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History Does Repeat Itself

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Refer to Sept.8 2006 archives to appreciate this story of Aunt Barb
Due to a family situation my aunt visited and was to stay for a few weeks to help out.(and man did she ever help out). I had not seen her since my early encounters as a kid and was wondering what she looked like and how she would react to seeing me as a grown man. I was not to be disappointed at all when she arrived. She was going to stay at my place while my mom was in the hospital undergoing treatment so it was just me and herself. When I got home there she was dressed just like old times, heels,hose,a fairly tight skirt and nice sweater. We sat down and talked awhile and I received my answer about how she would react when she sat on the chair crossing her legs letting a shoe dangle from her foot. She knew from the past that I had a foot fetish as a young boy. After a few minutes she slipped both shoes off and placed her legs on the footstool allowing me to see those lovely feet. After several minutes of small talk she walked over to the couch where I sat, hiked her skirt up, then side saddled her legs over me, then removed her sweater and bra. I about died because she said, does this bring back any memories? I placed both hands on her tits and started rubbing them. They felt so soft,firm, and warm at the same time. She told me to lick them which I did gladly. She then removed her shoes and told me to rub her feet because she knew I loved doing that. She didn't have to tell me twice. Here I was licking her boobs and rubbing her feet and wondering what was next. We did this for a few minutes then she said-as I recall you loved handjobs and I said yes very much so. So she had me get down on the floor with my head against the couch and she got down on me with her feet on each side of my head. She told me to grab her feet and feel free to lick and suck them while she jacked me off. I was in Heaven for sure! Her feet were so soft and she had taken a tube of vaseline from her purse and squirted some on the tip of my cock and started slowly rubbing my dick. As she continued she said-remember now, I taught you all about edging so I am going to tease you for a few minutes. I was already near explosion but she seemed to know just where that point of eruption was and then stopped, allowing me to shrink a bit then starting up again. My God was she a devil. Her hands were soft and strong and I kept licking her feet and sucking on them while she continued. I thought I would never cum and asked her when she was going to finish me and she said-when I am good and ready dear. That was what seemed like several minutes. I begged her to let me cum and asked her if we could please do this again. She said-dear, we will do several things several times before I leave. The moment then arrived and I shot 3 streams of cum all over her tits. She laughed and said- just like old times huh? Aunt Barb was as good as ever even if she was 70! She let me relax and continue rubbing her feet because she knew I loved doing that even after we were done.



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