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Show Me Something

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I jack off in front of sister’s friend in pool changing room

One summer day my younger sister invited a bunch of her girlfriends over for a swim in our Vancouver-area backyard swimming pool. I was already out on the pool deck reading when the teenage girls jumped into the water, so I had a reasonably good excuse to stay and perv out as their nipples hardened beneath their swimsuits from the contrast between the warm water and cooler air.


My cock was soon in a raging erection under my cutoffs and, masturbation machine that I was, I discreetly managed to rub my meat as I enjoyed the view of a variety of teen titties (from non-existent to pretty damn big) as the girls repeatedly jumped into the pool and climbed back out, smooth muscular flesh shining wetly in the afternoon sun. I could feel my pre-cum wetting my cockhead and knew I had to take care of things.



I subtly (I thought!) got up and walked down to the lower-level pool change rooms. My cock was bulging my cutoffs, but the walk was short and I thought I’d gotten away undiscovered. I locked the change room door behind me, pulled down my shorts, and slowly jacked my throbbing cock, grooving to the sensations as my shaft lubricated deliciously. I edged for five minutes or so, building up a big cumload in my balls and perineum. It was cumtime and I whacked my cock harder and faster.



Of course, I had failed  (consciously or unconsciously) to actually lock the change room door. Just as I was about to blow my load, the door burst open and my sister’s younger friend Susie burst in. She closed the door, locking it with a distinct click, and sneered at me, “God, you’re so obvious. That’s a nice-looking cock, though. Jerk off for me or I’ll tell everyone what you’re doing down here!”



All right, teenage bator heaven! I slackened the grip on my thick, curved penis and fell into a perfectly-cadenced stroke. I could feel my cum starting to boil over, and whispered to Susie, “Show me something!” I thought she’d maybe drop her top and let me look at her small boobies, but she sat on the bench across from me and pulled her bikini bottoms to the side. I got an unobstructed view of her sweet, virginal cuntlips - just the beginnings of her pubic hair could be seen. I exploded!



My cum surged up my cock as I gently squeezed and rubbed my balls while administering the glory strokes to my desperate cock. I was able to hold in my moans of pleasure as I shot four or five thick, juicy ropes of semen onto the change room floor and Susie’s feet and toes. She covered her cute little pussy back up and wiped up my cum with a towel hanging nearby. She said, “You are such a gross pig,” and stormed out. Still achingly hard, I immediately jacked out another smaller load to her memory and retired to the rec room to watch baseball.



Susie never told anyone about what I’d done, and over the years we were to have a few nice fuck and masturbation sessions.






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