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Mother Daughter Photo Session

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A very fantasy story about a daughter setting up a secret nude photo session with her mother, and all the masturbation that resulted from it. 

I'm not going to beat around the bush or have and kind of long-winded, dramatic lead in here. When I was 16, I was looking through my mom's closet for some clothes and found some items she had tucked away. It turns out, mom loves and collects erotic art. A few books were in an unmarked box, and within them were hundreds of pages of nude men and women, some in sultry poses, some simply standing nude. Some together. Some aroused. One that did catch my eye, however, was a couple of women that looked like they could be mother and daughter, standing side by side holding hands, expressionless with every inch on display. Not only was I intrigued by my discovery, I slid my hand inside my waistband and quickly masturbated looking at that picture. 


Fast forward a few years, and I began thinking about those pictures again. Not only for my own lustful thoughts, but I imagined mom and myself in our own nude photoshoot. That evening I masturbated again and slept on it, and by morning I was still excited at the thought. I decided to start checking around to see if there were any photographers that specialized in this sort of thing, and I found one about a half hour away. I met up with her and explained what I wanted to do, even showing a few pictures I found online that I wanted to recreate. My only caveat was that the real reason had to be keep secret until we were already in the session; I was afraid mom would be too scared or shy to go through with it. Within the next week or so I talked to her and said I wanted us to get some mother-daughter pictures taken for the spring and she thought it sounded like a fun idea. I called the lady back and set up our appointment for the next weekend, and reminded her about our secret. 



The weekend came and I picked her up, and a half hour later we arrived. We were led downstairs to the photo area and we're shown the changing rooms to get into the matching outfits I had picked out; lavender plaid button-down tops with a simple white shirt under, slim jeans that just touched our feet and silvery flip flops with black soles. Not too girly, but just feminine enough. She then met the photographer, who gave off a modern, hippie vibe; frizzy hair pulled back into a pony tail, thick framed glasses, overalls with no top underneath and bare feet. She first took us out back and shot a few with us in the grass before coming back in and setting up the props. We took about 20 shots before we took more in just the white shirts. Typical pictures I would say; is holding hands and smiling, back to back laughing, hugging, etc. The photographer then dropped the bomb. 



"Ok, let's go ahead and remove the shirts. Bras too, if you're wearing one." Mom suddenly had a shocked look while I glanced over and smiled. "Um...what's happening here?" "I wanted to surprise you, mom. We're doing a nude photo shoot." "What? Wh- why didn't you say something before?" "I didn't want you to be scared. I know you collect this stuff, and I thought it would be fun to have some of your own." She kind of blushed with her arms crossed, and the photographer said, "There's nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. I've literally done hundreds of shoots like this. Some even like me to go nude with them so it's more comfortable for them." "So...? How about it, mom?" She thought for a second, and then said, "So...we'll ALL be naked?" "Yep, that's why I wear just these overalls. *snaps fingers* Naked in no time." That kind of made mom giggle. "Ok. Let's do it." I smiled and hugged her before pulling off my top and bra, letting my breasts flop free. Mom was a little slower, but eventually we were both topless and she began posing us again. Many of the poses were the same, just showing more skin than before. It was about 10 minutes before she said, "Ok, time for the exciting stuff. Go ahead and take off those pants and panties. Let's leave the flip flops on to start, though." Before I got anything off, mom asked, "You're going to strip too, right? So we're all on even ground?" Without saying a word she set down her camera, unhooked the two buttons on her overalls and let them fall to the floor, kicking them away. Not only was she not wearing a top, but she didn't have on any panties, either. Seeing the rest of her body also confirmed her hippie nature; milky, pale skin, a hoop piercing in her belly button and a large, dark, unkempt bush. She stood before us naked, hands on her hips with her feet spread apart, with a smile confidence almost saying 'see? Nothing to be ashamed of'. I was next, almost excited to get naked in front of them. Now both of us bare, we stared at mom who finally started unbuttoning her pants, slowly pushing them down and stepping out of them. Then, taking a deep breath, she pushed down her panties and kicked them off, blushing at being exposed. Mom and I both had a bush as well, but both were neatly trimmed in comparison. The photographer pulled us both closer, and we shared a group hug with her saying, "See? It was easy. Now we have nothing to hide from each other." 



Getting back to business, the poses she has us do were now much more risqué and daring, almost exploring the sexual tension between mothers and daughters. A couple of my favorites were mom standing behind me with her head on my shoulder, arms around my waist and hands cradling the inside of my thighs, and me kneeling in front of her, her hand holding my head, me looking at the camera with my eyes closed and face against her lower belly. To be honest...my face was almost right there in her pubic hair. I could almost smell her arousal from being photographed nude, and frankly, I was getting turned on as well. Next we laid down side by side, and with our legs slightly apart and holding hands she took a shot of us from under our feet, our bushes proudly sticking out. The first shot was us still in the flip flops, but then she pulled off my right and mom's left, had us bend our knees up and cross our legs, pressing our one bare sole against the other. This one was kind of overhead and we both giggled as she took the pictures. We then stretched our legs back out and she pulled off the other flip flop, moving our feet in tightly side by side. First she took a shot of our soles, then stood over us taking a picture of the tops. As a side note, I couldn't believe how open she was being with herself, standing over us with her legs spread, giving us a full view of her hairy vagina and wide open anus. I was now completely turned on by the whole situation, and seeing some glistening in her bush told me she was too. If I was alone, my hand would be furiously rubbing myself, but because we were in the middle of a shoot I held out. We did a few more poses, even going so far as squatting on our tippy toes, knees spread and completely exposing our vaginas. I sat down with my legs spread wide and mom sat behind me, arms around me and covering my nipples. We got on all floors and looked back behind us at the camera, our anuses proudly shown. Finally, both of us sitting down with our legs spread, facing each other and spreading apart our wet pussy lips. 



When the picture part was over, mom had assumed that we were finished, but there was one tiny remaining tidbit that I had left out. The photographer sat down with us and said, "Now there's no obligation for this, but many of my clients are...how do I say...turned on when they're finished. If you'd like, we can also do a filming of you masturbating together." I glanced over and mom had a shocked look on her face, but before she could object I said, "Yeah, we'll do it." She quickly looked over with a confused face, as if to say 'what are you doing?', but I simply said, "before we leave, we both need to masturbate." The photographer seemed happy with my decision and led us to a walled off room in the back that had a mattress with white sheets and white pillowcases, white carpet...you get the idea. She also has three small cameras set up; one kind of up and on an angle, one overhead and one at our feet. She said that all of them would record and she would splice and mix them together, basically like how they do in adult films. We laid down in place and she turned on all three cameras and made sure we were in the right position, clapped loudly to sync them and told us to start when we were ready. We both took a deep breath and started rubbing our hands around on our chests and tummies, and I closed my eyes when I started running my fingers through my patch of hair. It didn't take long before I was slowly teasing my wet lips; my thumb resting against my clit while my middle finger slowly ran up and down, making my pussy ache. After a few minutes of gentle playing we were both full on masturbating, me rubbing quickly while squeezing one of my breasts and mom thrusting a finger in and out of herself with her feet raised in the air. I scooted closer to her, or sides now touching...the warmth of our skin touching made it feel even more intimate than it already was. 



I was already well on my way to orgasm, but when I happened to glance over, I just about went over the edge immediately...there was our photographer, staring at us intently with her mouth slightly open, leaning against the wall and standing on her tippy toes while vigorously rubbing her hairy pussy. My eyes widened and mouth opened seeing her like that, I let out a loud *OHH* and I rubbed faster watching her. The idea that someone was masturbating while WE were masturbating was almost too much. I closed my eyes again and rubbed with everything I could, and in seconds I had one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever felt. I let out a loud squeal, my legs stiffened and my toes spread wide as that wonderful cum for through my entire body. When I finally came back down I peeked back over and she now had a finger deep inside her while pinching a nipple. I slightly smiled as I then rolled over towards mom, who was still trying to make herself cum. Almost by instinct, I reached over and laid my hand on her tummy, gently rubbing it. I cuddled up next to her, almost cradling her as she continued masturbating. I whispered to her, "Don't you want to cum, mommy?" She whispered back, "Yes baby, I want to cum..." "I already came...it felt soooo good..." "Oh I'm close, baby...I'm close..." I nuzzled my face into her shoulder. "Do it. Cum. Feel good...just like your baby." She started moaning and grunting, and just like that...she came. She came with an intensity I never knew she had inside her. She groaned, she twisted around, she bucked and kicked her legs. It wasn't an orgasm...it was a CUM. This went on for a solid 20 seconds before she finally settled back into the mattress. When she slowly opened her eyes she looked into mine, causing us both to giggle. I raised my right leg and wrapped it over her, snuggling as close as I could. Again we started whispering. "How do you feel, mommy?" "Good, baby...I feel really good." "Did you think this morning that we would end up masturbating together?" "No," she said with another giggle. I kissed her on the lips and we both said we loved each other as I rested my face back into shoulder. I could have peacefully slept right then and there, feeling comfy and cozy and naked. I assume the photographer had cum too when she walked over and began switching off the cameras, giving us a few minutes before kneeling on the mattress, telling us how beautiful our session was. We eventuality got up and she led us over to her little office area (all of us still naked, BTW), and she put the cards in her laptop and showed the pictures she took. We were satisfied with the way they looked and were done, but she said she didn't want us to see the video until she had it edited. We were fine with that, and I asked for two sets of everything so we each would have one. It was then time for us to get dressed, but my mom of all people joked, "It's too bad, I'm actually enjoying just being naked." The photographer smiled and nodded, saying, "That happens a lot. Even the shyest people realize they love being naked." We then made our way over to the piles of clothes, but not before she gave us both a big hug, thanking us for a lovely session. When we left, I was afraid the drive home might be a little...awkward...but surprisingly, mom broke the ice, saying that was the best orgasm she had had in a long, long time. We actually spent the majority of the drive back talking about masturbating.



That evening I got an email from the photographer, but thinking it was just going to be some technical questions, it was an apology. She said she was sorry that I caught her masturbating like that while we were making our video, and that she usually composes herself better and waits until she's alone to masturbate. I replied that it was perfectly fine, and that it was kind of a turn-on that she needed to touch herself while we were masturbating. She thanked me for understanding, and told me she was going to include a surprise with the rest of the media. 



It took about two weeks, but a certified box was delivered to me and I knew exactly what it was when I tore open the packaging. I smiled thumbing through the pictures, and by the time I got to the end of our nude shots I was definitely wet. Getting one of the discs marked 'masturbation session', I pulled off my clothes and popped it in, climbed in bed and grabbed one of my dildos, fucking myself while watching the two of us masturbate. I timed it just right, cumming at the same time mom did, while also looking at myself facing away from the camera; seeing myself lying there showing off my bare back and butt, legs spread and anus on display, caressing mom while she came...it was all incredibly erotic. When I was finished I separated mom's things into a second box including one of the discs marked 'thank-you surprise'. I didn't want to watch it yet...I wanted us both to see it at the same time. 



The next morning I told mom I was going to bring them over, and I made sure to dress in a way that would give me easy access, as I was certain there would be another masturbation when she saw the results. I showed up in just a hoodie with loose sweatpants and slide sandals. No shirt underneath or socks...not even a bra or panties. Mom answered the door and she was still in her nightgown and purple moccasin slippers. I have to wonder if she had the same idea. We sat down at the table and went through the pictures, and I could tell she was just as pleased with the result as I was, especially since we decided to go with all black and white for them. By the time we got to our nude shots, she was squirming around in her chair with one of her hands lightly squeezing her breasts. I asked her, "Do you like how they turned out?" She replied, "Yeah...just seeing us like this...naked...I never thought the two of us could be so sexual, especially together like this." "Well...you're really going to like the video part. I know I did." "Did you masturbate to it?" I just smiled and nodded which caused her to giggle. "So how about we go to the living room, we get a big blanket, take our clothes off and get cozy on the couch while we watch ourselves cum?" Mom got kind of a nervous smile before shrugging her shoulders, saying, "Ok, yeah. Let's do it!" I smiled and squealed as we got up, me going to the living room first and her going to her bedroom, coming back with a big fleece blanket. I flipped my sandals off and pulled off my hoodie, getting things set up in just my sweatpants. She wiggled out of her panties and kicked them off to the side, and at the same time she pulled off her gown as I pulled down my sweats. She stepped out of her moccasins and, since the room was a little chilly, jumped under the blanket, giggling like a couple little girls. Cuddling up together I got play, and in seconds we were right there, on the screen, naked and exposed. 



I could tell mom was starting to breathe hard from seeing us there in the ultimate of intimate moments. By the time it got to us rubbing and fingering ourselves, I could see mom's right arm moving around under the blanket. I laid my head against her left shoulder with my knees up and spread apart, feeling her slightly shaking as she was gently masturbating. As the video went on, I told her not to make herself cum yet, because I wanted us to see what was on the mystery disc together, but that didn't stop us both from rubbing ourselves right to the edge and stopping multiple times. When the video got to the part where I caught the photographer masturbating, I was very clearly caught on camera looking over, being surprised and cumming almost immediately. Mom noticed it and asked me what that was, and I explained that she was masturbating watching us. She was a little surprised, as she had no idea any of it happened, but also a little excited about the whole thing. She also commented how sweet I looked snuggling up with her when she came. 



At that point our video was finished, so I hurried over and swapped the discs to see what was a secret, the cool air in the room really reminding me how wet my pussy was. I jumped back under the blanket and played the disc...and we both gasped at what we saw. There was the photographer, naked again on her little set and she was masturbating for us with her wild bush and dirty bare feet proudly on display. We watched in lust as she not only rubbed and fingered herself, but used a vibrator and fucked herself with a bright pink dildo. We both were going to town on ourselves watching her, and by the time it was finished we had both cum twice, although not quite keeping up with her three. We were both pretty drained when it was finished (heh), and mom laid down on the couch and I wiggled my way in front of her, pressing my bare butt into her hips and she wrapped her arm around me as we both napped for about an hour. 



The next day I made sure to email her back thanking her for the disc, and when she asked if I liked it, I told her how we both masturbated to it together to multiple orgasms, which she thought was fantastic. I hand no idea how many times I've cum watching both of those discs, but I'm sure mom has just about as many. Or more. 




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