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Sleepover Seduction

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It was my sixteenth birthday and I had got two of my best friends to sleepover. Ben lived five miles away so my dad picked him up and on the way he picked up Billy who lived just a few streets away.

At eight or so my parents said they were going to pop out and that Ben was in charge being the oldest at 18.

We waved them goodbye and then my friends decided to give me my birthday gift.

'Jay, take your clothes off and we'll give you your gift.' Ben said. I could see already that he was hard through the shorts he was wearing. Billy scooted over to the couch where I was sitting and he sat beside me.

'No way.' I said and Billy lightly touched my neck.

'It's a very good gift.' He said and he put his hand between my legs and stroked my through the jeans I wore.

Reluctantly I stripped and they copied me, I had seen both guys naked dozens of times but this time they were sporting hard ons that bobbed as they moved over to me.

'Noce cock.' Billy said and he wrapped his hand around it, for a lad his hand was soft and gentle. Ben got on the other side of me and he cupped my balls stroking them.

Well, not too long after that I started breathing heavily and moaning. Billy bent over and licked my nipples whilst Ben was now jerking me off.

Well, it didn't take too long for me to come and I grunted when I did. I am not a shooter so my cum just pulsed from my hard dick and seeped over Ben's hand. He smiled and shocked me by licking it off.

Later I was lying in my bed wide awake thinking about what had happened. Ben and Billy were on mattresses on the floor. I flicked on my bedside lamp and it illuminated both boys. They were sleeping and I think Ben was dreaming about Sandra, his girlfriend.

I got out of my bed and knelt between both the boys, my room is not that big and the matresses were close togther.

Being gentle I pulled the covers off the boys exposing them in their boxers and nothing else. Ben had a hard on but Billy was still soft. I reached over and looked at his face closley, he was fast asleep so I unbuttoned his boxers and slid my hand inside. It was warm and I cupped his balls feeling the heat from them and he moaned and brought a leg up so that my hand was now cupping him and my fingers were close to his hole.

I spread his legs and moaned and I wondered if I was doing that to him as he slept. He turned over on his back and I pulled his boxers down exposing the cutest butt I had ever seen. I touched the cheeks, cupping them and the he moved again and spread his legs wide. I could see his low hanging balls and his dark hole.

Gingerly I licked my finger and ran it round his hole. He moaned but I still think he was sleeping.

As I did this Ben had woken and he was on the other side of Billy.

He got up on his knees and started to jerk off. I realised what he planned so I joined in. We both grunted and came over Billy.

When he woke he knew what we had done and he thought it was cool.

More tales of our threesome to come.



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