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The leisure centre in the town where I live has a fantastic sauna and next to it a steam room. It also has ten sunbeds. I know the place is used to sexual activity and to tell the truth that's why I have been going there for ages. At first, I just got a thrill about being naked on a sunbed and only having the thinnest of walls around me. From there, it wasn't too much to go into the steam room and, knowing I was there alone of course, slip my bikini top over my breasts. Sometimes I used to pull the bikini bottoms to one side or once I even slipped them off altogether. It made me so horny. But then I noticed that sometimes couples went into the sunbeds together. Sometimes two men, sometimes a man and a woman and sometimes two women. I used to slip into the next cubicle and listen oh, SOOo hard. I could hear moaning and sighing so I knew they were doing things.

Anyway, this day I was lying in the sauna face down on my towel and I had undone my bikini at the back and behind my neck. A guy came in and sat on a bench opposite. He smiled and I smiled back. Although he was older than me I felt horny because I felt almost naked. I lay there for a while and then had THE best idea. I asked him if he would rub some oil into my back. He agreed and stood next to me. I gave him the oil and he started to rub my back. He rubbed my shoulders and the tops of my arms and down my back to my bikini bottoms. I can't TELL you how horny it made me. I was SO turned on.

Then I figured that he deserved a little treat so I kinda raised myself up a little on my arms. Not so my breasts would actually show or anything, but he got a look at the side of them. Then I felt his hands on my sides and they were moving up. I thought he might steer away from the sides of my breasts, but he didn't. I was on fire when he just rubbed over the sides of them. Then this voice said 'Would you do my legs too.' It was Mine! He oiled the backs of my legs and started to massage me. Up and down the backs and outsides of my legs but then his hands went between them. I relaxed and I guess he took it as permission to go further. Why not? I sure as hell wanted him to.

His hands traveled up until they must have been millimeters away from my crotch. So I pressed back a little. I felt his warm hands right over my pussy. He carried on massaging me but now he was kneeling on the long bench behind me. I raised up onto all fours and soon his hands were going along my back and then over my chest. Then down my tummy and after what seemed like an age I felt his hand slip into my bikini bottoms. Further and further he explored until he found my clit. Right there and then he masturbated me to a shattering orgasm.

I felt his cock pressing against me and I invited him into the steam room. Well, you can guess what happened there. I left the centre with less than I came in with if you know what I mean. One thing though, although this guy was like WAY older than me, it was gentle and I dunno, I got the idea that he wasn't really interested in his own pleasure. I absolutely know that if I had said 'stop' he would have. Don't ask me how I know that, I just do. I hope I meet him again, but I also hope that all girls find someone as gentle and caring as he was. Guys my age are useless. They cum far too quickly.

As for sex, well, I haven't tried it with guys my age, but a friend of mine says that they have no idea of foreplay and cum as soon as they get it in. She also says that they tell others when they have done it to you. I guess this older guy won't want TOO many people to know he made it with a 18 year old. I guess, any guy more than three or four years older than you gets branded a perv. Guess it really IS a girls world eh?



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