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Saturday Nights With My Sister

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I masturbate regularly and watch porn because I feel extremely turned on a lot. My sister's name is Lucie and she is beautiful. One night I felt a little bit horny and was desperate to masturbate but my sister was there. So I began playing some games with her, I said to her that we should play a game on our Wii, and when she wins the game I will do anything she wants to her, and visa versa. I think she was a bit unsure but a little bit excited. And of course I let her win because I wanted to touch her, I asked her what she wanted; she didn't know what the choices were because she doesn't masturbate or know much about sex so I said okay well I can kiss you, suck and lick your nipples/breasts or finger you and rub your clit. She was a bit scared and I thought it was amazing, she chose first for me to suck her breasts and nipples I thought wahayy! so I knelt down and began caressing and sucking her soon becoming hard nipples. I asked her if she was enjoying it but she was like it feels a bit weird so I said you know you like it your fanny is wet. She went a bit red. I stopped and played another game, this time I made sure I won because I was desperate for a bit of action, I was so wet. She said okay then what do you want now? so I said hmm lick my wet fanny. she was a bit unsure but soon began licking and sucking my soaked vagina, I was groaning and moaning because I was so turned on that my little innocent teen sister was licking me out.

She then stopped. I said let's do something else this is boring. I could tell she was turned on as her nipples were hard and her little sprouts of pubic hair were wet. I said let's rub up each other, so I lay on top of her and began grinding my vagina against hers I could feel her hairs tickling me. it felt fantastic and I could feel myself working up an orgasm. I said do you masturbate she was like no. I was like I do. want to watch? she was like OKAY.

So I opened my legs in front of her face and began rubbing my clit, then I slowly inserted my fingers and went in and out. Her eyes lit up so I asked if she wanted to do it. So she quickly began rubbing me hard I then put my hand on her vagina and she was like oh my god, this feels amazing so then we started kissing as we rubbed each other, all of a sudden we both yelped and came. It was the most amazing intense orgasm I have ever had. But that wasn't enough I knew my mum had a dildo and a strap on, maybe she does my dad up the bum anyway I fumbled into their room naked even though they were in bed (don't think they noticed; if they did it probably turned them on because I heard them having sex later) I shoved the dildo into my sisters tight fanny.

She groaned then I put on the strap on and we began having sex, we were both panting then I heard my mum and dad next door doing the same. I was so turned on and so was she, we were at it all night. We do this every Saturday night from now on. I asked my mum if I could keep her equipment and she was like yes sure, so its all good. I like to think she knows what we do because it turns her and my dad on.

We never talk about it because that would be weird but my god, my sister is a good fuck buddy especially with her little barely developed breasts. sometimes I get the electric toothbrush and put it against her fanny or in between both of us and we can feel each other orgasm. we have a special relationship that we don't tell anyone about.



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