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I can remember quite clearly when I discovered something different from sex and sexuality. I call it 'sexualness'. For me it's those times when I feel more sensitive than normal and need to do something extra kinky or wear something naughty. When I was 14 I sneaked my sister's thong from the laundry basket, but only becuase I knew she would never lend it to me if I asked. When I slipped it on, I loved the feeling of being almost, but not quite naked but more than that, I loved that it had her on it too. I would sometimes masturbate at school, (in fact, I did this a lot) and sometimes I woulc skip PE just so I could do it in the locker room while the other girls were out. Sometimes too, I would wear a pair of someone's panties. But by far the most erotic experience I have had so far was in a store changing room. I was in the little cubicle and I knew the other three were empty as when I walked in the curtains were pulled back. I decided to not close the curtain to my cubicle unless I heard the outer door open. I was standing there in just my panties and had intended to start to masturbate when I heard the door go. I pulled my hand out of my panties and was just closing my curtain when I saw a young girl of perhaps 16 or so come in. She gave me a little smile and went into a cubicle. I hear her moving around and then I heard 'Could you help me?' I walked across to her, still in just my panties, and saw her in a tiny little summer dress. She couldn't get the zipper up at the back so I did it for her. Of course, I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. The dress looked good on her and then she asked me to unzip it. This got me really wet. As it fell from her shoulders I said 'hmm you look pretty good without it too! I bet all the boys are after you.' There were no words, nothing. She just hugged me and then asked me to kiss her. I did, and then touched her small firm breasts. I guided her hand between my legs and in the next ten minutes, we rubbed each other off. After though, I asked her if we could swap panties as a sort of memento. I felt great walking home in her very wet and sticky thong. Needless to say, when I got home I masturbated myself until my clit was too sore to continue.



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