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Spring Break with Jessica

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Spent almost two weeks on a road trip with my best friend Jessica (yes, the one from the beautiful agony story)

We went sightseeing, attended parties and celebrations, visited new places. It was one of those bucket list type of trips. I even got my friend to join me on a nude beach, which I thought she would never do. Even though she's comfortable around me, she doesn't even sleep nude. The night before the nude beach she even shaved her pussy, wanting to look her best, which I thought was a shame cause she has one sexy blondish bush. At one of our last hotel stays, I challenged her to sleep naked. She's never done it before, so she was reluctant. I suggested she just take a shower and after she dries off just hop right into bed. I was already naked and snuggled in. I saw her gloriously golden tanned body come out of the bathroom. She walked to her bed with one arm over her tits and the other covering her pussy. I asked, "Who are you covering up for?" She snapped back, "Hey, this is new for me, let me ease into it." She slipped under the covers, just laying there for a while, taking it all in. Eventually, we both fell asleep. I woke up a couple hours later hearing her whisper my name. I asked her what was up. She said that she had to ask me something. I asked her, "go ahead, what?" She said, "Well, this is supposed to be a trip of new experiences, right? So. I was wondering if you would like to, um, come into my bed with me?" I asked her, "Are you sure you want that?" She said, "I know you have wanted to truly taste me for a long time, and I want to experience something new..." I jumped into her bed before she finished. She whipped the covers off and for a moment, a long moment, we just lay next to each other looking at each others bodies. She asked, "Will you let me touch first?" I nodded, and her hand glided over my hard nipples. I watched her face as her eyes followed down my body while her hand explored every inch of my skin. Then her fingers danced into my little bush (I've remained unshaven for a while now). She started to caress my labia and my eyes closed as I began to moan. She said, "Oh my..." I go, "What?" She giggled, "I wasn't aware of how big your clit is." I laughed and gave a sigh out of pleasure. She moved down the bed and I sat up against the bed post so she could explore with her fingers and eyes. It felt so erotic to be so exposed to a dear friend like this. She eventually rubbed my clit in those magic circles I like, bringing me to quite the orgasm. We cuddled up to each other and she kissed my breasts gently as I came down from my high. My hand groped her tits and massaged its way down to her stomach, but she stopped me and said, "Not, yet...Play with my breasts, but, I'm not ready for you to go down there yet......." So, we just held each other and fell asleep naked.



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