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Who Says 'Nice Girls Don't'

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Without wishing to upset anyone here, I get a little sick and tired of those who say that girls who 'don't' are frigid/lesbian, and those who 'do' are sluts. Now, I appreciate the biology of it..men produce sperm 24/7 and it has to go someplace, but, believe it or not, we are or at least can be, every bit as sex driven as you guys are. This story concerns me and my brother, so if you are offended by this, please do not read it.


I was 16 at the time, and my brother was 18. Partly because our parents are oppresively strict, and it is not unknown for us to get 'the strap' from time to time, we are very close.

I suppose that I first noticed that Allan was looking at me strangely sometimes. He never did or said anything, I just noticed that's all. One day, after our parents had balled us out yet again for failing to reach the standards of sainthood they set, I was feeling really, overpoweringly angry and Allen came into my room. We talked about the hypocrisy of it all then I just said 'Allan, why do you look at me strangely sometimes?' He said 'Well, its obvious isnt it? You aren't a little girl any more, you look great.' This blew me away. So I said 'You mean, you look at my body...er... sexually?' He blushed and said 'Well, us guys are hardwired to notice a nice ass, and tits...eerr sorry, breasts.' Now when he said tits, I felt myself getting horny. I have always loved 'dirty words'.

So I asked him if he ever did anything about it. He knew damn well what I meant because he turned the colour of a well cooked beetroot. 'Sometimes,,, I ....err... I masturbate.' This was something incredibly hot. 'Do you imagine me naked?' Allan blurted out, 'Hell, I imagine fucking you, pushing my cock inside you and shooting my load.' What happened next was in the blink of an eye. I leaned back against the headboard of the bed I was sitting on and opened my legs. I was wearing a skirt and Allan got a good view of my panties. 'Go on. Take a good look and let me see you jack off.' Allan knelt up on the end of my bed and unzipped himself. He looked enormous but then that WAS the first cock I had seen erect.

He started with long, slow strokes and soon, I had my hand in my panties too. Then, I slipped them off so he could see what I was doing. I decided that I would talk to him because, as I said, dirty words usually do it for me. 'Look Allan. Look at my cunt. It's so wet, wouldnt you just like to shove that hard angry dick right up me?' Allan groaned and leaned back and shot a long rope of cum high into the air, I held my pussy lips apart and it hit right between my legs, followed by another three or four of the same. I jammed my fingers right back inside, my orgasm was fantastic.

Allan and I fooled around a lot over the next year, including a little game we played when I would leave my school panties under his pillow and he would jack off into them and put them back under mine. It was 'wrong' by the so-called rules of society, but it was an escape we needed considering the brutal times we lived under then.

Well, I need to go masturbate now.



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