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Sleepover Fun

Posted by: Age: 18 Posted on: 12 comments
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A little late night fun with a friend.

So this happened a month or two after my first story. I was spending the night with one of my best friends and we were staying up late watching TV and being goofy. We were both 13 and in the same grade. At this point I had been getting myself off on a pretty regular basis, but had never talked about it with anyone. I was still a little ashamed by it and often felt dirty afterwards, but that didn't stop me because it felt wonderful in the moment. My friend was laying on her bed and I was on a sleeping mat on the floor. We were channel surfing and we came across some soft core porn on one of the cable movie channels. We started out laughing at it because it was some cheesy porn parody of a real movie, but eventually I realized that I was getting turned on by it. I started thinking about getting myself off and that totally made me hornier. I was thinking about going to the bathroom and getting off when I heard some odd noises coming from behind me. I rolled over and leaned up so I could see what my friend was doing and I saw her with her eyes closed and an expression of intense concentration on her face. I also noticed something moving down between her legs under the covers. After watching this for a few seconds she opened her eyes and saw me. She froze and blushed and looked like she had no idea what to do. I didn't really know what to do either but the urge to masturbate was damn near uncontrollable at this point. I have no idea why I decided to be so bold but I stood up and pulled my panties off and got up on the bed and started playing with myself while watching the movie. She didn't need an invitation. My friend tossed her covers back and pulled her pj bottoms and underwear off and started jilling right along with me. After a few minutes I realized that we were both watching each other way more than we were watching the movie and that knowledge sent a shock through me and pushed me over the edge to orgasm. I laid back and continued to rub myself oh so gently and causing small little aftershocks. It didn't take her much longer to orgasm herself and after she did she rolled over by me and gave me a hug. We laid there cuddled up for a few minutes and she started talking about how much fun it was to do that with me. We started talking about it and I discovered that she had actually been getting herself off for a number of years already. She told me about how she first discovered masturbation and I told her about what I had done with my cousin. The story prompted her to propose that the two of us should examine each other the way me and my cousin had done. She wanted to go first so I laid out on her bed and she got down between my knees and almost immediately started to open me up and poke around. It felt delightful and after a short bit she changed from examining me to masturbating me and it was all I could do to keep from crying out with pleasure. I spent a few minutes catching my breath and then we switched places and I found myself completely enthralled with her pussy. I had seen her naked a number of times, but never up close or while see was turned on. I really found the difference between her pussy and mine to be amazing. I marveled at her lips which were larger and seemed to be more sensitive than mine. Her clit was also larger than mine. Much as she had done with me, I started to rub her clit and finger her after looking and poking around for a few minutes. Her pussy was well lubricated and I had no problem working two fingers inside of her. She started moaning and eventually had to cover her face with a pillow to keep the noise level down. After she came I withdrew my fingers and I don't know what gave me the notion but after sniffing of them I decided to taste her juices as well (I often tasted myself while and after masturbating). After this we ended up cuddling up together without bothering to put our bottoms back on and falling asleep. When we woke up we stripped completely naked and fondling each others breasts (hers were also bigger) and kissed a little and ended up getting each other off again. We have done this quite a few times since then and even eventually ended up going down on each other when we were a bit older. We are still really good friends and we enjoy the many benefits along with that friendship.



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