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Showing Off

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As a practicing nudist, I enjoy visiting a nearby nudist beach during the summer, sometimes with my wife, and sometimes on my own if I get a few spare hours in the week. The beach has a long stretch of sand dunes with sheltered hollows just right for sunbathing naked. So there are often quite a few nudists enjoying the sun. The beach also attracts a number of guys who wander through the dunes fully dressed, getting their kicks looking at the nude bodies. Mostly if you ignore them and roll onto your front they get fed up of walking past and seeing nothing but a bare bum and wander off.

One particular day when there were only a couple of us nudists in the dunes, and one guy wondering along in shorts and shirt looking in at all the hollows. I thought I would have a bit of fun to see what he would do. I arranged my blanket so I could lie in the sun and have everything but my head and shoulders visible from the path while I could see under the surrounding bushes the bottom half of anyone who stood on the path or in the entrance to the hollow I was in. Sure enough a couple of minutes later I heard some one walking along the path and along came the watcher, walking slowly past where I lay. He hesitated briefly to have a look but then moved on. I though he wasn't one of the voyeurs I was hoping for. A couple of minute's later back he came, this time very slowly and quietly until he stood watching me from the path. Just knowing he stood there looking was getting my cock interested, so I put my hand down and started to touch my balls, and then to stroke my cock, which rapidly became fully erect. I could see under the bushes he was still there watching and saw him put his hand into his shorts pocket and start to rub himself as he watched me playing with my cock. Now I was erect. I took it between one finger and thumb about halfway down and started to pull up and down so my foreskin rode up over my cock head, then pulled back tight towards the base, and back again, just slow and gentle so he could see every move. It was great slowly masturbating with someone else watching, and I could see his hand inside his shorts furiously rubbing away. Why he didn't get his cock out I will never know.

I was really enjoying myself showing off, and rolled round slightly onto my side facing him a bit more so he had a full frontal view of me pulling down on my foreskin, when I heard him grunt and he must have cum in his pants as he stood there for a minute or so, sort of shaking and holding his cock in his pants before turning and walking off. I rolled back and got comfortable and carried on sunbathing and masturbating for a while then letting my cock subside before going for a walk myself to chat to the other nudists. It's not the done thing to walk around waving an erection, even if sometimes you want to. The guy nearest to my hollow said he had seen 'our friend' stand on the path watching me just before he left, and wondered if I had told him off. I told him no, I hadn't had a go at the voyeur. I had just let him have a treat, and that I thought he had made a mess in his shorts. We both had a laugh, but then he asked how I had made him do that? So I told him I had just been playing with myself and he said he wished he had come along to watch as well, and started to touch his own cock, so I started to do the same. Very soon we were standing facing each other with two erect cock's watching each other masturbate, until he let go of his cock and reached over to mine, so I let go and took hold of his cock, and we masturbated each other.

Unfortunately I was a lot farther down the road than he was and he soon made me cum, sending jets of white cum over his hand and into the sand. Now I could concentrate on his cock and return the favour, so I stood next to him and played with his cock, pulling the foreskin back and holding it, while using the finger of the other hand to run round the tip and head of his cock before starting to pump up and down his shaft, until he shot hot cum over my hand and into the sand. I don't think of myself as being gay but I do enjoy having another guy watch me masturbate or enjoy mutual masturbation together.



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