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Caught By The Boss

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Bit of a tail about what happened when my boss caught me


Since first discovering the befits of jerking off when I was in my early teens, I am 31 now, I have always enjoyed a good wank; generally managing to fit in about 3 a day. Typically that works out as a wank before I get up, one when returning from work and one at the end of the day to get me off to sleep. On this particular day I woke up late and had no time to fit in my usual morning spunking session. So I had to head off to work without my usual release.

About 11 am I was going out of my mind. I was sat at my desk completely unable to concentrate, all my attentions were on my dick. My body was missing its scheduled release of spunk and my solid 8inch cock stretching against my tight DKNY shorts served as a constant reminder that was impossible to ignore. I tried to concentrate on the work I had to do but it was rather hopeless. My dick was consuming all of my attention, my balls were full and heavy even though they had been drained less than 12 hours previously. My dick throbbed hard and twitched inside my pants making the obvious tent move around almost signalling to others to come and help. So I thought that if I was going to get any work done I was going to have to sort matters out.

The office I worked in was was mainly staffed by women so I knew that it was reasonably safe to jerk off in the gents and had used this security a few times in the past when I had really needed to jerk off. The only other guys who worked in the office was one of the juniors who was off that day and the boss who was out at a meeting. So I made my excuses and headed to the gents toilet so that I could get my self off and get some work done. My dick was rock hard and presenting as an obvious bulge in my trousers which I had to cover with some paper work as I headed to the toilet.

Once in the safety of the gents I undid my leather belt and ripped open my button fly in one smooth movement releasing my massively engorged dick from its prison. My tight shorts stood proud from my muscled abdomen with a nice wet patch of pre cum making a small patch in my pants. I paused briefly to admire the tent that my throbbing cock was creating in my pants before I pulled down the front of my boxers finally letting my dick stand up free from all inhibiting material. I was anxious to address my feeling of all encompassing horn so I quickly took my shaft in my hand and held it firmly, then I started to pump it, peeling my thick foreskin back and forth with each pump, revelling my shiny cock head that was slick with pre cum. I've got an 8 inch dick so it hard to hide when I am hard. This was very much a functional wank and one that I knew would be over very quickly, right then I needed to get off as quickly and as efficiently as I could; I had no interest in sensual pleasure, this was all about getting a release and getting my mind back on work.

Because of the urgency of the situation and the fact that I knew that this would be over in two minutes flat I did not bother to go in to one of the cubicles, instead I just stood at the urinal, which one one of those communal metal troughs that ran the full length of the back wall. While you could see the urinal from the door, when you were facing it to take a piss you had your back to the door so it would be hard to see if anything was going on. I stood like that wanking my cock for about 45 seconds, then I made a quarter turn so that I could rest my back against the wall and also watch myself jerk off in the mirrors above the wash basins. I carried on like this industrially wanking my swollen meat for about a min or so, with each stroke I could feel my self edging closer and this just confirmed to me that this would soon be over. Feeling that beautiful rise approaching I turned to face the urinal so that I could spray my spunk into it and then rinse it away by taking a piss after the anticipated blissful release.

Stood facing the urinal I was so ready to cum, but I decided to edge my self a couple of times as I was so hard and it was feeling so good. After I had done this a few times I was certainly at the point of no return and I could have delivered a hands free cum if I had wanted to. My spunk cums with force and at this time when I was 25 I could easily shoot over my head. So I aimed my dick at the urinal so not to shoot spunk up on the wall and then I gave myself a final stroke, lunged into my fist and started to cum.   My first shot of spunk started to erupt from my dick, my foreskin pulled right back and my dick looking as big and hard as it ever had. At the very second my first pulse of cum left my dick the door flung open and my boss walked in. A 35 year old married guy who's dick I'd spied at that very urinal before and I'd caught him checking mine out to.

I'd let out a bit of a groan as I first started to cum and I was freaked out that he had heard this and would know what I was doing. The door opening was quite loud and he did not seem freaked in any way. Instead he made his way to the urinal and stood about one persons worth of urinal away from me and proceeded to undo his fly and take his dick out ready to take a piss. As he had walked towards the urinal my first wad of spunk hit the back wall of the urinal, the size of the load and the force with which it was ejaculated with caused the metal urinal to react like it was a drum and gave off a cross between a thud and a splash a sound that was quite identifiable by any guy who had shot against anything hard before.

Right at this moment my heart was in my throat, I was in this state that was a mix between exquisite pleasure and sheer fear both of which were amazingly erotic. I had always fantasised about being caught wanking after I had caught my flat mate and wanted him desperately to have caught me back. But now here I was stood with my solid cock in my hand the first load of spunk had left it and hit the urinal, my boss was stood right next to me as my second wad left my dick while he was getting his cock out. I felt sick and scared at what might happen next, was I about to loose my job. He was making small talk in his usual way as he approached the urinal and started to free his own cock. At the same time my second jet of spunk erupted and hit the back wall of the urinal leaving a thick sticky white trail adhered to the silver urinal again making that thud splash sound as it landed. My heart was beating out of my chest, I knew that I had at lest three and possibly four more ropes of spunk to shoot out with nowhere to do this other than in the urinal that would have to drain past my boss on its journey to the drain. In a panic I thought about shooting that last few on the floor but I figured he'd still see and that would just add to the mess.

By now his dick was out and in his hand, through the corner of my eye I'd seen him retract his foreskin ready to take his piss. His dick was smaller and thinner than mine but it was perfectly shaped and much darker in colour than mine. On the limited occasions I'd seen it before I'd always used the vision of it as a part of my wank bank to get off to later. To me there is something about dick skin which is dark. Horni as I was I could not help but sneak a look at the dick I had previously seen and wanked over, normally I had been so very cautious not to be seen looking, in this situation I wanted to see him urgently as I needed the stimulation of seeing his cock to spur my ejaculation on.

I looked down at my dick as my third jet started and then up and across at my boss, our eyes met and he carried on with his small talk about the successes of work. Then I angled my head and twisted my neck as if to look back at my dick, in doing this I got a big eye full of his dick as my line of vision altered. He was still soft his skin pulled back and he had not yet started pissing. He obviously used the same tactics to slyly see my dick as I did to catch a glimpse of his. Only this time while I had only clocked his dick and moved on he was now staring at my solid length, his jaw dropped open and I became conscious of his gaze. Without a word being spoken I shot my third and forth rope him staring at my dick all the time. The feeling was intense knowing that this guy who I had previously wanked over was no staring at my solid cock while I spilled my man juice into the urinal not a meter away from him. I knew the game was up so I started to groan a little as I started to reach my endgame, as he was now staring at my dick I felt it only fair that I stare at his. Only now he was hard as I was and weather he realised it or not he had started wanking his dark brown dick.

He was the first to speak when he rather redundantly announced "mate have you have just cum?". I was still in the moment and horni as fuck, I just said "no shit" up until now I'd just been holding my hard dick still as I shot off, now I started to aggressively wank to bring out my last two ropes of spunk. I was no longer shy as I could see my boss furiously wanking his brown dick, he was unbelievably hard and starting to leak pre cum.   I reached over and took his cock in my hand and he flinched a little, gasped then moaned as I started to wank him back.   I cupped his balls with my other hand and quickly brought him off to the most amazing orgasm, him biting his bottom lip so not to make too much sound as he spilled his load. His spunk initially shoot out and hitting the urinal a few inches from the load I had already been left, the rest of his spunk was dripping on the the floor dribbling down my hand.

After we had both come to an end we both fell back against our respective walls, I just said sorry boss no one was meant to see that. I could not concentrate and had it get off. He reassuringly smiled at me and said "a guys got to do what a guy has to do" then he said but no fucker must know about what just happened. I nodded and agreed. We both took a piss and washed most of our spunk away, and he just smeared that bit of his that had dripped on to the floor with his foot so it just looked like spit. Then the urinal flushed and effectively washed the rest of our spunk away . Nothing ever happened again other than obvious checking out of each others cocks until we went to a Conference and shared a room a few months later but that's another tail.

Hope you enjoyed this guys, it's a true story.   Be nice to hear what you think.   Love this site, been reading it a while, thought it time to contribute and keep the community going.



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