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Skinny Dipping With The Boys

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Another fantasy story, with a few friends getting a little excited while swimming nude in the new pool.

Back when we were in our early 20's, a friend of ours parents decided it was time to put in a swimming pool. Nothing fancy, just a normal, above-ground pool to help beat the blistering heat of the summer. I was over at his house along with another friend of ours one day, and being late morning during the week, we were getting kind of bored. He suggested we could get in the pool, but neither of us had anything to change into. He said there were some extra trunks he could borrow, which I was fine with, but our other friend was a little standoffish about it. "Oh come on, it's not like you're wearing my underwear, it's just swimming trunks." "No no, it's not that it's just...I hang pretty low, and that netting in trunks gets really uncomfortable after a while." The two of us both had the same 'oh sure' 'yeah, right' responses to him, to which he insisted was true. "Ok, prove it, Seabiscuit", and he said if we want him to prove it he will. We both sat there calling his bluff, but then he stood up, unzipped and pushed down his shorts and boxers. It flopped down...and we were stunned. Even soft, it must have hung down a solid 6 inches with a large head and thick circumcision ring. "Holy shit, dude...how do you not walk with a limp?" Pulling up his pants, he kind of shrugged and said it's just the way it ended up. He then said it was really more of a nuisance, as it really doesn't get much bigger than it already was when he's horny, it just gets hard. "Still, that's a lot of cock hanging there," our other friend said. "I guess, it kind of gets in the way for things like this, though." After a minute or so of awkward silence, we then heard, "Well, we could always skinny dip if you want." Looking over at him he said, "Hey, I'm down if you guys are." I said, "Let's do it, I just want to get in that pool." 


We headed down to the basement and all stripped off our clothes, the two of us a little self-conscious about our very average-sized cocks, but he didn't act high-and-mighty about his, and we walked out and climbed the ladder, jumping in bare-ass naked. Not only did the warm water feel amazing on that hot day, but having never gone skinny dipping before, it felt incredible moving around the water without any trunks clinging to me. For a while we swam and horsed around; dunking each other, getting on the ladder and doing backflips, seeing who could get the furthest across the water on one push, all the normal stuff. We didn't even think about any of the neighbors being home and seeing us nude, we were just happy to be in the water. It took a little while, but he eventually said "well guys, if you want, I think I can prove my point." "What do you mean?" He looked down and we could see him shake his cock through the water. "Wait, are you hard right now?" He kind of laughed and nodded. "What got you hard?" "I dunno, it just happens sometimes. You want to see or not?" We both shrugged and said sure, and he started floating on his back and it stuck straight up out of the water. He was right, as it just grew to about 6.5 or maybe 7 inches, but was still a pretty large cock. Bigger than either of us, at that. 



He got back under the water and at that point we just kind of floated around and relaxed while bullshitting. We talked about college, cars, girls, you know...the usual guy stuff. After a few minutes, though, we noticed he was moving his arm around while he was squatting with just his head above the water. "Are you jerking off?" He smiled and said "...maybe." "Dude, don't jerk off in the pool, we don't need your cum floating around." "What do you want me to do, it's not going away." "I don't know...do it next to the pool." "Fine..." he said, making his way to the ladder. Climbing up, his large cock was sticking straight out and bobbing back and forth. He stood next to the ladder leaning against the pool rim with his right arm pumping back and forth. We both swam over and looked down, and sure enough he was stroking himself. I said "holy shit, you're really doing it?" "Of course I am, and if you keep watching me you're gonna see me cum, too." Just watching him got me in the mood too, and it didn't take very long before I was rock hard as well. "Ok, I'm doing it too," jumping on the ladder with my 5.5 inches bouncing with each step. I stood on the right side of him and quickly started jerking, neither of us really caring that we were in pretty plain view of a few of the houses around us. Maybe 30 seconds went by and he said "oh yeah, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum." Taking a step back we both watched as he arched his back and started shooting his load. Thick, white ropes flew from his piss slit as his eyes closed and jaw dropped, overcome by his orgasm. He stood there milking his cock, groaning how good that felt. Watching him in his ultimate pleasure pushed me over the edge, and I said "oh fuck, oh fuck here it comes." I quickly turned to the side and shot my own cum, the first glob shooting about three feet in front of me. They both watched as I squeezed my balls and jerked out every drop. It took a minute for me to come back down, but getting back in the pool I looked at the outsider and said it was his turn. "I don't want to jerk off out here." "Oh come on, we both did" our hung friend said. "What's the big deal, you know you're hard. Just jump out and jerk off." He sighed and said "ok...fine..." Getting out, he squatted down on the patio and quickly stroked himself while we watched. He kept looking around to make sure he wasn't being watched by a peeping neighbor, and we told him no one's watching, focus on cumming. It didn't take him very long, but he spread his feet apart and rose up on his toes, shooting out in front of him and leaving a nice puddle. Squeezing his cock he slung out the rest of his cum before quickly jumping back in the water. Swimming around for a while longer, we eventually needed to get out to make sure his parents didn't come home while we were out there naked. 



We all went inside and grabbed some towels, but while drying off I could feel myself getting another erection. I sat down on the couch and spread my legs, my cock springing up and asking for attention. Not even thinking, I grabbed on and started masturbating again. Ol' Long Cock saw me and said "round two? Hell, I'm game." He played with himself enough to get hard and sat next to me, working on his own pole. "You guys are jerking off again?" "Yep. You in?" "No, I'm not even horny right now." "Suit yourself" he said as we quietly masturbated ourselves. I'm not sure how long went by, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but this time I was the first to cum. I closed my eyes and shot all over my chest, my second orgasm feeling just as amazing as the first. He wasn't too far behind, scooting to the edge of the couch and cupping his hand in front of his head, filling his palm with his thick load of semen. By the time we had cum our friend had already gotten dressed, saying "ok, get cleaned up. My parents don't need to see you two covered in cum." We wiped it off onto our towels and threw them in the washer, getting rid of the evidence. 



After we got dressed and went back upstairs, his mom came home about 20 minutes later. She asked if we used the pool, and we said yeah, we went skinny dipping. She got kind of a funny look and said "in the middle of the day?" I spoke up and said "yeah, the water felt great." She then said "well, just make sure the neighbors don't see you. The last thing we need is someone seeing you guys naked." 



At least we knew she was cool about it. 




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