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Spending the Night with a Friend

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In the darkness of the night fun happened.


Well, during the summer after my senior year of high school, I would spend almost every night with one of my good friends. We had known each other since we were little. Well whenever I would stay over, I would just sleep on the floor in his room, while he slept on the bed. Whenever he would get ready for bed, he would always strip down naked, because he sleeps nude, and walk across the room to turn off the lights. We would usually lay awake and just talk about goofy, random stuff, like "if you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you bring." That sort of thing. Well anyway after we got done with the goofy scenarios, I kinda drifted off to sleep. About an hour later I just happened to wake up. Then, out of nowhere, my friend kinda whispers my name like he is trying to see if I'm awake without waking me up if I were asleep. I don't really feel like talking so I just don't answer. He says my name again, a little louder. I don't answer. Then, I hear him roll over. I think he is just going to go to sleep.

Thatís when I heard him doing something behind his dresser. He was feeling around for something. Then, I heard him roll back over onto his back. A couple of minutes later, I hear the ever familiar sound of skin rubbing on skin. At first I thought maybe he was just scratching himself. But, the rubbing sound didn't stop. In fact, it started speeding up. Then his breathing got really shallow. There was no doubt in my mind. He was masturbating right there with me 2 feet away. Thatís when I remembered that he had told me one time that he keeps a tube sock behind the dresser to catch all his cum in. He kept going like that for another couple of minutes, then stopped. About a minute later he started up again. After about 10 minutes of that, he speeds up even faster, then breathed in really deep, and let out a huge sigh. He sat there for a minute or two, just breathing heavy.

Then I heard him pull the sock off and stick it back behind the dresser. Then, he got up to go to the bathroom. Well at this point I was so horny that I felt like if I didn't jack off I was going to explode. Now I am completely straight, and wasn't fantasizing about him or anything, but him doing it just made me want to do it too. So I knew while he was gone I would have time to do it. But where would I cum? I frantically started looking around and my last resort was one of my own socks. So I grabbed the sock, slipped it over my penis and started jerking like there was no tomorrow. I was laying on my side, doing it with my left hand so he couldnít see if he came in. Just as I started cumming, he walks back into the room. He didn't see anything because it was dark. But I was having an orgasm with him in the same room.

After that night, I knew that he would masturbate after I went to sleep any time I stayed over. So every night I stayed there, we went through the same routine. He would jack off into his tube sock, then get up and go to the bathroom, I'd roll over and jerk off as fast as I could before he came back.



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