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Adult Theater

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I'm an avid exhibitionist, I love to be watched while I masturbate. A few weeks ago I had a chance to check out an adult theater I'd heard of not too far away. I've had some really hot times with couples and men or groups of men in theaters over the past few years and was really looking forward to this visit.

I got there around eight, paid my way and walked through the door into the dark theater, my heart literally pounding with excitement at what I hope would lay ahead. I wanted to play with a couple but would be happy with some hot m/m masturbation.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark room I saw that the theater was about a third full of men of varying ages sitting singly or in small clumps around the room. No couples and not many good looking guys either but you never know whose going to walk in the door next. Patience is a virtue so I decided to just chill out and enjoy the movie, waiting to see if my luck would change.

Sitting in the dark, I could see that other men had their cocks out and most were masturbating openly. I always wait to see that others in the theater have their dicks out before I join in strictly as a cautionary measure. No need for worry, not only was there lots of skin and jacking on display, one guy had his pants completely off, legs spread wide, penis at 12 o'clock! The sexual energy in the room was high and the film itself started having it's effect on me and I felt that delicious electric hum of arousal stirring in my cock and balls. I love the feeling of sitting in a semi-public place watching porn with strangers and feeling my penis slowly swell up, knowing that soon I will unzip and take it out in full view. There is something incredibly hot and undoubtedly sleazy about having your erect cock out in a room full of strangers who are all turned on and masturbating along with you.

Men came and left but none who really caught my eye so I enjoyed an hour or so of slow sensuous jacking, savoring not only the physical pleasure of touching myself but also the electricity of being watched and watching others. As I got more and more relaxed and turned on, I exposed more and more of myself, starting with my penis just sticking out of my pants, then pulling my pants further down below my balls and eventually taking my pants and underwear off completely like the guy I saw earlier.

God, it felt good to sit there naked from the waist down, shoes still on, hard as I'd ever been, openly stroking my cock in front of everyone and edging over and over again. Getting off on the stares I was receiving, I put my feet up on the seat in front of me, bending my knees and spreading my legs wide open to play with my own balls and asshole.

Men would come over, sit next to or in front me and watch which made me even harder and more of an exhibitionist, pumping my cock and moaning as loud as I dared. I was clearly the best show of the night as every guy either came over to me or positioned himself strategically to watch as I beat off. Some would encourage me with dirty talk, some would fondle my balls and asshole or try to take over on my cock but when I made it clear I just wanted to be watched they either left or sat back and enjoyed the show. Finally a really good looking young guy came in and eventually sat down beside me. He watched me for a while then pulled his pants all the way off too. He slid down in his seat, let his legs fall open and started jacking off. His eyes were glued to my penis and mine on his as it grew and swelled to its full size. We stroked together for about an hour, talking to each other about the movie and what we were doing, occasionally reaching over to stroke the others hard-on. Each one of us was going to the brink, then taking a break until the danger of cumming had passed, then starting again. Our cockheads were shiny and swollen, gleaming under slippery coats of leaking precum. We were stroking each others balls and assholes moaning encouragement and had quite and audience surrounding us when I accidentally stroked one second too long and knew I was not going to be able to hold back any longer. I lifted my ass off the seat, pointing my dick up in the air and let my cum fly. And fly, it did, up and over the seat in front of me, at least six or seven feet! This set my friend off and he too came but all over his own chest and stomach to a lot of mumbled chorus of approval from our audience. I sat there for a while longer, exhausted and light headed from cumming so hard. I left my pants off with softening cock exposed, for another half hour til I was ready to leave then zipped up and headed home, thoroughly satisfied.



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