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BootCamp J.O.

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BootCamp J.O. by chonche (chonch21@yahoo.com)
Knowing that I was different for sometime, for my interest in men, I joined the Marine Corps for the sake of toughening up and proving my masculinity as soon as I was out of High School. The transition into Marine Bootcamp was a fairly easy one, the physical and mental abuse was not as difficult as I was expecting. The name calling, well, I had developed a thick skin after all the name calling a faced in High School. The difficult part was my need to beat off, which I am sure, was an issue for all 98 of us in my Platoon, and my wandering eyes in the showers or during free time in our boxers. I had never seen so many beautiful male bodies, nude, hung, cut, uncut, little, thick, long and skinny, semi hard, and on a few glorious occasions during night-watch full blooded hard-ons.

While out in the field I was sharing my tent with this very attractive guy I had become good friends with from New Orleans. We did everything together for those two weeks out in the field, ate, slept, trained, showered etc. It was summer and very hot in California, so we would sleep in our boxers. I would sleep next to my tent mate with my heart pounding trying to hide my swollen Dick dripping with pre-cum. As I watched him sleep one night, I noticed the slow growing motion from in side his boxers. My heart was pounding, I was sweating, I couldn't peel my eyes off the site. We were both very lean and the military issue boxers were huge on us so there was lots of room in our shorts. As I watched the complete growth of his full erection under his shorts, I had moved so that we were both side by side on our backs. I had also achieved a full hard-on and was not trying to hide it.

I noticed his chest and his breathing, we were both practically out of breath and sweating. I reached down and took my boxers off, he did the same. At the sight of his big cut boner I lost all focus and unloaded the most forceful load of cum all over my chest, stomach and some on my arm. It was all in slow motion, and in silence. At that point he grabbed my hand and put it on his Dick and we both started to stroke it. I then took the lead, it was the first penis I had ever held in my hand, I used his pre-cum diligently to slide up and down his shaft, his Dick was much larger then mine. I jacked him for a few seconds when he unloaded three good loads of cum, missing my face and onto his stomach. We looked at each other, laughed. We were both 19 at the time, so neither one of us felt embarrassed for unloading so fast. We then started to jack each other off again and again. It was an incredible experience. We beat off together for the remaining nights out in the field, a full week. We did suck each other as well, but we were so new to it, that we didn't really know how to give good head. We did however know how jack each other off, which we did with much anticipation every night in out tents. We used spit, rifle oil (we were young), jelly from an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat for field use), and lots of pre-cum which we shared and enjoyed the taste of each other's pre-cum. Then the brainstorm hit us, I would go first with his help and he would use my cum as lube. That was the winner. I am uncut, I didn't need lube, he was cut and needed it. (this is before HIV/AIDS) We were in Masturbation Bliss.

Once we were back from the field we never did it again, but we often gave each other these glazed looks while showering. I sure with the same fear of getting a hard-on in the middle of a shower while in Marine Corps training. Not a good place for a young kid who learned the beginning phase of his gay life.

I guess I can call him my first j/o buddy.



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