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First Experience

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Chatting with a new friend made me think back to my first experience with a girl other than group sleep over masturbation. 

When I was 16 I had made my first friend in my my new high school. She was beautiful and I know now I was infatuated by her and looking back even though I repressed the feelings, I was longing to have sex with her. But those days I was straight and wanted a boyfriend. (So I told my pubescent self, in denial, and more importantly it's what I told her). We hung out shopping and at the movies, we chatted and as our friendship grew so did the trust. We started talking about crushes and sex. She was a virgin like me, and had no boyfriend, but was as we all are, super horny all the time. She confided in me that she masturbated and I told her I also did. At the time we left it there and a few weeks went on with some naughty chats about which boys we would let do us and what it would be like. 


One weekend she said why don't you come to mine for a movie night and stay over. It sounded fun and as I said, even though I was trying to convince myself I was straight, I found her super hot. The night came and I went over and after tea we went to her room where the DVD was set up. She suggested pjs and we got into bed to watch. I had my little shorts and a singlet but waited on her to move first. I was wondering: do I get changed in the room with her or go to the bathroom? That was quickly resolved with her stripping to her undies. Her back was to me but I saw the side of her small boobs and I stripped too before putting on my stuff. She had a slip-type nightie thing that came to her bum. Her cotton undies had a little picture on them of a flower.. Super cute.



We watched the movie and she was really close to me; her hair was on my shoulder and her leg touched mine, our hips rubbed. I was turned on but thought no, I'm not into girls. The movie finished it was a Romcom and kinda sexy. She then looked at me and said u like porn?  I mumbled something about yeah I watch it and I like it.. She got her laptop out and opened Youporn..I was shocked. I knew I masturbated to it but didn't expect her to too. She was a church-going girl from a very straight family. She asked if teen lesbian was ok or did I prefer something else? I was in total shock but said yeah it's my fav.



We found a good one and the girls were young and hot and they were in bed getting themselves off before turning their attentions to each others' pussies. She very casually said I'm going to masturbate, is that ok?  I was more than ok with that and I agreed and said I needed to also. Our bodies were pressed against each other and I could feel the movement of the bed as she was rubbing her pussy under her undies. We were on top of the covers now and our hands were clearly exploring our bits. I was super wet and I could hear her fingers moving in and out of her cunt and mine too. She was very wet too. Then she slid her undies off and I saw her beautiful cunt. It was neatly trimmed and her lips were dark and perfect... She said go on you will be more comfortable, so I did and there we were, naked from the waist down. She had pulled her nightslip up over her waist and I'd removed my shorts and undies. She looked at my pussy and commented on how different we looked. My labia was larger and more puffy. Her clit stood out more. When she moved the folds back it was obvious. We fingered to another two girls and she was getting close as she was thrusting her hips and her breathing changed. I was close too and was really fingering hard and fast. She came and it was really intense, it lasted a long time then mine hit and I was moaning into my other hand. She watched intently. 



She cuddled into me and said I wish it was a cock in me and that she loved experimenting with sex in anticipation for the real event when she gets a boyfriend.



The next time I slept over went much the same but she wanted to kiss to see what it felt like. She had never had a boyfriend and wanted to know what it was like to have a tongue in her mouth while she touched herself. I was happy to oblige. She always said it's just an experiment for when she had a boyfriend.



Time went on and she wanted to know what another hand on her clit would feel like. We watched two girls fingering each other and asked if I'd do it to her and she would do me if I wanted. I was soaking at the thought. This would be my first time actually touching another girl's cunt..I was super ready. She  leaned her hand over, looked me in the eye , kissed me and  pressed her hand on my pussy.. I did the same to her pussy as she did to mine and she clearly enjoyed it as she came so fast. She then fingered me as promised. It was the greatest feeling of my teenage life. Her hand slid up and down my slit and circled on my clit. She pushed fingers into me and I came all over her hand. She thanked me and said she couldn't wait for a boy to do that..I wanted her more and more. 



But the best was to cum as she was wanting more and more experiences and my confidence grew. One night in her bed I asked if she would kiss and lick my pussy like they do in the films. Just to see what it would be like when a boy does it. And thank god she agreed but also said only if you do me too. My heart was pounding and I was sure I was going to cum on her face so fast. I lay back opening my legs to another girl's tongue for the first time.. I felt her breath on my inner thigh, then my cunt.. She parted my lips like they did in the porno and gently licked up my slit. I nearly leapt of the bed. Her tongue licked up and down my lips and found my clit. She worked my clit like a pro. I still don't believe mine was her first oral experience but to this day she swears I was and is still her only female experience..My orgasm built and it was so intense. I let out several yelps and tried to muffle my moans as her parents were next door. This was till then the greatest, most intense orgasm my 16 yr old body had ever experienced. I came all over her face and she kept licking..I was spent and got myself together. She smiled and said my turn.



I had a lot to live up to. She moved up the bed looked at me and opened her legs wide. I could smell her sex. She was a turned on as me. I moved my face down to her pussy and pushed my tongue into her lips. She moaned and I knew I was doing ok. Her hips bucked as I went down on her perfect pussy. She was flooding my mouth with her cum. She tasted as good as she looked. I worked all of her pussy and onto her clit. Her orgasm built and built till she exploded with tremendous force and her body convulsed. I kissed her pussy then hugged her and kissed her deep in her mouth with her cum all over my face so she could taste herself. 



We only had a few more sessions as true to her word she got a boyfriend and she started having sex with him. I too started having sex with my only boyfriend the next year and did so till the Uni semester started and I found the joys of being a lesbian.. That girl is still one of my best friends and we have had drunken reflections on those sessions. I've gotten her close to reliving our masturbation nights but she always pulls out as she keeps telling me she is straight.. I live in hope.




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