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Spying on Issac

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This accidentally happened, but I could've walked away. I just thought it was so hot!


I had a fight with my parents, so I texted my friend Isaac, to see if I could come over, and hangout/stay the night. He said yeah, and to just let him know when I was coming over, cause he was doing some stuff in the basement and wouldn't be able to hear the doorbell. I said sure, and packed my bag. I took a shower and everything before I left, so I wouldn't have to at Issac's, and I could just go to school with him in the morning. He's a couple months older than me, and we've basically known each other our whole life. So I get to his house, and get my stuff, and then go in the back door, even though his parents are out of town, I guess it's kinda a habit to not make noise when I come over. I go up to his room, and put my stuff down, and it kind of stinks in there. I see his gym bag on the floor, and his dirty gym clothes next to it, including his workout shorts (basically this old pair of boxer briefs that he wears to the gym, cause he gets so sweaty it stains his underwear). I pick them up, and they're soaked. I'm not totally gay, but I've always liked the smell of the gym, and seeing sweaty guys. It's a weird fetish almost.

Anyways, so I sniff them just for a second, and drop them back down. I totally forgot to text him, so I'm walking through his house, and I kind of hear his music downstairs. I open the basement door, and I hear JayZ blaring (they have surround sound through the whole basement, so you can hear it in all the rooms), so I walk down normally, and peek around the corner to the family room, but he's not in there. So then I walk around, and check the laundry room, and then the rec room, and then I go to the back room, where they keep alot of their storage. I opened the door and walk in, and peeked around all the shelving they have in there (it's a big room, with high shelves, and it's all organized, and kind of like a maze). I see his head from behind one of the shelves, and I walk around, and immediately see him jacking off. I step back and squat down, cause I'm embarrassed right away, but then I work my way around, and have a straight on view of his dick and hand working it over. He's blonde, and really built, but I always thought he'd shave his dick and balls, cause everything else is so smooth. But instead he has a full blonde bush of pubes, and hairy balls. His thighs are completely smooth, and his six pack too. He must just like his pubes long or something.

So anyway, his dick is pretty big too, but I don't know if I could guess. he could def put both hands around it and jerk with both hands on top of each other. His balls looked big, but they were on each side of his shaft, so I knew he was about to bust, cause mine do that too. I waited, and waited, and he just kept working his shaft. I thought he was cumming at one point, but it was pre cum, and he was leaking a TON of it. It just kept dripping out of his dick head. The music was loud, so I couldn't hear anything, but I imagined his moans and breathing, and it was making me even more hard. My eyes didn't leave his dick, and all of a sudden he shot his load all over. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. I started to jizz myself, and I clenched my dick muscles to stop it, but it kept jizzing. I wasn't sure how I'd explain that to him, but I didn't fucking care. He came again and again. It was clear, but really thick, and I could see the blobs of cum reflect the lights, and it was a really big load.

I stood up slowly, sneaking through the shelves, and went out the door, closing it behind me. I went up to his room, and got my clean underwear from my bag. I quickly took mine off, and wiped up as much cum as I could, and put on my new briefs, slipping my sweatpants and tank top over them. i went to his bathroom, and got a wash cloth to wipe myself up better, and when I came back, he was in his room, standing with a semi hard on in his briefs. He asked when I got there, and I told him a few minutes ago. He looked flushed, and was holding rag, that was clearly soaked with cum. I asked what it was just to see what he'd say, and he told me it was him cum cloth, and smiled. I laughed alittle and told him I hoped he had fun with himself.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out and playing video games. I didn't tell him I saw him, but I went over a couple nights after that, and his mom told me he was in the basement, so I went down, and again, he was in the storage room. He must have porn stashed back there or something. Idk if I'll have the balls to ask him to jack off with me, but I'd love to see his face when he cums.



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