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I've put FM, but its really FF/FM/F


I remember clearly the day IT happened. The day that I suddenly, and I mean suddenly, almost like turning on a light switch, suddenly liked spreading my legs to feel my panties pull tight against my pussy, AND be seen doing it. I was 13 and I realised that boys (and men) would glance over at me. The boys would stare openly, but the men would try to look like they were doing something else, but in reality would be staring hard at my crotch, and I LOVED it. I wondered if they were imagining what I looked like UNDER my panties and that got me horny. Hell, spreading my legs got me horny! I would find a quiet spot and rub myself, sometimes over, but sometimes under my panties. I didn't cum, but it was enough to get a real buzz going and leave me breathless and very very damp down there.

I would wear the shortest skirts I could get away with. Oddly enough, I never used to want to wear thongs or anything like that. I preferred the standard white or pale coloured cotton panties. I had access to thongs, my older sister wore them a lot and she suggested I try one. I slipped it on, and it felt real odd with the stringy part slipping between the cheeks of my ass. I kinda liked the fact that there was almost nothing covering my pussy. When Karen suggested I squat down, two things happened. First it pulled really tight. I didn't like that at all. It also made me literally flood myself. It was strange that something I didn't like the feel of made me instantly cream myself. Karen laughed and said 'You better go rub one off.' I told her that I did that a lot but hadn't had the big 'O' yet. She just shrugged and said 'Yeah. Took me a while to learn how to work my clit too. Try this' She shoved her hand between my legs and found my clit and as I squatted on her bedroom floor she rubbed my clit until I felt a huge wave building up. Hell, I was so scared I didn't know what was happening. I didn't know whether I was gonna cum or wet myself. As it turned out, I did both. Karen thought it was so funny.

I carried on flashing myself in public through 14, 15, 16. (Something I still like to do now at 19) Then I realised that I really liked the attention of the older men. I don't know why, but it felt safer than the boys my own age, most of whom were only interested in a quick fuck and who would then tell their friends who they had shagged. I worked out for myself that slightly older men, particularly those with a wedding ring, would be hardly likely to spread it around. For three years, I enjoyed letting men see up my skirt and then jilling off. I would usually go to a public toilet. I liked the idea of doing that a lot. There is something, oh, I don't know, dirty...raunchy... and semi-public. Jilling off in a cubicle with people coming and going either side of you can be a real turn on. I really loved it. I would even make little noises so the women either side would know what I was doing. Now and then, I heard a girl take a pee and then I make a sound. Sometimes, they wait, and if I keep going, sometimes they join in too. THAT is a real blast. So, even now, I still jill off in public toilets.

But the best/dirtiest experience of my emergent sex life happened when I was 15. DAMN, but I was horny that day! I was in the UK for six months with my family. Near where we were staying was a large open playing field and I spent many a happy hour there pretending to read a book but in reality sitting in a way that allowed people a glimpse up my skirt. In the end, I was so wet and horny, I really couldn't stand it any more. That's when the horniest idea I had so far popped into my head.

There was a little building in the field that was a male toilet one side and female the other. I thought it would be really daring to jill off, but in the MENS toilet! I watched for a while until I was sure that it was empty then I scooted inside it. The smell almost knocked me over. Male...very VERY male. In the cubicle the door was covered in writing and pictures. There were badly drawn cocks, a couple of beautifully drawn ones, and lots of phone numbers. 'Bumboy wanted... call XXXXXXX' 'Fuck my arse'....damn.. who needs porn! It was all there! I had my panties down and around my ankles in no time and was rubbing myself reading all the shit on the door when I heard the cubicle next door slam shut. There was a man in there!!! I heard a scuffling with trousers (I guessed) then a deep satisfying sigh. I was expecting to hear him pee (or worse!) but instead I heard a few little groans. He was jacking off. The thought of a man jacking off right next to me was such a thrill. I came almost instantly, but he carried on and so did I!. He started talking a little... just little fragments. 'Yeah'... 'Oh suck it, bitch'.... 'gonna fuck your tight cunt'. I nearly answered him! Instead I kept real quiet and waited, edging myself until he said 'Fuck... gonna come up your cunt' Then he groaned and under the little partition, I saw his sperm splashing on the floor. THAT sent me off big time and I had the biggest cum of my life so far.

Of course, I had to wait there until he left and also had to take a HUGE chance as when I had to leave myself, but I made it out without being seen. I went back to my place and carried on reading, but I was creaming myself the whole time.

Well, that was my early sexual development. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 17. But there were plenty of other daring things on the way. I found out, even at 13, that I liked daring sex and flashing. Something that I developed over the years into something of an art form. I could flash a teacher in school and then, just by squishing my thighs together could make myself cum right in front of him. There is a lot more too. but this is too long already.



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