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Growing Up

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It was my dad who first made me think really. It was just a chance comment one day 'You need to learn to sit so the world can't see up your skirt!'

I was 13, and naive as possible. I couldn't understand why the world would want to see up my skirt, there was nothing of interest down there, in fact, what WAS down there was getting to be a problem. Wet panties most days, sometimes smelling really quite musky, not unpleasant, but certainly noticeable. Hair, not much, but definitely visible. And then the awful onset of periods. Unpredictable, horrid tummy cramps, and messy underwear. I hated it down there. My little boobs, only really slight swellings (only still ARE slight swellings!) were nice though. I liked the sensations of touching them, although at this stage, I wasn't masturbating.

Fast forward about eight months to a year.

I started to feel strange down below, and I noticed that when I did, my panties were wetter than usual. I told my closest friend about it. She shrugged and said 'Play with yourself. You need to get yourself off.'

What my dad said however bobbed back up in my mind. 'See up your skirt.' Hmmmm. One day, quite alone in the park, at the age of 14, I had one of those antsy days. I sat on the bench after school, just enjoying the warm summer sun, and for no reason, I just hitched up my skirt and spread my legs as wide as I could. As there was no-one for miles around, I remember I shouted 'There! Come on world, look up my skirt. Look at my cunt.' (Dirty words, always, but ALWAYS do it for me, always have) I was rewarded by an instant flood into my panties. I clamped my hand down there thinking I was wetting myself, and the heel of my hand pressed hard on my clit.

Suddenly I was moving it. Up and down, round and round, and something was building. At one point I thought I was going to pee, but then it quickly felt different to that. I knew I couldn't stop, nor could I stop whatever was coming.

My first ever orgasm, in response to my first ever attempt to masturbate, right there in the open air. It ripped through me quite savagely making me cry out and gasp.

Of course, I told my friend about it. She was clearly turned on as I missed out nothing. I saw her breathing heavy and she said 'Fuck, Helen. I wanna do it right now.' I told her go ahead and I got to watch her masturbate on my bed. A few evenings later, we did ourselves while watching the other.

It led to a little 'club' of us girls, about five of us. We used to have what boys call circle jerks. We even had penalties for the girl who came first, or last. It led on to experimenting too, with each other.

Then we got to notice boys more, well, not boys, they were too immature. We liked older guys. I guess by then we were 15-16 and we liked 19-25 year old's. We knew they were interested in us, but because of our ages, they didn't try to make it with any of us. (Pity, because I for one would have gone for it.)

So we used to tease. We would wear clothes as daring as we could. Hell, we would even go out to school and other places with no panties(We called them NP days.) It felt so horny to sit in class naked under our skirts. I would deliberately try and flash this one particular teacher who I thought was totally fucking hunky.

At school, when I was 16 I got to jack off a guy. I gotta say, it was the MOST powerful feeling in the fucking world. MY body had made him hard, and MY body made him shoot his sperm. How cool is THAT. Oh, I soooo wanted to lose my cherry in that grim little store room. I wanted him to take me as roughly as he could, but in the end I had to make do with his fingers being the first thing EVER to go inside me. He popped my cherry with his fingers, and I can't deny, it did hurt, and yeah, I bled a bit too, but I also remember the feeling of being stretched and I knew I wanted a whole lot more of that!

Well, that's it in a nutshell, there are plenty of individual things I did, either alone or with people, and some pretty heavy fantasies I used to use when I masturbated.

Thanks for listening, I needed to write it down, I don't know why really.



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