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Shallow Girls Fun

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How I masturbate with a shallow pussy.


It took me quite a while to realize that my pussy was more shallow than the average woman's. I had never talked to other women about what theirs were like, and up until I had come to ST, quite literally, I had never heard about how other women masturbated. I started to talk to other people about female masturbation, and how I did it, and I was very quickly made aware of the fact that my methods weren't the most conventional.

I've never been very good at manually stimulating my clit. I'm not exactly sure why, but it's something that's always been a struggle for me. Because of this, I had to get quite creative and find ways to finger myself in ways that would bring me the same pleasure rubbing my clit would. This led to a lot of experimentation, with more misses than hits and orgasms. I'd try laying on my back and pumping two fingers in and out, alternating between fast and slow and hard and soft. The problem was that I couldn't quite get the right angle, and I couldn't keep up enough of a pace to get myself anywhere near an orgasm. Experimenting with this method led to quite a bit of sexual frustration and grumpiness. I'd get oh so wet and so worked up...just to end up with no orgasm. I'd try to find my g-spot, but to no avail. People kept telling me it was this bumpy patch a ways into the pussy, and if you curled your fingers up you could feel it and rub it to an orgasm. I found a little bumpy patch near the entrance, but I figured that couldn't have been it! It wasn't deep enough back! I thought, why not try it and see what happens? So, I try to rub a finger on that to see what happens, and what I feel....and nothing. A little tingle and pleasure, but nothing like what I've felt before with an orgasm.

I was about to give up and condemn myself to a life of toys and hairbrush handles, which wasn't a bad thing, until one day while sitting on the toilet I decided to stick a finger right up in my pussy and kinda poke around a little, both figuratively and literally. I got my middle finger all the way up, which isn't very long, when all of a sudden I felt a little nub. This strange little nub had a little indent on the top of it, and when I pushed on the top of it, it hurt a little bit. I was very intrigued by this new discovery, so I decided to play with it more and see what other sensations could come from it. So I decided to try and twirl my finger around this nub to see what it would make me feel...

I nearly doubled over because of how amazing the pleasure from that was! Never in my life had I felt such an intense rush of pleasure all at once! It was nearly enough to make me orgasm right on the spot. I was able to hold back though so I could try a little more and see what else I could do. I tried sticking two fingers up in my pussy and seeing if two fingers twirling the nub would add even more pleasure and stimulation to the already intense feeling, but because of how tight my young pussy is, it was more uncomfortable than it was pleasurable. Because of this, I decided to go back to one finger and see if twirling my finger faster would intensify the pleasure.

I slid my butt to the front of the toilet and leaned back so that I could spread my legs nice and wide to get easy access to my then needy and dripping pussy. I slid my middle finger right in, feeling the warmth and the wetness envelop my finger as it went deeper and deeper. I could feel the tip of my finger touch the nub in my pussy, and my heart started racing with anticipation for the pleasure that was about to come. I started to slowly twirl my finger around it, savoring the intense pleasure I was feeling from it. I wanted to try and make it last for as long as humanly possible, but another part of me wanted to see how intense I could make it. So I gradually started to increase my speed until I was fingering the nub so fast you could hear my juices being moved around by my fingers. The sounds filled the room with my moans. Squish squish squish. I had never been so wet!

The pleasure was so intense and so overwhelming all I could do was sit there with my mouth open, no sound coming out, with my finger buried in my pussy. The bathroom was filled with the stench of my arousal and the sounds of my juicy pussy being stimulated beyond belief. What I had read about women feeling when they hit their g spots, that's what I was convinced I was experiencing in that moment. I kept feeling the heat of the pleasure growing throughout my body, and was on the edge of having one of the most intense orgasms of my life from just my fingers. At this point I was nearly falling off the toilet, unable to hold myself up due to the sensations I was feeling. I couldn't handle it anymore. The walls of my pussy tightened up around my finger, holding it in place, and soaking it with even more juice and wetness from my orgasm. It's a good thing no one was home, because if they were they would have heard me let out an animalistic sound that only comes from the rawest forms of pleasure.

I sat back and caught my breath for a moment, gently sliding my finger out of my spent and still dripping pussy. My finger was covered in something that looked and smelled like my juices, but had a bit of a thicker consistency to it. I took a tentative lick, then immediately sucked and licked the rest off of my finger. It was absolutely delicious! It was a bit sweeter than the juices of myself that I had tasted before. I wanted more of it, but I had been sitting with my legs still open for so long I was starting to dry out a bit and couldn't get anymore.

To this very day, even just this afternoon, I still use this technique nearly everyday. Through reading other stories and conversations on here I found that the "nub" I was playing with was actually my cervix, and that being able to reach it and stimulate it isn't generally a normal thing most women are able to do. So, although my pussy may not be quite average or "normal" at least I know I have a quick and easy way to achieve and very intense and pleasurable orgasm! So ladies, I'd suggest doing a little exploring with the fingers to see if you can reach your cervix, and find the same kind of pleasure I did!



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