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Sex Play With Young Cousins'

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Sex Play With Young CousinsOne of my first experiences of sex was when my cousin came to stay with me during the holidays. At the time I was 11 and he was 10. His name was Chris. He had a sister called Jenny who was 12. Jenny was staying with other relatives about a mile away but she came to my house each day to play with me and her brother.That first night that Chris stayed was quite exciting and very surprising for me. Chris was very forward sexually and as we undressed for bed he made no secret of the fact that he could not wait to see my dick. I was a bit shy and was very reluctant to show it to him. He, on the other hand, blatently stripped off and stood there naked in front of me. His lovely little cock went stiff within seconds. I became quite excited at the site of it and I too got a hard-on. He kept saying "lets see it, show me your dick". After a sort while and considerable encouragement from Chris I took off my underpants and stood there naked in front of him. He immediately ran toward me and started to rub his cock against mine. We stood there rubbing ourselves together for a few seconds then we both came, shooting our watery liquid all over each other's cocks and stomachs. After going to the bathroom to wash up we then both got into bed.It wasn't long before we were talking about sex again and Chris asked me if I'd ever been bumed. I didn't know what "bumed" meant so I asked him. Put on the light he said and get out of bed. As we got out of bed Chris took off his pajamas and asked me to take off mine. He then asked me to bend over the bed and open my legs. I was a little reluctant at first. Come on he said, it won't hurt. Chris stood behind me and put his stiff cock between my legs, right at the top between the cheeks of my ass. There he said, thats buming. I liked this and allowed Chris to carry on for a while. It wasn't long before he came, leaving me with a lovely wet feeling between my legs. Although I didn't tell him, I had been jacking myself off as he bumed me. Once I felt his warm spunk between my legs I came in my hand. After another visit to the bathroom we went back to bed and slept until morning.When we woke the next morning conversation was again about sex. Have you ever done it with a girl he asked? I admitted that I hadn't. We were both excited again as we got out of bed and took off our pajamas. Chris asked me if I wanted to bum him? I hesitated a little out of shyness but as I did so Chris bent over the bed, opened his legs and said "go on, rub your dick up my ass". I stood behind him and put my cock between the cheeks of his love bare ass as he had done to me the night before. As I bumed him I reached round him and took hold of his fucking stiff cock. I tossed him off as I bumed his fucking lovely bare ass. A couple of minutes later we both came.Later that day Chris's sister Jenny came to visit us. These two kids were from the city (Manchester) and for them it was quite an experience to visit the country. From the back of my house (my parent's house) there were miles and miles of open country and woodland. When Jenny arrived the three of us went for a walk. On the way I was surprised to hear Chris tell Jenny what we had been up to the previous night. Jenny listened intently but said very little.Once in the woods Jenny said to me, "Jon, would you like to see my crack?" I was a bit shocked and did not answer but Chris was saying, "yeh, go on, show us your crack". Jenny lifted up her dress and pulled her knickers down. She stood there with her knickers down around her knees and held her dress up to show us her lovely bald cunt (which she referred to as her crack).My dick started to go stiff again (I had never had so many hard-ons in such a short time before). After giving us a good look Jenny pulled her knickers up and straightened her dress. She then said, "Jon, dare you shown me your dick?" Chris was running around shouting "I've seen it, I've seen it". I didn't respond to Jenny's question but Chris came over to me and said, "lets both get em out". As I wanted another look at Jenny's crack I agreed and me and Chris both pulled our pants down showing our very stiff cocks. Immediately Jenny asked if she could touch it but I stepped back. As I did so Chris moved forwards and Jenny got hold of his cock. I went over to them and asked Jenny to pull her knickers down again. She obliged straight away and as she lifted up her dress to reveal her hairless cunt Chis immediately began to feel it. Jenny stood there letting her little brother feel her twat as she played with his cock. I then got the biggest surprise of the weekend. Jenny asked me if she could suck my dick. As I did not respond to her question Chris again took the lead and offered her his dick. Jenny immediately got down on her knees and started to suck her brother's cock while I watched and wanked myself off. Jenny too was playing with herself as she sucked Chris. She took his cock out of her mouth just before Chris shot his spunk. He finnished himself off with his hand. We both came at more or less the same time and Jenny stood there watching, holding her dress up with her left hand as she wanked herself off with her right.That was the end of the fun for the time being. Later that evening Chris and Jenny returned to Manchester and I did not see either of them again until I visited Manchester some twelve months later. When I did see them however, Jenny was a teenager with lovely firm tits and a hairy cunt, but that's another story.--Jon ()



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