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This is a fantasy of mine which was going through my mind the other weekend


The other weekend I went into the city to visit my boyfriend Mike, After a night out we didn't feel like going out anywhere the day after so we just relaxed at his watching some movies. Mike soon got a call from his friend James who he invited to come over and chill with us. Mike told me James was coming over with a surprise and I should get dressed, but I was too comfy to move. Mike went to his room and came back wearing his jogging bottoms and a t-shirt and sat down next to me I was in one of Mikes shirts and some panties with a blanket over me. We carried on watching the movie until James turned up.

The doorbell went and Mike got up to answer the door, I listened as they greeted each other as Mike let James in, they walked into the lounge with me snuggled up on the sofa. Mike sat next to me as James walks in behind him and sat on the sofa before giving me a cheeky smile and saying hello. He had a backpack with him, he picked it up and went through it pulling out a small wooden box.

He opened up and box and it was full of weed and the equipment required to roll a joint, that instantly put a smile on my face! We all chatted and laughed whilst passing the joint around after a few tokes each, it soon hit me and I was feeling rather stoned but also feeling really good. I decided that it would be a good time to have a cup of tea, I removed the blanket covering my bare legs and stood up, the shirt I was wearing stopped just below my bum cheeks, I saw James eyeing me up and down for a second before I made my way to the kitchen. I filled the kettle up and put it on to boil I walked to the lounge entrance asking if anyone else would like some tea and of course they said yes. James and mike both took that chance to eye me up again before I left to sort out the tea.

Seeing them both eye me up got me excited, I felt myself getting turned on as the kettle boiledI leaned on the counter and began teasing myself grabbing and circling round my nipples through the shirt before reaching down my panties feeling how wet I was quickly getting. I began to get lost in the moment and was rubbing myself before the kettle finished boiling as I snapped back to reality and stopped to finish making the tea. I carried James and Mikes tea in first and placed them on the coffee table and went to fetch my tea, When I was back in the kitchen I checked my panties and noticed they were getting damp. Then the idea struck me. I slid my panties off and put them in the washing machine before returning to the lounge to find James who had nearly finished rolling another joint. Mike had popped to the toilet. I made my way back to the sofa I could feel James eye me up, as I walked past him. I sat back on the sofa taking sips of my tea whilst Mike returned joining me and James finished rolling the joint. We then spoke about what to watch James wanted something funny, Mike wanted more of a mind fuck film and all I could think was how turned on I was only wearing a t-shirt. I said I didn't mind what we watched, in the end James won with the comedy and chose 40 Year Old Virgin.

A while into the film and another joint later I was stoned dying for some attention. I moved around curling up to Mike more the shirt rode up giving James a nice view up the shirt I watched him as his eyes moved from the TV to me I asked Mike if he would go make me another cup of tea, he got up and left for the kitchen, I adjusted myself giving James a proper view of my pussy for a few seconds as my legs parted before sitting up, I caught eye contact with James and asked him if he liked it, he nodded and eyed me up. I opened my legs up again letting him take a peak, I ran my hand down and began to rub my pussy in front of him, his jaw dropped. I got up and walked into the kitchen Mike was making the cups of tea for us. He didn't realize I was behind him I reach around and grabbed his soft cock, he jumped out of his skin and turned to face me, I looked into his eyes as I was biting my lip, he asked what had suddenly got into me, and I told him I have been horny for a while and I am dying for some attention I lifted the shirt showing him that it was all I was wearing, His eyes lit up more I grabbed his hand and guided it to my soaking wet pussy, he instantly began sliding his fingers between my lips and rubbing my clit. I soon had an orgasm letting out a moan hoping James would hear me I guided Mike back into the lounge and sat him down on the sofa I signaled for James to sit next to him, I was stood up in front of them both I pulled the shirt over my head, I was now fully naked in front of Mike and James They both looked up at me with wide eyes i sat between them and reach out to my sides feeling their hard cocks. I undid James' belt and unzipped his jeans sliding them and his boxers his cock, sprung to life, I wrapped my hand around it and began stroking it, Mike watched as he pulled out his cock and stroked it himself I reach over with my other hand and began stroking him too, the feeling of a cock in each hand was a huge turn on, feeling them throb and getting harder and harder before I knew it James was cumming shooting his load out over my hand and on his thighs, Soon after Mike began shooting his load up his shirt James reached out and grabbed my breasts and Mike began stroking my pussy more it was now my turn to get the attention I need...



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