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Discovering Panties

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I developed an obsession with panties when I was in college. This is how I got started.

Ahh, college. What a wonderful place for new experiences. It started when I did laundry for the third or fourth time since I moved into the dorm. By that time, there was a small box in the far corner of the room labeled "Lost and Found." I was reading my textbook, waiting for my dryer to finish, when I saw them on the top. A pair of basic, white panties. They were cotton, had a little lacy band around the waist and the leg openings, and a small black tag on the back. I was intrigued by the sight, and after a quick glance to make sure the coast was clear, I picked them up. My face got suddenly red, my hands began to tremble, and I felt my cock stirring in my pants. My modesty quickly overwhelmed me and I threw them back in the box.

About two minutes went by, where I tried to study, but no dice. I couldn't stop thinking about the panties. Finally, I reached over, grabbed them, and stuffed them in the front pocket of my jeans. I took them upstairs to my dorm room. I shared a single room with a male roommate, and he was always there, save for when he went to class, to eat, or to his parents house. Noticing he was at class-- but could return any minute now-- I quickly removed them from my pocket and stuffed them in the bottom of my dresser drawer. It was an agonizing week and a half later before I thought the coast was sufficiently clear of my roommate that I took them out. Just touching them and feeling them made me very excited. I remember standing there, examining them, still fully clothed, and my cock quickly hardening as I did so. Wow! I put them to my nose. They must have been left in a dryer, post washing, because they smelled like the scented lavender fabric softener. I looked them over, noting the size- xs-- and the brand. I looked real closely at the part that would've touched her vagina (nowadays, I say pussy, but back then I was all proper and conservative, thus "vagina"). Even though I wasn't a virgin, and quite familiar with the female genitals, it thrilled me to be this close to something that actually touched a vagina.

I quickly shed my clothes, and stood fully naked in my dorm room. Part of the thrill, too, was that I had no clue who they had belonged to. Was it Anne, the hot blonde on the 4th floor? Or Angela, the Asian woman that always wore low cut jeans and exposed her midriff, allowing us horny guys to get a glance at her butt crack whenever she bent over? Or maybe Maddie, Angela's roommate, with the flame-red hair and skinny frame-- she dressed as plain as could be, and maybe the plain underwear was exactly her speed. Since I was only 18, I went from soft dick to ejaculation in about five minutes. I stroked my cock languorously, but I could tell I was very close to release. Still, I was able to hold off for a little bit, and then with one, final tight-gripped up and down stroke, I orgasmed.

My cum spurted out in generous quantities, all over my pubes and lower stomach It was such a strong cum, and very pleasurable too. I took care not to get my cum on the panties, and carefully re-hid them in my drawer when I was done. Now I wanted more. So, each time I would do laundry, as long as no one else was in the laundry room, I would have a look-see in the Lost and Found box for more. It took a long time, but I got to be very sneaky and managed to stuff the bottom of my drawer with five more panties. First, a black silk one, probably a bikini cut. Then, another white one, but a large and a different brand from my first discovery. Third-- a pink size small, but "granny-panty" cut. Next was yet another white one, but this was more sexy to me than the others. They were boy-shorts, and probably made of silk, or some very soft material. There was also a sort of streak or stain on the crotch area, I was never able to confirm what is was from, it gave no smell to indicate as such. But it did get my mind going that I would like to find one that smelled like it clad a very horny and wet vagina.

Lastly, my "jackpot" find of the school year was during the last week of class. Instead of the lost and found box, I actually took it out of a dryer! I was very frustrated that evening because all the dryers were in use except for one, and that one had finished it's cycle at nearly the same time my load was done in the washer. I waited a good half hour, studying the whole time, but no one came to get them. Finally, extremely annoyed, I pulled out all of this person's dry clothes from the dryer and set them on top. I pulled out a lot of small shirts, skirts, and sport bras, and quickly figured out it was a woman's. And then when I was almost done, out fell a maroon panty on the floor. Without hesitation, I snatched it up and shoved in my pocket. After getting the dryer going with my stuff, I ran upstairs to deposit it with my stash.

When I went downstairs to study while waiting for my laundry to finish, the clothes on top of the dryer were gone. Shit! Now I would have no idea who they belonged to. Fortunately, my roommate was gone all weekend so he could study for finals at his parents house. Perfect! As soon it was safe, I pulled out my new found sexy treasure. It was made by Victoria's Secret, and it was velvet, or some material that felt like velvet, and it was a thong! Wow! I was really turned on as I slowly examined it inch for inch, picturing Hannah, or April, or Nicole, or Sara, or some other hot woman in my dorm that it possibly belonged to. Thinking of it was too much, and I nearly spooged in my pants. I then spent the rest of the weekend alternating between studying for a few hours, and then jacking off as I felt up all my panties I had accumulated.

That summer, I had a new breakthrough: I finally got a face, and person and body to go with two pairs. They both belonged to the same person-- Cindy, from whom I sublet an apartment for the summer while she studied abroad in Mexico. Older than me, she was going into her Senior year that fall, and had a small, one bedroom apartment a few blocks from campus. Rent was cheap, and because she was returning to it when she got back, she left me her bed, desk, etc. to have. There was also a large walk-in closet, and before she left she showed me that she boxed up her things that she would need the next year, but I was "free to use the rest of it" to store my stuff.

On the top shelf, in the back, I spotted a clothes basket. Hmmmmm, I wondered. The next day, after I was all moved in, I investigated. Yup! Score! Two pairs, both fairly modestly cut, size small, but made of lace, one a light purple and the other a forest green. They were both the same brand, and when I took a whiff of the crotch, I was disappointed that it, too, had been laundered before I got my hands on it. Nevertheless, while I never added it to my permanent collection, it provided much stimulation as I rubbed my cock to satisfaction nearly every day in that small apartment. Ah, the joys of living alone! When I moved back into the dorms, I returned them to her basket in the closet.

Finally, that fall, in a new dorm, I found what I had always hoped for. The new dorm was supposed to be for Seniors and grad students only, but that year they had a number of rooms unfilled, so they put a few of us sophomores in. It was much larger, and I had a single room all to myself. Which meant that I pretty much went about my room naked, and as this was the dawn of the internet, looked at porn and jacked off at least once a day, usually twice, and often three times a day on the weekends. I was also exactly three floors above the laundry room, the stairs were two doors down from my room and descended directly to the basement, where you walked ten feet from the bottom of the steps, opened a door, and you were there! Awesome! However, this laundry room, while by location, greatly more convenient for panty collecting, possessed no lost and found box. I needed a new tact.

By mid October, I had not found one new panty. I started spending more and more time down there, pretending to wash my clothes, while I sat at one of the small tables and studied. Then it happened. A grad student I knew by name only, Melissa, came down one Sunday morning with a huge, overflowing laundry basket. Her friend Cecilia, whom I knew as a friend of a friend, followed her with two more laundry baskets stacked on each other. I kept my head down, but overheard Cecilia mutter about how Melissa should be doing laundry more often "than once every other friggin' month." And then she took off with a flash, leaving just Melissa and I in the laundry room.

I patiently waited as she put the contents of one basket into several washers, probably sorting by colors and whatnot. She then attacked the second basket, and soon its contents were distributed. She started three washers at once. I only glanced up sparingly, trying to maintain an aura of indifference, even though the possibilities were tumbling through my head and I was pumped. Oh, did I mention my cock was at full erection in my pants? Yeah, being an 18 year old guy is fun.

Suddenly, I heard her slam her fists on the top of a washer and yell, "Shit!" I then heard her walk over to me, and I looked up to take in the sight. She was much taller than me, probably at least six foot two. She could have been a basketball player, but she had less muscular and more delicate looking physique. She was wearing a billowy white sweatshirt. I had checked her out before in passing in the cafeteria, and knew that she had rather small breasts. But when I watched her come toward me, my cock strained even more in my pants-- she was not wearing a bra, or at least I swear by the way her small mounds bounced in that sweatshirt she couldn't be. She had a pair of tight jeans on, but the sweatshirt draped quite far down, over her shapely hips and to a point just below her crotch. What always captivated me about her, however, was her face. She had long, straight, dark hair the fell halfway down her back. She was olive-skinned, and had dark, sensuous eyes. Delicate cheekbones, a small nose, and small lips were a very dark pink color. Maybe she looked kinda like Natalie Portman, or maybe that is wishful thinking on my part. Either way, I was entranced with her beauty, and lusted after her for a long part of that year.

"Can you do me a favor?" she asked me. "Um, yeah," I said. "I gotta run back to my room and get my books. Can you watch my stuff-- I'll be back in like ten or so." "Sure," I said. Of course I would! She was out the door and I could hear her feet ascend the stairs. I started to do my "Mission Impossible" gig and quickly rifled through the last basket sitting on the washer. Nearly on top, there they were: An actual, swear to god, unwashed panty! My heart was beating so fast I thought it would leap out of my chest. My mouth was suddenly dry. I was nearly dizzy with excitement. I actually contemplated the fact that my cock could explode in my pants. Then what would I do?

With herculean effort, I managed in a minute to calm myself down enough to get her panty in my pocket, and sit back down at the table with my homework. Good timing too, because she came back in the room not fifteen seconds. As she sat down and got settled, I made a dash for the door, trying to get there as quickly as possible while she was distracted with her books and stuff. Made it! I half turned to her, making sure my cock was not visible from her vantage point. "Do you mind keeping an eye on my books and stuff for a bit?" I asked her, "I need to make a phone call." "No problem." She was already so self absorbed in her homework. I shot up the stairs as fast as I could, barricaded myself in my room, and stripped off all my clothes as quickly as I could. I was laying on my back on my bed when I reached over, grabbed my pants, and fished out the mother lode. HOLY SHIT! HHHHOOOOOLLLEEY SHIT! They actually smelled like pussy juice! Wow! Intoxicating.

I used my right hand to hold the panty to my nose, taking in its sent. My left hand snaked down to my balls, gave them a little rub and then-- Ahhh! Ohh good! Yeeeeeesss! Mmmmm. I came. My semen flew everywhere, hitting me as high up as my nipples on my chest, on the bed. Big, huge, porn star sized squirts. Wow, though, it was such an amazing cum, it satisfied my urges for a good three, four days solid (again, I was an 18 year old guy). Miraculously, her panties weren't touched. And so, here ends my story.

My panty obsession abated from there, as I was introduced to more and more kinky sexual endeavors. I will try and write them up for future submissions to Solo Touch. POST SCRIPT: I'm sure some of you may wonder, did I feel guilty about essentially stealing other peoples clothes? The answer is yes, I did. My extreme horniness got the best of me at the time of the thievery, but after I had my cums and I settled down a bit, I went through a lot of remorse and consternation over what I had done. I often contemplated taking them back down to the lost and found box. However, I couldn't bring myself to do it as I also wanted to make sure I had them to use to get off the next time.



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