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College Video Project

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A college video project turns into something more


When I was in college I was approached by a guy friend who was into video.  He was always talking about movies and TV and video games, and it seemed like that was all he ever did, but he had an amazingly jacked body.  We were close acquaintances, but there was some nice chemistry between us.

He asked if I would help him with a video project for his class.  I agreed and he told me to meet him at his apartment the next day.  I didn’t bother to ask what the project was. When I got there, I saw a camera set up in his bedroom.  I asked what the project was and he said it was an “artistic exploration of male anatomy” and asked if I wouldn’t mind being nude.  I told him I was fine, although I still wasn’t sure what he meant. I stripped down, and he had me pose for him and do some exercises with his weight set.  He had a wall of mirror tile on one wall so I could watch myself working out naked. It was quite a turn on and I started to get hard. I saw him adjust the camera to focus on my growing hard on.  

“What are you filming?” I joked with him.  

“The male anatomy,” he replied. “Can you touch it?”  

“You mean like this?”  I put the weights down and lightly brushed my cock with my hand.  

“Yeah, do some more,”  he instructed.

I was sitting on a weight bench.  I spread my legs and began stroking myself provocatively, looking right at the camera.  

“Now lean back and just play with yourself.”  He was staring intently at the camera video screen, and I knew he was enjoying it.  I didn’t question because it sounded like a lot of fun, and it was a fantasy come true for me to play with him.  I leaned back on the reclined bench and began to stroke myself slowly with one had, trying to look like I was in a porn video (which I was) - so lots of moaning and heavy breathing.  He took his camera off the tripod and brought it in close to my cock.

“That’s nice,” he was breathing heavily “Stroke that meat. . . stroke it.”  

I rubbed my stomach and chest with one had and pinched nipples as I stroked my cock.  I saw a bottle of baby oil on his shelf nearby, and I knew what it was for. I drizzled the oil on my cock and chest and started to rub it in.  Now it was feeling good. I wiped my hands on the towel I was lying on and reached for the weights. I did some presses, focusing on making my cock harder with each press.  I felt it twitch and jump each time I flexed my muscles. Now I was ready to cum. I put the weights down and started to pump hard with both hands.

“Oh, yeah . . . oh fuck, yeah,” my friend was filming with one had and playing with his cock through his shorts with the other.  Then he pushed my hands away with his stroking hand and began to stroke my cock. I pressed my foot against his crotch and felt his throbbing hardness.  I rubbed my feet against his cock, and he started to thrust. I wanted to make him cum first, so I started to moan heavily.

“Fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum . . .” I kept on moaning.  

He was thrusting faster and I knew he was close.  So was I. Then I felt his cock start to spasm and the warm cum soaking his shorts and dripping down his crotch and leg.  He buckled and let out a gasp, but managed to hold the camera steady for another minute before he had to sit down on the floor.  His shorts were soaked in his own cum. He pulled his cock out and stroked out the last drops of cum.

“You fucking bastard,” he said under his breath, then got up and grabbed my cock with both his hands and started pumping me hard.  

“Wait,” I told him “What about the video?”  

He grabbed the camera and pressed record.  

“Oh, you’re gonna cum for me now!”  He did a new move that I hadn’t yet tried: he poured more baby oil on my cock and started to polish it with his fingers, rubbing as fast as he could.  It felt different, and great. He focused on the sweet spot, rubbing lightly back and forth. I could see my cock swelling and turning dark red. Then suddenly, he stopped, grabbed my cock in his fist and rubbed the sweet spot with his thumb while stroking his fist up and down.  I felt the surge through my spine, I threw my head back, and felt my cock erupt. My friend let out a chuckle. My cum was running down my side on to the bench and dripping on the floor. “Sorry for the mess.” I told him. “You’re not gonna use this video for your class, are you?”

“Nope, but I’m gonna watch it whenever I want to get off.”  

He never did turn in the video (I think).  We watched it together and it made both of us cum again.



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