit with them for awhile, or go to my room. It was my choice. I came into the living room and sat down. They had both changed clothes, and were snuggling next to each other. It almost looked like they had been playing around with each other some. Cindy had on tight thin black shorts, and a white top that was totally unbuttoned, but was closed so you could not see anything. Mike was dressed in shorts and a unbuttoned shirt which was still open revealing his chest.Cindy said "Hope you don't mind, but we just felt like being comfortable. We just operate like normal, even when we have guests, especially when they are guests that we like."I said "No, I don't mind at all. That is fine." Actually, I was thinking how sexy they looked and was wondering what all they had been doing before I got there. I was wondering if he was hard, but I couldn't see anything because, even though his shirt was open revealing his chest, the bottom of his shirt was covering his crouch area. The shorts that both of them wore were the kind that slipped on. They did not have a zipper or button. So, my mind was racing, wondering if they quickly slid up the shorts when they heard me unlocking the door. I was actually getting hard thinking about it. Cindy then said "You want something to drink? Let me get you a soda."I said "Sure, that sounds great."As she got up, she didn't even worry about her unbuttoned white shirt. She never held onto it all. So, as she headed through the living room, the shirt opened up revealing her belly and parts of her cleavage. I would guess it was 4 inches open at the top and 6 inches open in her belly area. The tingling in my crouch intensified as I thought "Gosh, this gal is hot. Wish she would dress like this the whole time I was here."I watched her as she left the room, hoping to get a better peak at her tits. She smiled, and it made me wonder whether she was enjoying teasing me. When she returned, she bent over to hand me the Coke and her top opened even more. I could see at least a third of both of her tits. It was everything I could do to not let out a moan.I said "Thanks."Cindy went over and snuggled up next to Mike. When she sat down, she didn't bother to close her top. It was open, revealing part of one tit. I could not see a nipple, but she was getting me so hot just looking at her. I now had a raging hard on.We had some light chit chat, as they asked me about the conference and how were the people I met, etc. Every time Cindy would shift, I looked over to see if I could see more of her tits. I tried to not make it real obvious, but I know Cindy was mature enough to know what this young guy was doing. I kept thinking "She is really comfortable being dressed this way. It is almost as if she was teasing me on purpose." Mike seemed totally comfortable too. Then it made me wonder whether they were swingers, or if Mike just enjoyed watching her tease a young guy.After about 10 minutes of chit chat, Mike said "You like how she is dressed, don't you?" Then, he quickly said "It's okay. I don't mind."I was somewhat embarrassed, but I said "Actually, I love it."Mike said "Well, good. We are different than most couples. We are very close to one another and also very confident in our relationship. So, I actually like that she teases some. And, I think it is especially hot if she teases a younger guy. Cindy knows I like that, so when we found out you were just 18, I told Cindy that she can tease you all she wants. The only thing we were worried about is what you would look like. So, Cindy said to me 'Well, we will see once I find out if he is a cutie or not.' "Cindy had a sensual smile on her face the whole time her husband was talking, and I saw her open up her top even more with her fingers. I could now see about half of each tit. Finally, Cindy added to what her husband had already said, by saying "And, I saw that you were definitely a cutie."I was so hard at that point. I had tingles in my cock area that told me I was leaking precum. I was watching Cindy and she looked at me and said "If you don't mind I am going to get real comfortable" as she opened up her top to reveal her small hand size tits. She let the top slip off her shoulders so that it was half on her and half off. I just stared at her. She was so hot looking. I also noticed that Mike was watching me closely. I then saw him move his own shirt tails off of his lap. He had similar shorts like she had on. They were black knit like material that were very snug fitting. I wondered if they were women shorts because they looked just like hers. I could see that he was fully hard in his pants. The material was snug and stretchy and so it formed to every detail of what was underneath. I was thinking "Gosh I can see every curve of his cock." Then I thought "I am so glad I didn't head to my room when I came in tonight."Then Mike said "You like her tits?"I said "Definitely. I love looking at her."The next thing Mike said, totally surprised me. He said "I like to wear the exact same kind of shorts around the house that Cindy wears. Plus, she loves them on me. She likes how they are stretchy and tight and she can see the image of my cock." I was thinking at this point "I hope this is leading toward sex. All I know is if it isn't, then I am going to my room afterwards and beating off."Then Mike continued by saying "I will let you see more of Cindy, but you have to do everything I say, okay? Me and Cindy are in control, alright?"I could barely get the words out. I was shaking with excitement. I said "Uh, okay. Yea, that is fine. Whatever you want."Mike said "You have to do everything."I said "Yea, okay."Then he said "Cindy, take him to the bedroom and give him a pair of these tight shorts. Tell him to go into the bathroom, strip down, and put them on."Cindy said "Sounds great to me."Mike then said "Make sure he puts on a thong underneath them, too. And make sure he is not wearing anything else but those 2 things."My cock about came right there. I am the kind of guy that loves to be teased, and seduced. Plus, I love to be told what to do. Even though I had never wore feminine things, wearing a thong and tight girl shorts had me super turned on because they wanted me dressed like that. I get turned on doing things for people that turns them on. So, whatever turns someone else on, I would probably do. I learned this about myself by playing a lot on cam. Cindy, slid off her top completely as she got up off the couch. She headed over to me as I stood up. She then unbuttoned my shirt and took if off of me. I had a t-shirt on underneath, so she helped me take it off too. Then she grabbed my hand and led me into her bedroom.Once inside the bedroom, she got into a drawer and pulled out a pair of black shorts just like the ones she and her husband were wearing. I was a thin guy at the time, so I was not too much heavier than Cindy. She said "These are mine. I'm betting they will fit you fine." I took them from her, and started to head to the bathroom to change. But, she said "Hang on. You forgot the other part of your outfit." Then she reached in the draw and pulled out a red lace thong. She said "You will put this on underneath the shorts. But, before you put the shorts on over them, you will come out in just this sexy thong and model them for me."I was still shaking from excitement. Everything that had been happening were the kind of things I love. When I played on cam I have always loved being stripped slowly by the person watching me (telling me what to take off, a little at a time), and I loved being asked to do things. I also love being exposed, like "push your undies down to your thighs and sit like that." So, once again, what they both had said to me so far, had me very hot.I did as Cindy instructed and came out from the bathroom in just the lacy thong. You could easily see my hard cock through the material. My cock barely fit inside of it. It was about to peak out of the top of the thong. Cindy let out a "Mmmmmmmm, I love it. Your body is very hot." Then she said "Now turn around and let me see your ass." I immediately obeyed her. I had never worn any women underwear at any time in my life. But, standing there in those undies was so hot for me. Plus, the lace held my cock in a way that it felt like a hand holding it. And, I could feel the thong part up my crack of my ass. I thought to myself "I will be buying me some of these when I get a chance." She then came over to me, rubbed my ass for a few moments, turned me back around, then grabbed my hand and said "We are going to leave the black shorts off for now. You look too hot in these. This is what you will wear tonight until I tell you different, okay?""Uh, yea, I mean Yes Mam, whatever you want," was what I stammered out.She led me to the living room and her husband was surprised when I walked in with the red lace thong on. He said "Wow, Cindy, did you get a little preoccupied and forget the shorts?" Then he said "But I will say, I love him in those. I bet he will look good in the blue lacy thong too." Then he looked at me and said "Turn around Mike. Let me see your ass." I did what he asked and found myself getting excited from him telling me what to do.Cindy then said "You know what? I am going to give him a different pair for each day. Heck with the black shorts. He will wear the pair I pick for him each day while he is here at the house. He will only wear the thong and nothing else. Plus, he will wear them under his jeans while he is at the conference. This way he thinks about us the entire time he is at the conference."I kept wondering how much longer I was going to make it without cumming. This whole experience so far was tapping into many of my fantasies "all wrapped up in one." I had done a lot of role playing on cam where the other person and I would share fantasy stories and pretended to be that person in the story. Some people call it role playing. Then we would eventually cum together on cam. During that time, I had thought of the womens undies thing, but never wore any. Plus, I didn't know that stretchy lace undies held the cock like a person's hand. So, that part was new to me. But, many of my fantasies I had, I was now living, including being with a MILF, and playing with a couple. Precum was oozing through the lace of the red thong. At that point, Cindy told me to sit down for a minute, then she went over to her husband, had him stand up, and she took the shirt off of him. Then she slid off the black tight stretchy shorts. He had on a red silky thong with velcro sides. You could see precum all over the front, and easily make out his hard cock which was almost ready to come out of the top of the thong. Cindy turned him around so I could see Mike's ass. She even had him bend over. I wasn't sure why she had him do that. But, the whole thing was very erotic and hot to watch. Mike sat back down, and Cindy grabbed his knees and spread his legs very wide. She then took off her own black shorts, and I saw that she had a silky black g-string on. She turned around to show me her ass, and even spread her legs some, and bent over in them. As she did so, she was rubbing her ass as if she was trying to make me want it. She then turned around to face me, as she was laughing. Finally she said, "Have we got our little boy's attention?" She had a sexy, teasing look on her face.I said "Oh, yessss."She said "There will be more, but you play by our rules. You do nothing without being told, okay? You will just be a responder while staying here at the house. Don't make sexual comments, don't do anything, or expect anything, sexual. If anything happens, we will call the shots on that, okay?"I said "Okay."Then she came over to me, extended her hand to get mine, pulled me up from the couch. She held onto my hand as she walked me over to her husband, and said "Pull down my husband's panties and suck his cock for me. Do it right now."I had played cam to cam with some guys, and had fantasized some about sucking a guy if a woman asked me to someday. But, I had never done anything like that before. But, I was already very excited, and I wondered what else I might get to do if I did what she asked. Besides, I had wondered in a few fantasies what this might be like. So, I knelt down between his legs, grabbed both sides of his thong, undid the velcro, and slowly pulled the front completely down. As I pulled it down, out popped his hard cock. At that point, he was basically naked, while sitting on the thong. Cindy reached down and grabbed his cock with her hand while lightly pushing my head down. She basically fed his cock toward my mouth. She said "Lick off his precum first." I obeyed her. It was sweet tasting and sticky. I have eaten mine many times before, and I love doing it. I love the taste and stickiness of it in my mouth. But, I had never tasted anyone else's. She then said "Now suck him really good." " I then opened my mouth and took him completely inside. I started very slowly going down his cock as far as I could go, then up and down his cock with my mouth. I knew how I would love to be sucked, and so I just did the same thing to him. He started moaning instantly. He said "Oh, my gosh, this kid is good at this." Then he said "Have you done this before?"I said "No I haven't. I am just doing what I know I would like done to me.""Wow," Mike said. "Well, just keep doing that, and let's see what all you do." Then he said "Cindy, leave him alone for now and let's see what he comes up with on his own." Then he turned back to me and said "Just do everything you would like. If it isn't something I like I will stop you, okay?""You sure?" I said, then I continued with "Because I like some kinky things."Mike said "Yep, do it. I want to see what you come up with."I then, got confident, and slid his body forward so he was on the edge of the couch. I took his legs, and pushed them up over his head and said "Hold them up like that." I then squatted down and started licking his balls, and under his balls. Mike was moaning heavily, and squirming. I then licked down closer and closer to his asshole. As I did this, Mike was saying "Oh my gosh, this is awesome." I knew he liked what I was doing, so I worked my way to his asshole, and started licking it, then lightly touching it with a finger. He was still moaning, so I stuck a finger inside. He kept moaning, so I pushed in a little more, and was sliding a finger in and out of his butt. I started to put two fingers in, but he seemed hesitant, so I had the feeling that this was the limits of where he wanted to go with the anal stuff. So, I moved my finger away, and I licked my way back up to where I could suck his cock and massage his balls at the same time. He then reached down and grabbed my hand, and said "You can lightly finger my asshole. I love that." So, I slid one hand down and started doing that for him.I wondered if it was a hot experience for this couple that they got to play with a young guy just like it is a hot experience for a young guy to play with people older than him. The reason why I say that is it did not take long before he was about to cum. I bet I did not play with him for more than 5 to 7 minutes before he exploded, shooting cum all over his belly and chest. I pulled my mouth off of his cock when I could tell he was about to cum, because I wasn't ready to have him cum in my mouth since I had never done that before. I then slowly helped him lay his legs back down. I left him in that position, just enjoying the feelings he was experiencing. 

By then, Cindy was ready for me. She came up to me, pulled me to my feet, and started hugging me close. I could feel her nice tits against my chest. She started kissing me intently. After about 30 seconds of this, she said "I realize this is all very new to you and you are probably not going to last long at all. In fact, I can tell that you were ready to cum numerous times since this all started. And, that is okay. Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me until you cum inside of me. We can try other different things tomorrow."She sat on the edge of the couch, spread her legs, and I slid inside her pussy. She was right, this was too new and exciting for me. I did not make it for more than 2 minutes of sliding in and out of her before I exploded inside her pussy. I filled her with so much cum that it was oozing out of her while my cock was still in her. It was dripping on the hardwood floor in front of the couch. She finally said "Stay in me as long as you can, okay? Just hold me and snuggle me." I gladly did what she asked.After our hot time together, they both wanted to get to know me, so they talked with me for the next hour or so. We got to know each other well, including hobbies, etc. When it started getting close to 11, Mike said "I have to get up early for work. We had better call this off for now. "So, we all stood up, said our last minute comments, and then Cindy said to me "Mike, I want you to sleep naked tonight. Then in the morning, after your shower, put on the red thong and wear only it when you come to breakfast. See you in the morning...



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