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School Days

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We had all the usual talks. 'Nice girls don't' but as mine was a Catholic school, the emphasis was heavy on 'sin'. The nuns meant well, but I guess if you don't play the game, its hard to understand the rules. The two nuns I had for sex ed were quite old, and therefore heavy on the 'Keep clean down there-especially during your unclean time each month' (Unclean time-purleaase!) Sex itself was merely instructions on the mechanics, and only one nun talked about 'urges' as she put it.


For me, WAY too late! I had been having 'urges' since I was 13! By the time I got to 15, I was full of them. So, as this was a mixed school, I guess both the boys and girls were way beyond curious.

We were allowed to sit mixed gender. None of the boys on one side, girls on the other that most Catholic schools favour-this, I learned later, was because the boys fooled around more on their own. They were scared of girls, and behaved better.

So, I was sitting in a lesson next to Matt. He was totally eatable! Tall, blonde wavy hair and piercing blue eyes that could make me wet just by looking at me and when he smiled....Ohhhhh my God!

So, I got Matt. We were reading of all things, 'The Miller's Tale' which is quite saucy! The lesson was taught not by a nun, or a brother, but by a non-religious teacher-and I think, personally, he rather liked talking to a bunch of kids about sex because he made it, well, quite fruity! Typically for a 15 year old boy, Matt got into the story, and I could see the unmistakable outline of a hard on tenting up his trousers. I so wanted to reach across and touch it, but I didn't know how he would react. Hmmm. What to do?

I decided that I would squirm around in my seat a little and let Matt see up my skirt as far as I could. Even doing that was erotic for me at that age. But I managed to get my skirt up almost to my waist at the front. I sat, kinda side-saddle, my head on my hand and my legs apart. My panties were clearly visible to him as, I am sure, was the damp patch that was rapidly forming.

All I intended to do was let him see me, and then I planned to go to the bathroom and rub one out.

Matt leaned forward so his tummy was right against the desk. Then, under the desk he just reached across and pushed his hand up between my legs. The next thing, he was stroking my panties.

The teacher was quite animated now, and he broke off from the text to talk about how words have changed in importance and that back then, 'Fuck' was a perfectly acceptable word. Not for us it wasn't. When the teacher said, 'Go on-try saying it-it's not that bad.' The 'Fuck' that came from me coincided with Matt's finger finding its way under the crotch of my panties and to my clit.

I didn't cum in class, but I was so close.

When the bell went, I made sure I was right behind Matt and we were the last two out.

Well, convent schools have one good thing going for them. They are always in big, old rambling buildings, and the students soon get to know which doors are locked and which aren't.

Matt and I found ourselves in a broom cupboard, kissing each other's faces off with his hand in my panties and first one, then two fingers inside me. I got my first ever finger fucking right there. (He also broke my hymen too, because it stung and there was a little blood too.) I had Matt's gorgeous cock out and was wanking him off like crazy-not that I really knew how I just did what felt natural and by his reaction, I got it right, I think.

Matt stiffened, turned slightly so it was pointing away from me and came his load against the wall. It was, for me, the most powerful feeling I have ever had. I made it happen. I did that!

It also tripped me over. I came on his fingers which was the first time I had cum standing up-a WHOLE different experience, and also the first time with something inside me-again, totally different since my pussy had something to contract around. I got pretty messy between my legs too.

At least when Matt pulled his fingers out there was no blood on them, and when he popped them in his mouth to lick them clean, I damn near came again in my panties.

Matt and I spent the rest of that year finding little places to rub each other off-AND more!



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