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Sleep-over With Two Friends Becomes A Great Experience

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Sleepover after a hard night of studying ended up in a lot of relief!

My two friends, twin brothers who lived in the same town were my best friends! Now that we were all in college we started studying together sometimes.


At 18 going on 19 we had all been dating and would share stories about sex! On this occasion it was a Friday night and we had done studying and we were gaming downstairs.



They invited me to sleep over and by now it was pretty late and their parents had gone to bed. They opened up a hide-a bed couch and covered it with 3 sleeping bags but they zipped them together and I wondered how that was going to work!



We decided to climb in and I was surprised they stripped nude in front of me and put on PJ’s and it was amazing to see, they had beautiful bodies, some blonde pubic hair and uncircumcised cocks and big balls. 



I commented even your cock’s look the same! Then I stripped nude and they were watching, my circumcised cock was half hard and they smiled, soon we were all in the big sleeping bag.



They then put some porn on the computer and we climbed on top of the covers to watch it, soon I felt their hands all over me, playing with my balls, and fondling my cock to its full nearly 7 ½ length and rock hard. They said “awesome cock” and I had them cuddled next to me one cock in each hand, their cocks were about 4 inches long but real thick.



They started moaning and one of them straddled me his cock pointing straight up as I jerked it back and forth, then I felt this warm wetness as his brother was sucking the head of my cock as he was masturbating me, I said I am going to cum and as I said that he sped up and I ejaculated wonderfully and he took it in his mouth.



Then he got off me and they positioned themselves on either side of my head, their cocks touching my cheeks, I was jerking both cocks faster and faster and would turn and lick the head of a cock then lick the other one and as they moaned I squeezed their cocks and slowed down masturbating them and suddenly I felt cum wetness on my lips and all over my cheeks as they started ejaculating squirting cum!




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