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College Days

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Fair warning: this is a poorly written story of my college days. Digging through some old junk I found this story I wrote my freshman year of college. The writing sucks, but boy does it bring back those fond memories of college days gone by!

I was lying on Jason's bed, completely naked except for the heels strapped on my feet. My skirt and blouse were in a ball on the floor, or maybe kicked in the corner, I don't remember. I was drunk and spaced-out on three kinds of cold medicine. James, my boyfriend, had told me not to bother with Jason's party, but I had been looking forward to seeing everybody for weeks, so I insisted on going. He brought me along, of course. He always brought me along. I was like a novelty act to him and all his friends.

Anyway, James brought me to Jason's party, and now, despite my head-cold, I was lying completely naked on Jason's bed, wondering what they were going to do to me. Whatever it was, I would agree with it; I ALWAYS agreed with what they wanted to do. Nothing was ever out of the question unless it had to do with pain or bathroom games . . . and even then I was usually a good sport. Just as I was a good sport last July, when Buddy Rockwell, James's friend from the softball league, sat me down in the backyard during a barbecue and pissed in my face. He said all he wanted was a blowjob, but the next thing I know, he's holding out his freckled, uncircumcised prick with his right hand and soaking my red hair with a jet stream of warm yellow liquid; Buddy had been drinking beer for six straight hours.

But I was cool with almost anything. I watched James and five of his friends standing around Jason's bed, grinning. I knew at that moment I was going to have to fuck them all . . . just as I always did. Just the thought of doing James and Jason and Buddy (and Rick and Brad and Patrick) made my nipples tighten into tiny rocks and caused my cunt to drip. I reached a hand between my legs and touched myself. "Now lick your fingers, slut," someone said, and I did.

All six of the men were taking off their pants. Which of course got me even hotter. James, who was completely naked except for his sweat-socks, climbed on Jason's bed with me. He kissed me tenderly on the mouth and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did. He got behind me and started slapping his dick against my ass. As he was doing this, Patrick knelt on the bed in front of me and told me to suck his cock.

"Blow me, bitch," he said. I reached forward and grabbed his half-hard prick. It was extremely thick in my small hand. I jerked him off and tongued his balls. "Oh yeah," he said, and put a hand on my head. Around back, James had worked his dick into my pussy--which wasn't a hard thing to do, considering I could probably fit TWO dicks up my cunt.

"Yeah, fuck my cunt," I told James, my pussy hungry for a good pounding. I leaned forward and sucked on Pat's cock, moaning as I got it from both ends.

James was ready to orgasm. He wanted to do it in my mouth, as usual. "Chrissy!" he said, which was my signal to turn around and eat whatever came out of his dick. I did. I tongued his balls as he jerked off, and when he started shooting his cream, I opened-up as wide as I could. He grunted and ejaculated a bucket. Most of it landed in my mouth, but not ALL of it; there was a nice white load dangling sloppily from my chin. I let it hang there and continued to suck James's dick clean.

I turned around and asked who was next. Patrick, whose cock was semi-hard from the unfinished blowjob, stepped up to the plate. "I'm gonna do your ass," he announced proudly, and I knew exactly what this meant, since Pat (and Jason and Brad and James) had fucked my ass at least five or six times over the last two years: This meant I had to get on all fours; I had to arch my back and lift my ass in the air; I had to spit on my hand and use my fingers to lubricate my own bum it also meant I had to keep my mouth open so Brad could fuck my face as Pat did my ass.

I did as I was supposed to do. Now there was Patrick's cock in my ass and a Brad's cock in my mouth and I was using my left hand to finger my clit. I came TWICE within two-and-a-half minutes. I moaned and sucked on Brad's purple five-incher while James's come was still on my face. This turned Brad on even more and he kept saying, "Yeah, you fucking slut. You got your boyfriend's jiz all over you, and in a minute you're gonna have mine." And it was true. Although when Brad hit his peak, he made the most ridiculous, unattractive face/noise I had ever head. He said, "Oh, oh, oooohhh," and, after pulling his prick from my mouth with a pop, started beating his meat like a madman. His eyes glazed over and veins popped in his neck. He started breathing in-and-out rapidly, screeching like a monkey; for all the noise and commotion he made, I was disappointed that the only thing that came out of his dick was two small beads of cream that bubbled and ran down the side of his penis.

Pat's prick was still pounding my ass. There was so much room up there that every once in a while, his prick would slide out. And every time he put it back in, an air pocket would form, which caused the nastiest farting sounds.

"Hey bitch? Did you just fart?"

I giggled. "Noooooo!"

"Well what the fuck was that noise?"

James fucked my wide-sloppy ass for five more minutes. When he came, he did it all over my ass and pussy. Warm, sticky white liquid trickled down the crack of my backside. Some of it went in my asshole, and I loved the feeling as I rubbed it around with my fingers.

Next up: Jason, Rick, and Buddy. Jason and Rick made a sandwich out of me while Buddy sat by and got a blowjob. I was sitting on Jason's lap with his hard cock up my ass, while Rick was in front of me fucking my cunt; and not to be left out, Buddy pumped his cock frantically in-and-out of my mouth. They liked to call this position "All Holes Filled." I liked to call this position "Heaven on Earth." No fooling. I know there are women out there who would call me a slut for fucking three guys at the same time (or for fucking SIX guys in one night), but I have to admit, it turned me on. Actually, it more than "turned me on," it got me so hot I thought my pussy and ass were going to explode.

I moaned and pulled Buddy's prick out of my mouth. "Yeah! Fuck my ass and pussy!"

"You're such a fucking slut, Chrissy," James said as he watched me. "You love getting gangbanged, don't you?"


James sneered. "Fucking whore."

But I DID love it, and the fact that I can admit this puts me ahead of a lot of the bimbos out there. I am a woman who can express herself sexually, without worrying about getting stigmatized, or having her reputation trashed. God made me a woman who likes to do it all, so what? God made me woman who can have multiple explosive orgasms, so why not take advantage of it? Shit. I know plenty of women who can't achieve an orgasm at all, let alone SIX or SEVEN in one night. I know women who are afraid to masturbate, because they feel it's "dirty" or "unlady like," and this makes me feel sad. But fuck it; I love sex and I will until the day I die. And so far college has given me more opportunities to fuck than I ever imagined.

I was coming at this very moment. Orgasm number four, I think it was. The intense pleasure ripped through me like a tidal wave, making my legs quiver and my cunt contract.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed, and this is when Rick pulled his prick out of my cunt and squirted in my hair; part of it got on my left shoulder as well. But Rick was quiet about it (all he did was pant a little bit and make a face that suggested he was struggling to control his orgasm) and I admired him for it; nothing turned me off more than a guy like Brad who made a huge ruckus when he came.

Then it was Jason's turn. He grunted and started jacking-off. I helped him pump his cock, sticking out my tongue to catch four quick warm spurts of semen as he orgasamed. They went all over my face. I put his dick in my mouth and sucked it clean

I was covered in cream. Face, hair, shoulders, ass, pussy . . . some even tricking down my chest and between my tits. I loved how it made me feel. It made me feel dirty, like a filthy piece of garbage. And I wanted to be filthy, to be abused.

Buddy was the only one left. He was still kneeling next to me on the bed, stroking his hard dick in his hand.

"Fucking nuts," Buddy said, and grabbed the back of my head. I swallowed his dick whole. He fucked my face and moaned and called me a nasty slut. Then he shot his load down my throat. There wasn't much, and I handled the warm globs of jiz with relative ease.

"Shit, Chrissy," Buddy said. "You're a total whore."

"I know," I said.

"Doesn't this bother you?"

I wiped some of Rick's cream off my chin and tasted it. "I love it," I said.

All the guys got dressed. James threw me a towel and told me told me to wipe myself off. He suggested that I get a shower as well, but I didn't like showering in other people's houses so I simply got dressed stinking of sex and headed back to my place.

Now that's what I call a great party!

[sig]~ Kissy Liz
~ The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write about it. :)[/sig]



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