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School Nurse

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When I was 19, I worked at a summer camp as a nurse in the infirmary. I had a 'thing' for pre-pubescent boys at the time, but would never act on it overtly.

There was one boy, however, about 13 years old, who was simply beautiful-skinny, with almost a little girl's figure: straight hips, little ass, pink cheeks, and a small, upturned nose. Whenever he came for a check-up or to dress a cut, I'd become immediately wet and my clitoris would get stiff and throb.

Once, when the head nurse went out for supplies, he was brought in with a bee sting on his butt after he'd sat on a bench next to the insect.

I knew how to treat stings, and I told him to stand to my side while I brought a stool up close to his hip. I lowered his shorts and underpants only in the back to preserve his modesty and to inspect the sting, and sure enough, I noticed the stinger protruding a fraction of an inch from the upcurve of his right buttock.

I also noticed, to my silent delight, that he had an erection tenting the material of his shorts in front.

I pretended not to notice as I watched his face turn red while I put on a pair of rubber gloves and grabbed the tweezers. Pulling him to me closer, he had to place one of his feet between my legs to hold his balance and the other on my shoulder.

'Closer,' I said, as I swabbed his tush with some iodine. As I began to tweeze the stinger, I felt it through his thin shorts-his penis was pushed hard against my breast.

My clit throbbed hard, and I knew I was leaving a wet spot on the chair as I was soaking right through my cotton panties. Pulling him even closer with one arm around his waist now, I watched him close his eyes as his underpants-covered erection slid against the side of my breast. My nipples were stiff and itchy, and I wanted desperately to pinch and twist them like I do when I'm masturbating, but I also wanted to keep my job.

I only needed a second to pull the stinger, but I made it last much longer, pretending to have difficulty, but in reality I was enjoying feeling his penis against my breast.

I scrunched forward, which only made him groan and push his thigh between my legs as he squirmed and stumbled a bit. No longer content to just stand there, the boy began moving his hips, sliding the bulging head of his penis practically up to my armpit and back down to the bottom of my breast.

When I looked down, I noticed that the tip of his cock had completely dampened the front of his white briefs, making them transparent. I could actually see the pink of his cockhead and the split of his pee hole on each upstroke.

I begain to knead his buttocks as he pushed faster and faster and then stiffened and grunted. While I watched, a puddle of sticky white sperm burst right through the material and wet the entire front of my uniform. I grabbed his leg and held it tight as I humped his kneecap and came in my panties.

I can't count the amount of times I've masturbated to that memory!



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