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Room With a View (3)

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I did something that I've never done, I wore the thongs for two days and one night. I even jilled in them several times, then I put them in with Chuck's stash of panties and thongs.

The following morning Chuck went and got his bag of goodies, right away he picked out my thongs and held them to his face, his cock was rock hard. From my point of view I could clearly see the stain in the crotch. Looking up toward my room he started to jack off, then he did something I never saw him do. Not only did he sniff my thongs but he actually licked the crotch of them. My juices were flowing, this was so hot. He had a lot of pre-cum that he milked out onto the stain and to my amazement licked it up, I had my first orgasm of the day. As he stood there stroking his cock he kept wiping the pre-cum off with the thongs then licked it up. This went on for a good 10 minutes then he shot a nice load of cum into my thongs, immediately he licked them clean and sucked on the crotch. I had my second orgasm!!! He had to know that I put the black thongs there. For the rest of the day whenever we made eye contact he got a little smirk on his face, he didn't say anything out of the ordinary though.

I had a wild vivid dream that night. The next morning after our parents went to work I waited in the bathroom until I heard Chuck coming down the hall, I timed it so that he would catch me coming out in just my little red thong and bra, and I 'accidentally' left my dirty panties hanging part way out of the hamper. I waited in anticipation for him to get back to his room but instead of jacking off he got dressed and left. I ran to the bathroom to see if he noticed the panties, sure enough they were missing. After an hour or so Chuck returned with his friend Jimmy. They went to Chuck's bedroom, Jimmy pulled a pair of panties and a couple of packets of condoms out of his pocket. The panties must have belonged to his sister who was about 17 at the time. He gave Chuck a condom and the panties, in return Chuck gave him my panties. They both rolled the condoms onto their hard cocks, Chuck's was bright pink. I don't know why but their cocks looked bigger with them on and just like I remembered Jimmy's balls hung really low. They started to jack off as they sniffed the panties, Chuck told Jimmy that I took the panties he had off that very morning and that he saw me walking to my room in my little red thong and bra. He said he didn't get to see a front view but had a good look at my tight ass.

Jimmy told Chuck that he spied on his sister (Mary) shaving her pussy and that he almost got caught jacking off in the hallway as he watched, he said when he started to cum he must have made too much noise because she looked right at the door. He said her pussy was as smooth as a baby's ass. Chuck was pumping his cock hard and fast as he sucked on Mary's panties, all to soon he filled the condom full of cum. Jimmy took my panties and wrapped them around his cock and within minutes he too filled the condom with cum. They removed the condoms and just like before put them in tissue and placed them in the waste can. Jimmy took my panties and stuffed them into his pocket. Chuck placed Mary's in with the others that he had. Shortly after that they left.

Once again I went down to retrieve the condoms, we were out of bananas and I needed something for my jilling, I found some cucumbers in the fridge. I took one of the bigger ones and went back up to my room, my pussy was soaking wet. I took the condoms and compared them, Jimmy's had more cum in it and it seemed much thicker than Chuck's. I took the condom that Jimmy had and put it on the cucumber, I started to push it into my pussy, it was the biggest thing I ever used, but it definitely felt good and in no time I had the whole thing in and started jilling. I saw Chuck's condom and thought why not, I went back to the fridge and got a smaller cucumber. I put Chuck's condom on it and began jilling, after a few minutes I replaced it with the bigger one. As I sucked on the smaller one, I thrust the huge cucumber into my soaked pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined Jimmy's big, thick cock pounding my pussy. I had a shattering orgasm!!!! I took the condoms off and not even thinking about it sucked both cucumbers clean. That was the first time I tasted cum and to my surprise there was definitely a difference between the two. My salad at dinner that night seemed to be exceptionally good.

Until next time, happy jacking and jilling my friends, Maxine



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