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Sharing Angela's Pleasure (3)

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The next time Angela and Christine met they had made plans to enact Angela's fantasy. Christine waited a while in the living room, naked under her dressing gown. She then stood in the doorway of the bedroom, watching Angela pretending to be much younger. She was trying to be quiet as quiet as possible face down under the sheet as she twitched her bottom.

Eventually Christine strode in pulling the sheet off to reveal Angela, naked except for her skimpy pants below her knees and with her finger tips visible between the tops of her legs. Her body continued to move as Christine, in the role of strict Aunt Jane, told her to stop behaving in this naughty disgraceful way and to stop touching herself between her legs. She must learn to restrain herself!

Angela continued to move with even greater abandon, appealing to her 'Aunt' to forgive her and saying she couldn't stop now as the feeling was too great to resist. Christine said she would punish her for being wanton and disobedient. She began to smack the now thrusting buttocks. In a new twist she discarded her dressing gown and with her free hand began to masturbate herself as she watched and felt the quivering muscles. Angela was able to delay her first powerful orgasm until she knew that Christine was about to cum.

The smacking was over but Christine would 'punish' Angela in another way. She picked up a slim glass dildo and pressed it longways between Angela's pink cheeks as soon as she began thrusting once more. She pressed harder, sliding it along within the cleft but it only seemed to excite. Angela now reached behind, pointed the dildo inwards and penetrated herself where she needed it most.

Christine now held the dildo so that it pumped in and out in in time to Angela's motion. She came again long and hard but still needed to relieve her multiple orgasms. She turned on to her back with her bottom supported on pillows and her gorgeous thighs, now wet and shiny with sweat and cum, held back and wide apart. Her body was fully exposed and a thing of great beauty.

Christine knelt facing and again inserted the dildo which she could now work freely with her left hand while attending to Angela's clitoris which was hard and prominent. (This was going to be a time for giving and sharing the utmost pleasure.) She vibrated it, circled it, rubbed it and wanked it. She pressed it firmly as it pulsed each time Angela came in gasping, groaning waves of pleasure, her legs stretching and quivering, her head thrown back and her muscles contracting tightly on the dildo. These orgasms lasted a long time.

Christine was herself thrilled beyond belief by what she did, felt and saw and was glad to know that all had been recorded and we could share together in the ecstasy. It was now her turn to enjoy total relief in Angela's capable hands.

Angela later told Christine there was more that she fantasized about the time she stayed with her Aunt for a month when she was eighteen:

'We played another charade in which I would pretend to be a naive and self-righteous niece. The following evening when I saw Aunt Jane had started to masturbate, this time propped up on her back but under a sheet, I marched in demanding to know what she was doing. I lifted the sheet and asked why she was rubbing herself like that.

'Aunt said it was the only way she could alleviate that part of her body from aching and get to sleep. I laid my hand over her shaking hand as if to restrain her and told her to stop but she said she couldn't. It wasn't long before her hand was over mine and it was my hand that was being used to stimulate.

'I relaxed and let her use my fingers to give pleasure and bring relief. She shook my wrist with my fingers buried in her swollen pussy. Her clitoris was twice as long and twice as thick as mine; it was hard within its hood. I said it felt like a piece of bone and she said that was the place where it ached the most and rubbing it made the aching worse at first but then it seemed to explode and then feel so much better. She usually needed to rub it several times over. Whenever she paused the shaking I could feel her stiff clitoris throbbing. Her hips were gyrating and she was gasping and breathless, then grunting louder and louder until she climaxed, her first orgasm being prolonged and almost frightening in its intensity.

'Soon she rolled over with her swelling thighs astride a bolster and her plump white buttocks raised and twitching. Aunt Jane begged me to punish her for the way she had behaved. She needed me to slap her bottom really hard every time she thrust her pussy forward. Of course the more I slapped the more she thrust until her round ass bucked and wobbled as she came, grunting then screaming for ages as I continued to smack her now glowing cheeks.

'During my stay Aunt Jane taught me lots of ways she had practised to relieve herself during the forty years she had masturbated. She had in earlier years experienced several short-term sexual partners and I eagerly pleasured her in ways she desired that were awkward or impossible on her own.'



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