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Sibling Togetherness

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Hi, my name is Julie and I'm sure glad I found this site. To bad this site wasn't around 30 years ago. I'm in my mid 40's and have been masturbating since I found out about it. This story is about me, my sister Jane(2 years older), my brother Eric(1 year younger) and my sister Cindy(2 years younger). My dad died when I was 9, and my mom raised us.
One night when I was 11, I was awakened by my sister Jane's moaning. I looked over and could see, by the moonlight, that she was laying in bed rubbing herself all over. Mostly she was rubbing her tits and between her legs. After a few minutes, she had both her hands between her legs, her body was arching up and down and her moans had turned to grunts. After a minute or so, she let out one big grunt and her body relaxed back down on the bed.
'What are you doing?' I asked her.
She jumped up, surprised. 'Where you awake?'
I told her I was and asked her again what she had been doing.
'You don't know, do you, ' she answered. 'It's called masturbating.'
When I asked her if it hurt, she said, 'Not if you do it right.' Then she told me that it was time that I learned something about sex.
She got up, closed the curtains, turned on the light between our beds, pulled back my sheet and sat on the edge of my bed.'Take off your panties and pull your shirt up,' she said. (We only wore T-Shirts and panties to bed.)
'Rub your tits like this,' she said, as she cupped her tits and rubbed her nipples. I did as she said and it did feel kinda good. Then she told me to pinch my nipples every once in a while.
After a few minutes she asked,'Can you feel a tingle in you pussy?'
'Yeah,' I said.
She took one of my hands and put it on my pussy. With her hand on mine, she started rubbing up and down.
'That does feel good,' I told her.
After a little bit, I started getting juicy. When she felt that, she slowly pushed my finger into my slit as she continued rubbing up and down. Before long she had my finger pushed way up inside me and it really felt good. Then she showed me how to massage my clit with my other hand while I rubbed my slit up and down and in and out and that really felt good.
Pretty soon my body began to quiver and shake. I wanted to quit, but Jane told me to keep doing what I was doing.'Faster...Faster,' she said.
All of the sudden a rush came over me and my whole body tensed up and I felt my juices gush from my pussy. When it was over, my body went limp.
'How was that?' she asked.
'Wow!', I said, 'That was great!'
The next morning, at breakfast, Jane told Mom that I had had my first big 'O' last night. Mom said that that was great. She then went on to tell me not to get too carried away with it but that she felt that masturbation was completely natural. 'But not everybody feels that way,' she continued, 'So let's just keep it in the family.'
When I asked her what she meant, she said that most people seemed to think that it wasn't the proper thing for little girls and boys to do. 'Most people don't even discuss it,' she said, 'Not with their parents or their friends or anybody. So let's just keep it among ourselves.'
That day, in school, I casually mentioned the word 'Masturbation' while I was with my friends. Mom was right, most of them said things like, 'Gross' and 'Ugh'.
Anyway, that night, Jane held a mirror between my legs so that I could see what my fingers were doing. Even though it did look a little gross to me, it did feel good. Jane and I masturbated together almost every night after that. Mom had even bought us some 'Toys' as she called them. A battery vibrator and a two headed dildo, that we kept in the nightstand between our beds. We could use them anytime we wanted. Jane really liked the two headed dildo.
A few years later, it was my turn to show my baby sister, Cindy, how to masturbate. From day one, she couldn't get enough. Cindy would masturbate 2 or 3 times a day, getting herself off a 3 or 4 times each session. She really loved to use dildos, specially the vibrator. And she didn't care who knew that she was getting off. She was quite verbal, to say the least.
And even though Mom had wanted us to keep it amongst ourselves, Cindy had a few of her friends over a couple of times a week, after school before mom got home from work, for jillin' sessions.
Now comes Eric, my brother. He's between me and Cindy in age. Eric didn't have a big brother to show him how to masturbate, but he learned anyway. (I guess guys don't have to be shown how.)
I remember the first time I saw Eric masturbate, in fact it happened in front of me and both my sisters.
Mom had already gone to bed and we were in the family room watching some movie on a Friday night. We were all ready for bed, the girls in T-Shirts and Eric in a pair of gym shorts. When he sat back in the chair, often times, his cock and balls would be hanging out one side. Well, as we were all watching the movie, he started slowly stroking his dick. He probably didn't even realize he was doing it, but as he stroked it, it was growing and growing. Jane nudged me and motioned me to look over at him.
After a few minutes of stroking, his dick was really getting hard. All of the sudden, he realized what he was doing. He jumped up a little and looked over to see Jane and I watching. He started to pull his shorts over his dick, but Jane said, 'Hey...We want to watch.'
Jane grabbed my hand and pulled me over in front of where Eric was sitting. She knelt on the floor in front of him and spread her legs apart.
'We'll let you watch, if you let us watch,' she said as she started to finger herself.
Eric sat there, dumfounded.
Then Jane pulled her top off and started carressing her tits. I could see Eric's dick getting harder and harder as she continued putting on a show for him.
Jane then reached up and pulled Eric's shorts off. 'Come on, little brother,' she said, 'Show us what you've got.'
I had seen Eric naked quite a few times before, but never with his dick hard, and, I must admit, he had a good looking dick. Soon, he was stroking away. I had never seen a guy jacking-off before and it was really something! It didn't seem to take him long to shoot his load and I watched in awe as his come shot up onto his chest and stomach. (I still like watching cum shoot out of a dick.)When he was done, Jane treated herself, to our viewing pleasure, to a fantastic orgasm.
'Wow,' Cindy said, 'That was great!' She then went and got her vibrator and gave us a show. She was in heaven, laying on the floor, masturbating for us all. When she came, she was really verbal with her 'Ooohs' and 'Yes...Yes...Yes's'.
Mom even came down to see what all the commotion was about. There we were, her 4 children, laying and sitting around naked, masturbating with and for each other. We had all already gotten off at least once and Eric was ready to shoot another load.
She watched until we were all done. 'Fine job, all of you,' she said, 'Just remember, my only rule, 'Look, but don't touch.'' Then she went back to bed. (A few years later, she admitted to me that she went back to her room and masturbated herself to a great orgasm.)
From then on, just about whenever Eric felt the urge, he'd whip it out and jack it off. This usually led to all of us joining in the fun. I also know that Eric jacked-off for some of Cindy's friends.
By the way, for all you prigs who might read this, that one time was the only time mom was present when any of us masturbated



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