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Spontaneously in the Backyard

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It's now midnight, Thursday, July 25, and I've just come back inside my house after doing something I never really thought I'd do.


This is a follow-up to Playground Adventure - Published: July 14, 2013.

Last year sometime, I had a conversation with my friend Catherine during which I told her about how I'd been masturbating, only to realize afterward that my window had been open the whole time. Fortunately, I'd been quiet, so no one would've been any the wiser, since it happened while it was still light outside.

Somehow or other, this led to her becoming aware that I'd never masturbated outside before, which seemed to "shock" her. As I've mentioned previously, Catherine is very adventurous, and she encouraged me to try it sometime. I suppose I have given it some thought, but never really believed the circumstances would be "appropriate."

Well, as is often my habit, I went out into my backyard roughly 15 or 20 minutes ago. I like to go out at night and stand or walk around--nothing to sit on--and enjoy the relative cool and quiet and dark.

I also wanted to get a sense of the weather since there was the possibility of storms in our area, but, as it happened, it wasn't doing anything. I thought it might have even been a little warmer than earlier in the evening, but it might have just felt that way because it was humid and there wasn't a breeze.

So this was all normal until...for some reason...I got the idea to masturbate. Try as I might, I can't figure out what put the thought in my mind. I wasn't feeling horny, though I had experienced a few minutes of arousal earlier in the afternoon.

I didn't waste any time studying on the whys and wherefores and whether or not it was a good idea. Observing how opportunely dark it was, I moved into a relative blind spot in the backyard and pulled down the front of my shorts and underwear, baring my cock and balls to the night.

At first, I just took a minute to see how that felt. Not too unusual, as it turned out, because there were a few occasions in the past when it was necessary for me to pee out there, and doing this much wasn't any different.

There wasn't anything particularly exciting about it, either. Even when I started fondling myself, it took a few minutes for me to become aroused.

Basically, I was just acting on an impulse. It really wasn't something I felt strongly compelled to do.

Jerking off like this was actually more work than it was enjoyable. Now, if I'd been able to sit and had some lube and something to clean up with afterwards, and maybe something stimulating to listen to... And, as often happens, my imagination fell short of providing me with sufficiently erotic imagery.

I considered going back inside to get myself properly worked up...then cumming outside...or fetching a chair and some lotion...even imagined myself removing my shorts and underwear altogether before sitting...but I really wasn't sure it was worth all the bother...so I kept jerking away, pausing to rest my arm and readjust my clothes to keep from messing them up...and finally came in the grass. I'm not a shooter, so gravity did all the work, and I got only a little cum on my fingers, and none on my clothes, except where I used the inner bottom of my shirt to wipe...

While I was masturbating, I thought it would have been nice if it was cooler, or, better still, if there'd been a steady breeze. There was only one brief gust which did feel very pleasant on my exposed dick, but it wasn't near enough to satisfy me.

It was good and quiet, at least, with only the sounds of traffic a few houses distant. The neighbors' dogs weren't even barking, which was great. I can only speculate that they were inside their houses, as they normally react to my presence quite persistently. Odd as it might sound, I wondered, with their reportedly heightened sense of smell, whether or not they might pick up the scent of my naked and aroused member, but, thankfully, it wasn't an issue.

Interestingly enough, I wasn't nervous in the least about the whole thing. Nor did I feel particularly bold... I remember thinking I could get in trouble for public indecency, but it just didn't seem at all likely. Even if a neighbor had been outside at that time of night, there wasn't any reasonable way for them to have seen me, and, though I would've been visible from my back door, my mom was asleep...

Well, after checking for cum splatters, I rearranged my clothes and nonchalantly came back inside. Though it felt like it took a long time, the whole thing probably lasted less than 10 minutes from the time I went into the backyard.

Masturbating outside still doesn't seem like that big of a deal, anything special, other than being very uncharacteristic of me, and I don't know that I'll ever do it again. I don't think it's something I'd plan on, I'll just let it happen if and when the urge and circumstances converge to make it possible.

I don't imagine this has been a very entertaining--by which I mean arousing--experience to read about, but it is true, so I decided to type it up as soon as I got back to my computer. Thanks for reading anyway, and good luck in your own covert and overt jacking and jilling!


It's the next morning and as soon as I wake up and recall what I did last night, as clich├ęd as it sounds, I wonder briefly if it actually happened. Of course, it did, but there's something unreal about the whole episode, probably just because it was, for me, so spontaneous and uninhibited, almost as if...

I think about my cum out there in the grass. What's happening to it? I suppose that because it's organic material, insects could be drawn to it. Gross! I even wonder, as unlikely as it is, what if someone sees it there? I really hope that it rained during the night after all or the sprinklers ran and the water rinsed it away and dissolved it into the ground.

Oh well, after having slept on it, I now think that the likelihood of me doing something like this again...isn't very great...but not impossible, either. I'd want to do whatever I could to make it more comfortable and erotic, and it'd be fantastic if I had some equally aroused and uninhibited female companionship...but I'll just have to wait and see....



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