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The Cleaner

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Hi I´m Mike. I would like to relate an event that happened just before last Christmas. We have a lady who comes in and cleans for us a every 2 weeks or so. She is about 65 and quite petite but with a nice body for her age. I often work home and sometimes she is cleaning whilst I am there.
I started some time ago to get very horny when she is there. She had a habit of changing into her work clothes in front of me so I had seen her in bra and pants. I am not attracted to her but feel horny in her presence. I wondered if she would be interested in some kind of sex. I would often walk around the flat just in underpants and sometimes in a bath robe which I could allow to swing open exposing myself. She glanced often at my cock and sometimes I would get a hard on while she was watching.
I often showered with the bathroom door open and she would watch me furtively. I then went on to wanking in the shower making it obvious what I was doing. I then got her to wash my back but she refused to wash my 'front', saying I had to take care of that myself. Several times I wanked to orgasm but I was too shy to do it in front of her.
Before Christmas I was extremely horny and decided to try my luck. I had even got her to accept a small shot of Christmas whisky in a bid to loosen her up. After showering I stood naked in the bathroom leaning back on the sink and as she came by she had a full view of me jerking my cock. She pretended not to look, but I knew from the look on her face, she was curious. She passed by several times.
She was in the hallway outside the bathroom preparing to leave after her work and I felt I was going to cum and I was going to make sure she saw me. As I was coming to orgasm, I half walked, half staggered out into the hallway in to full view and said her name as I was spurting cum all over the place. It was an extremely intense orgasm and I sort of grunted uh uh uh uh as each spasm hit me whilst I looked into her wide open eyes which were fixed on my cock. I did not know what her reaction would be, I had after all at least messed up the floor she had just finished cleaning. It was very touching however. She smiled at me, took my arm and squeezed it and gave me a hug. She gave me a roll of kitchen paper, another hug as she was leaving and we wished each other a merry Christmas. I was still standing naked in the hallway surrounded by little puddles of cum.
She has been back several times since and I have tried to masturbate in front of her but she has not exactly encouraged me. I still masturbate and cum when she is there but I have not risked another cum demonstration yet. I am working on it though.



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