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So Hot and so Very Wet

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One of my favorite techniques!

A few months ago I discovered a new technique to masturbate which instantly became one of my favorites. It started out of curiosity and the need to cum with something other than my fingers...and let me tell you, in this case curiosity did not kill the cat! My vibrators were dead, no batteries to replace them with, wasn't in the mood for the shower head or the conditioner bottle (that'll be a different technique posting,) wasn't feeling my hair brush either, etc. Needless to say, I wanted something different.

I went digging through my drawers, searching for something that would peak my interest and at the very bottom I found my stash of condoms. I don't know what sparked the idea but I still don't know why I hadn't thought of it before. I went into my bathroom, ripped open the packet, opened the faucet on full blast and turned it towards the hot setting. Once the water was extremely hot, I began filling the condom and rinsing it clean of any residues. Once it was completely clean, I filled it with the hot water once more and it filled it till it could no longer be filled and tied it at the end. I grabbed a towel, laid it on the bed, ripped off my clothes and laid down, spreading my legs wide. I laid the condom right on my bare pussy....it felt amazing. It was hot, so hot that it made my pussy twitch and I could feel it starting to get wet...so I just left it there. I started pinching my nipples, running them between my fingers and twisting them around. I lightly touched my body, trailing my finger tips over my titties, down my stomach and over the sensitive skin of my pelvic area. I gently thrust my pussy up, slightly rubbing it on the condom....I could tell I was so wet.

So I grabbed the tied end of the condom and started dragging it up and down my pussy...sure enough it was sliding perfectly because of how wet I was. I took some of that slickness with my other hand and rubbed it over my clit and soon it became a rhythm....wet fingers rubbing on my clit and that hot, slick condom rubbing up and down the rest. I picked up the pace and slowed down, picked it up and then slowed down...pretty much torturing myself over and over. But then I couldn't take it anymore...I had to cum so I went to f*cking town, rubbing myself with my fingers and that condom so hard that I was starting to shake.

Right when I was about to cum, I took some of the condom with my fingers and shoved it in my pussy, pushing it in and out. From the force in which I was doing it, my nails dug in to the condom and broke it as I was cumming hard. I came even harder because the hot water exploded inside and all over me! Good thing I had the towel under me because everything was soaked! Does that not sound like a good time? LOL! Just typing about it makes me want to do it again!



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