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A Very Nice Month

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I’ve just read a story on hear about Emily who likes peeing during sex. I know how horny that is!  For the last month, I’ve been seeing a guy about my age....well....he just turned 20. He’s kind shy, especially sexually, and I suspected that there were (many?) things he was too embarrassed to ask for or talk about.....at least to start with.


The sex was ok. Not mind blowing, Not earth shattering, just ok. He is a sensitive lover, and very attentive to my needs, but he’s not a great communicator. I got the distinct feeling that there were things he was thinking about that he shied off putting into words. 

So, this particular afternoon, we had made love and I was lying with my hand on his cock. I wasn’t trying to get him hard again, I was just lying there with my head on his chest. Anyway, I said I needed to pee, and almost instantly. I felt his cock stiffen. Hmmm interesting. I really did need to pee, but this was attracting my attention. “No, I mean it....I really DO need to pee.” and his cock stiffened even more. 

“Mike, does the thought of me peeing turn you on?”

“Claire, when I was 13, I was walking on the hills with a friend from school. She was just a friend, nothing more. She said she needed to pee, and said that I could watch if I liked. Up until then, I’d never even seen a girls pussy, and that was exciting enough. But watching her, squatting with her panties around her knees and her little thin bush of hair, pissing, it was so horny! I.....I wanted to touch her WHILE he was doing it.” 

I took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom. He has a wetroom more than a bathroom. I can’t say I like that design very much but i guess it works! Us both being naked helped.

I squatted and said “You can touch me if you like.” and I started to pee. Mike put his hand between my legs, and I soon felt w finger deep inside me. Mmmm....that feels really sexy, girls, if you haven’t tried it yet. A finger right on the g spot while you’re taking a piss! 

Mike was fully hard and I loved the effect I was having. I must admit, I was pretty close to a sweet little cum by the time I’d finished peeing. Mike, bless him, continued to masturbate me until I came into his hand and onto the two fingers that were by now inside me. 

His cock was really hard....and I mean like a fucking steel rod! He wasn’t that hard while he was fucking me. There was a look....something there....it’s hard to describe, but you know when someone has something they desperately want to say, but they’re holding it back in case they offend you? Well, it was that kind of thing. 

“So, this girl. You watched her pee......and? Was there more? Did you guys do anything....or was it something you wanted to do?” 

Mike mulled this over, and it was clear he was trying to be the words in order. “Well...remember, I was 13.....of course, I wanted to touch her...what teenage boy would t when he’s seeing his first pussy? But.....well.....I just felt like I wanted to pee as well.” I told him he should have gone for it. Her seeing his cock might have started something. “No....you don’t understand.....I wanted to pee where SHE was peeing from. I wanted to do it on her pussy.”

Now, bear in mind, he was at this point kneeling on the floor, and I was squatting. I sat back and kept my legs spread wide. “Do it. Pee right on my quim....try and get my clit.”

He did his best, but in reality, it went all over my quim area, inside thighs, bum, everywhere. But suddenly I realised something I should have twigged ages ago when I first started to like peeing my panties. It’s not just the feeling, it’s the pheromones! The scent! 

Mike’s pee smelled of pee, obviously, but there was an unmistakable sexuality about the scent too...an horny musk-like smell. 

I didn’t cum while he peed on me, but it got me so aroused, he had me again right on that wetroom floor. It felt like being fucked in a jail cell! (Nice fantasy....might need to explore that one a bit more one day)

I also find that, while a good fucking is always nice, (a hard man is good to find, as they say) I get far more pleasure over being touched, my breasts, my arse, my quim and also in touching others and watching their responses to my touching. 

Masturbation is wonderful......



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