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Restaurant Footsie

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Another fictional story I decided to write, but again focusing on my fetish


About a month ago, my girlfriend and I were joined by both of our parents for dinner at a local steak restaurant. No particular reason, just because both sets had become friendly with each other and was a nice way to spend a Saturday evening. Since the place was very busy that night we didn't have much of a choice in where we sat, and the earliest table available was a large, 6-person booth, which actually tuend out for the best for me in particular. When we sat down the two of us were in the far inside, our mothers in the middle and fathers on the outside. We had ordered our drinks and were discussing what everyone was going to have, when all of a sudden I felt her rub her bare toe along the top of my foot. I looked up and she was watching me, her eyes just peeking above the menu. Just as a back story, I have had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. Not only for watching and touching girls' feet, but having mine touched and fondled as well. So much so that when I was younger and more flexible, I would often lick my own soles and toes or rub my foot on my face while I masturbated. 


SInce we were on the inside and the lighting was dim enough that the underside of the table was dark, I decided to follow her lead. We were both wearing flip flops so I easily slid mine off, then inched my feet forward until my toes touched hers. Both of us now totally barefoot, our feet began rubbing together, our toes wiggling and intertwining with each others'. Luckily for me there was a long tablecloth hanging down to my lap, because right away I had a throbbing erection straining against my jeans. All through the ordering process and for a good portion of the dinner our feet were frantically making love under the table, and she could tell that it was having an effect on me. I was leaking an amazing amount of precum while this was happening, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. After a while I guess I was looking a little flush because somehow she could tell I was getting close to having an orgasm. She then slid her feet underneath mine and started wiggling her toes, scratching her long toenails against the soles of my feet. This was as much as I could handle as my eyes closed, my back arched and I took a deep breath as I pumped out an enormous load into my pants. Thankfully for me our parents were too deep into their conversation to notice what was happening. She then got her phone and texted to me 'did you just cum?' 'Yeah, couldn't help it, I just love feeling your toes against mine.' 'You filthy pervert! ;) Love you!'


We were obviously going to be there for a little while longer, so I couldn't do anything except deal with the thick load of cum resting against my leg. When it was finally time to go I told them I needed to run to the bathroom, and since we took separate cars they headed out. We then felt around for a few seconds and slipped our sandals back on and started walking towards the front. When I made my stop I was glad that I wore a darker pair of jeans because the spot had grown to about the size of a baseball at that point. I went into the stall and lowered my pants, and what I saw was a disgusting load of cum smeared everywhere with a large white mass still stuck to the inside of my boxers. I took them off and did my best to wipe it all out, but they still ended up being cold and damp when I pulled them back on. It honestly felt like I had wet my pants while I walked out and to my truck where she was waiting. When I got in she asked me if I had made a mess in my pants, and I just said "yeah, and it was gross!" She just laughed and said that she was sorry, but also not sorry because she knew I loved every second of it, which I agreed that I did. She then promised me that wouldn't be the last time I came that evening, and it wasn't. That however, isn't a story for here.



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