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Sperm Sample Given at the Hopsital

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I was asked to provide a sperm sample while visiting the hospital. Kind of the way they ask for blood donations sometimes, only this was a bit more personal. This was part of a dream I had a few days ago, I elaborated on it a bit and is completly fictional.


I was visiting a friend in the hospital and as I entered the main lobby there was an information table set up off to the side. There were signs posted saying they were looking for males between the ages of 18 and 45 for a small study. The 3 girls staffing the table were very perky and jumpy and virtually attacking everyone they thought fit the profile they were looking for. I was one of them.

I kindly asked them what the study was about, and they replied it would only take a short 5 to 10 minutes of my time. They ushered me closer to the table. They told me they were conducting a study for their class project and it was sanctioned by the hospital and the school. They told me if I was interested in learning more about the study I would have to agree to a short brief examination in a private room they had set up behind the main lobby area. They pleaded with me to help them out, and they were almost at their goal for this study.

I was handed a slip of paper that turned out to be three stickers with the number 22 on them. I was asked to follow one of the girls into the exam room. As we entered the room she turned to me and introduced herself as Rebecca and a final year student in the Nurse Practitioner course. She went further into details that the brief exam would require me to remove my jeans. As she said these words she moved closer to the door and said she would be right back, she had forgotten the clipboard on the table and for me to remove my jeans and have a seat on the end of the examination table.

She came back in rather quickly and saw me stepping up on the little step and turn to sit down. She sort of gasped a bit and said I could have kept my shorts on for now. I calmly told her I haven’t worn undershorts in several years and I was fine. I also asked her what this was all about. She began telling me they were conducting a study of male sperm volume and how it relates to age, race, and/or timing. She went on to say she a had a few quick questions to ask me and she would conduct a quick physical exam before I was qualified to proceed with the next phase of the study. She reiterated I would be out in about 5 to 10 minutes and thanked me for agreeing to this first part.

She went on with her questions. She only asked for my last name and one of my stickers. She placed my sticker numbered 22 on the top right of the form she had on her clip board. She then asked me my approximate age and said it wasn’t necessary to be exact, unless I wanted to tell her my exact age. She then asked me if I smoked or did drugs and drank alcohol. Rebecca asked me when was the last time I had ejaculated, was it an hour ago, a day, a week or a month ago. She asked if I would be willing to give her a sperm sample for them to test by volume and then discard. I had to ask why is this important and she immediately started telling me how one day during their advanced male reproductive class they got into a heated debate about male sperm volume and how it helps or hinders a couple trying to conceive. The instructor put it to the class to form a study they could do as a final project and present the results to the board that would determine if they could in fact graduate and become Nurse Practitioners.

She then went on to say they tried to do the study with their significant others and were told the age and general demographic criteria would be highly questioned by the board. So they devised this study and needed 50 random guys who fit the age group of 18-45. She asked yet again if we could continue with a very brief genital examination to see if I would qualify for the next phase. I agreed to her examination.

She asked me to stand and raise up my dress shirt. She snapped on a pair of blue examination gloves and said she would inspect my penis, shaft and testicles, and if she caused me any pain or discomfort to inform her. She lifted up my flaccid penis and spread the meatus open and pinched the tip of my penis in two different places. She then felt along the shaft of my penis and asked if I had ever had any issues of maintaining an erection. I informed her there were never any issues like that with my equipment. She just smirked a bit and continued to examine my testicles. She rolled each one in her right hand, one at a time. She asked if I ever had testicular cancer or hernia repair. I again replied none. She then comes very close to masturbating me as she used the tips of her four fingers to stroke me up and down about five times. My erection started to grow right in front of her!

She asked me to turn around and lay down on the table. As I did she helped guide my legs up a bit as she extended the end of the examination table. She then asked me to lift my knees up and tuck them under my body. I asked her to again explain her instructions, she replied with ‘up on all fours for me, I want to examine your prostate’. I did as instructed and she further told me to lower my shoulders to the exam table, leaving my butt in the air. I felt her touch my anus and it felt cold and wet. Then I realized she had placed lubricant on her finger and she asked me to bear down and relax. 

Her delicate finger entered my rectum, and I felt her swing her finger back and forth before coming to a stop. She told me I need to relax a bit and she would be able to finish up quicker. She then reached in a bit more and felt for my prostate. She felt the lobes of each side, then she caressed the center line. She then reached back in and swung her finger from side to side across my prostate. She asked if I had issues urinating or if got up in the middle of the night to pee a lot. I told her no. Before she removed her finger form my rectum, she did a full 360 degrees sweep of my anus and then withdrew her finger. She handed me a tissue box and I could hear her remove her gloves. She walks over to the sink and washes her hands as I remove the left-over lubricant.

She asks me to have a seat. She turns back around and grabs her clip board and makes a few annotations and tells me congratulations, I qualify to continue the study. She informs me they have small petri dish sample containers on the counter. I am to choose one from the top. Place one of my stickers on the lid and deposit my sperm sample, as best I could, in the jar, and then leave it on the counter. She told me that lubrication, other than saliva, was not allowed and to take my time.

She left the room and I began to beat off in the hopes of this scientific discovery would one day become fruitful knowledge that would help someone, at some time. I finished and got dressed. I then walked out of the room. Rebecca and another young perky professional were standing there waiting for me to come out. Rebecca asked me if I had the third left over number, I informed her I left it in the exam room. She asked me to go grab it and then handed me a small bag. She asked me to go about my day, as I usually would and in about 24 hours to provide them with another sample, placing my numbered sticker on the lid and returning it to the hospital in the morning.



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