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Slipping Away From The Party

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My high school girlfriend and I ended up having many torrid encounters... sometimes in some very public places. This is a story of how we slipped away during a party and ended up finding out we had a bit of an audience.


During my senior year in high school, my girlfriend and I began getting riskier and riskier with our sexual encounters. We had been together for almost 3 years by this point, and rarely had any time alone. We found ourselves searching for any opportunity to explore each other, ultimately leading to some embarrassing moments. Towards the end of the first semester, a mutual friend of ours held a small gathering of friends for a party one weekend. The setup was the classic parents away for the evening so the children will play scenario.

There were roughly a dozen of us who piled into the house, and although it was a pretty straight and narrow group, there was some beer floating around. The music was blasting, people were playing video games and chatting, so it was easy to slip to the back of the room to disappear. My girlfriend and I were stealing any chance we could to make out while others weren't paying attention, causing the blood to flow and the hormones to rage. We kept sneaking off to the kitchen as everyone was stuffed into the living room... occasionally having to quickly stop as someone came in for a snack and make it look like we were having a private conversation. And, sure, of course that worked; no one knew we what we were doing! (I'm sure my high school self was naive enough to think we were being discrete hahaha)

As the night went on and everyone else was busy with the tv or dancing to the loud music, I grabbed her hand and quickly led her up the stairs. As we were in the second floor hall, I turned to her, smiled, and pressed her up against the wall. "And what is it you think you are doing?" She giggled. Continuing to smile, I pressed up against her and kissed her. Our tongues danced and our hands explored. She was incredibly beautiful... a petite Latina, dark skin, perfect ass, big, full lips... I couldn't resist her. As we kissed my hands slid up and down her back, pausing as I reached her ass to massage and caress it.

She pressed her hips into mine as we made out, her hands wrapped tightly around my waist. I'm not sure how long we were in that hall as I was lost in the moment... I could have stayed there for hours. My cock was throbbing and it pressed against her pelvis. She responded by grinding her hips into me harder and harder. We panted and moaned as we stood there, pressed against the wall, engrossed in each others bodies. The music pulsed over us, covering our moans.

She pushed me back, giving me a familiar look of absolute longing. Unable to resist as her big brown eyes stared into mine, I pulled her into the first open room I could find. It turned out to be the parents bedroom. We kissed again; hard. The taste of her lipstick drove me insane and my hands slid under her shirt, caressing her back. As my palms glided over her soft, smooth skin, she reached down and began to fumble with my zipper. I quickly reached down, unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled down the zipper. Her hands pushed mine away, pulling down the waistband of my boxers, exposing my erect cock. Her touch was electing, sending shock-waves of pleasure throughout my body. I pulled her close so I could kiss her; my heart pounding as she started stroking me. Her fingers wrapped tightly around my cock, palm pressed firmly against the top of my shaft, twisting with each pull.

She pulled her lips from mine and squatted in front of me. Without hesitation, she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and began sucking as her fist jerked my shaft. She forced moans out of my lips.

She expertly stroked my cock, twisting and jerking... alternating between fast and slow strokes. Her lips and tongue sliding around the head of my cock. I held her head, gripping her hair lightly. "Oh god baby, you are gonna make me cum" I struggled to get the words out between my panting and grunting. I could feel my orgasm building up. She knew my body well, and began stroking me faster and harder. Her strokes sent me over the edge. Letting out one long, orgasmic grunt, my cock began to spurt. She pulled more of my cock in her mouth as I came, catching each rope of cum. My muscles tensed and my body convulsed with orgasmic tremors... as I caught my breath, she stood, still holding my softening cock and pulled me in for a kiss.

To my surprise, she still had some of my cum in her mouth. As her tongue slid past my lips, I could taste myself. Our tongues massaged each others, my cum passing between our lips before we both swallowed some. I had tasted my cum before (I was even flexible enough to cum in my own mouth at the time, but that's another story) but I had never expected this. I absolutely loved it. It felt taboo; and as it turned me on, I could tell it definitely turned her on. As our lips separated, she let go of my now limp cock and giggled. "Did you like?"

"Yes baby, very much." I was still in mild shock, not having expected her surprise... and not ever thinking of doing something like that, let alone enjoying it. "Good," she giggled, "now do me."

I slid my cock back into my jeans and buttoned up. My eyes met hers; she still had that desperate, longing look in her eyes. She needed to orgasm. I pulled her close and began to nuzzle her neck. My lips planted small kisses and my tongue dragged up and down slowly. She moaned, softly saying "Yes" over and over. My hands quickly made their way to her jeans, which I unbuttoned and unzipped. Being as tight as they were, I hooked my thumbs in the waist and slid them down past her butt. She always wore thongs... my absolute favorite... tight, red, lacy. My palm rested on her mound, my fingers just reaching the top of her slit. She was already wet, her juices dampening her thong.

I traced the wet spot of her thong; up and down, slowly, gently pressing the fabric between her lips. She draped her hands over my shoulders, resting some of her weight on them, her head resting on my shoulders. I kissed, licked, and nibbled her neck. She responded with heavy breathing and moans. Wanting to please her, I slid the fabric of her thong to the side and slipped my fingers between her lips. She was dripping wet. I began circling her clit as it swelled, peaking past her hood and lips. She moaned hard at my touch. Circling, swirling... zig zaggin... my finger fluttered and danced all around her button. The began to tense up, her arms gripping tighter.

Not wanting to end the evening just yet, my finger traced down her slit and slid into her. She gasped as my finger curled to find her gspot; and I began massaging it in a "come hither" motion. Her hips rocked to the rhythm of my finger, helping me grind her gspot. I kept kissing her neck... and I could feel her hot breath on mine. One of her hands found the back of my head and she pulled my hair tight. Wincing, I drew back slightly. In a desperate voice, panting out the words, she whimpered "Please make me cum... I need to cum."

I drew my finger out of her slowly, her hips still grinding, and found her throbbing clit. I let three fingers rest on it for a quick moment before slowly circling. Her breathing was now erratic. She was close.

I sped up, circling faster and faster. I randomly changed directions and cadence. Her body tensed and her grip on my hair got even tighter. Suddenly, her body bucked again and again as she orgasmed. She buried her face in my shoulder, muffling her grunts. Her hand grabbed at my wrist and pulled my hand from her, and she stood there, leaning on me as she came down from her orgasm. I felt little shudders pass through her as she has post orgasmic tremors. I smiled and let her recover, and I hugged her tight. When she regained herself, she kissed me and pulled up her pants.

I patted down the hair on the back of my head, commenting "You really pulled my hair baby." I gave a little laugh, but it ached a bit. "Sorry." she giggled. A look of panic washed over her face; "Wait, did you leave the door open?" she snapped, pointing behind me. I turned and say the door ajar, maybe open about a foot. "I thought I did... maybe I didn't close it all the way and it swung." My stomach dropped a little at first, but I was then filled with excitement. Maybe someone was watching. I surprised myself again, finding that I enjoyed the prospect of being watched. Not wanting to worry her; "No one knows we are up here baby, let's just get back down to the party." We quickly shuffled our clothes and primped ourselves to look presentable again before heading back to the party. "Let's go back in the kitchen, that way it looks like we were in there the whole time." I suggested. She nodded and we made our way down there.

We stood there for a moment, awkwardly trying to fake being in some sort of serious conversation when our part host (let's call her Gina - not her real name) walked in. She gave us a bit of a wry smile, "Oh, hey you two." She said it with a particular inflection, letting us know she was on to us. "You disappeared for a bit." She had a strange look about her; a look of self satisfaction, or maybe intrigue on her face.

"oh... no... We've been mulling around, mostly in here..." I stuttered in my response; definitely not helping my cover story.

Gina smiled and walked over to my girlfriend. She leaned in and whispered something, looking over both of us; eyeing us strangely. She then calmly grabbed a soda, gave me another look, and walked back into the party. My girlfriend turned redder than I have ever seen her (which is to say a lot... she was dark skinned, so her being so red was definitely a bad sign).

Not knowing what to expect, I leaned in and asked "What did she say?"

Wide eyed and staring out into the living room she said softly, "She saw us." I think she watched us..." She trailed off for a second before turning to me. "All she said was I gave her an idea of what to do for Jack (Gina's boyfriend - again, not his real name). And she... she..."

"What" I asked, pleading for her to tell me.

"Well, she kinda moaned." She whispered even softer. "She said it like: Mmmm, you gave me some ideas for a present for Jack for being a good boy." As adventurous as my girlfriend was, I could tell she was mildly freaked out.

Very embarrassed myself, "well, didn't seem like she was angry, which is good." I could feel my skin blushing. We composed ourselves and blended back into the party. The rest of the night, I scanned the room to see if anyone else was in on the fun. It didn't seem like anyone else was acting any differently around us; but each time I met Gina's eyes, she gave me that same, intrigued look.

From that point on, my girlfriend and Gina ended up getting closer; and I learned a lot about Gina's sex life..



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