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Regarding Mother's Foreskin Massage

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The author of Mother's Foreskin Massage asked if anyone else had a similar experience. I did:


When I was thirteen, I sometimes wore no clothes at home. No big deal. Sometimes I would have an erection. Also no big deal. One day my mom stopped me as I was running through the living room, and looked at me the way a mother will do. She seemed concerned about my penis. She tried to pull the foreskin back. Ouch. It kind of felt good to be touched there, but she pulled a bit hard, and it hurt a bit.

About a week later, I was at the doctor, and she said something about a tight foreskin. He took a quick look. Didn't even touch me there. He told her there are two approaches: Circumcision (which at the time I had never heard of, but it sounded surgical, and I didn't like the idea at all), and stretching exercises. She expressed interest in the exercises (whew!). So, he took a couple of minutes to explain how to stretch the foreskin. He also emphasized that like many exercises it has to be done everyday, not just now and then, or it won't work.

Another week passed. Being a typical 13-year-old, I pretty much shrugged off the doctor's instruction, and just went about my daily life. Remember, I was just a hairless 13-year-old child who had never had an orgasm, and so didn't realize that attention to the penis might be interesting.

My mom asked whether I had been doing the exercises. I sheepishly admitted that I had not. She told me to be sure to do them.

Another week or so passed. She asked again. And again, I had blown it off. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands (pun intended).

She had me come lay on her bed with no clothes. I was reluctant, but I was not one to disobey, at least not very often. She explained that I would have to have an erection for this exercise to do any good, and then she ever so lightly tickled the underside of my penis with her fingertips. It really felt quite nice! And, I did get an erection, quite rapidly. Then after a few slightly awkward attempts, she established a regular technique. With forefingers and thumbs of both hands, she would pull the foreskin down as far as she could when I told her it was just starting to hurt a little, and then she would hold it there for perhaps 20 seconds. She'd let go for 20 seconds, and then do it again. I had no problem maintaining an erection while she did this. This lasted ten minutes.

This went on every day at right around 4pm. Everyday, I had an erection, generally before my mom even started, and came to really enjoy the experience. I started looking forward to 4pm. I even tried doing it myself at other times, which was also enjoyable, but somehow not as good as when my mom did it.

One day, a few weeks in, something strange happened. She was doing her thing to me, and it was feeling especially nice. I started to feel something deep inside. I don't know, it was sort of like having to take a pee, but entirely different. It became spectacular, and then for a moment, my penis started sort of a pumping feeling. In a minute, it was over. Then, I wanted my mom to stop. Looking back, I think she knew I had had a dry orgasm. It was my first ever, and I think she knew that too. She had always acted clinical, even disinterested while doing these exercises, but that time, she became even more so.

For the next few days, she wouldn't do the exercises with me, even though I wanted it more than ever. Then on perhaps the fourth day, she took some time to explain what happened, what an orgasm was, the birds and the bees, even the inappropriateness of doing this in public, with family members, all about proper and improper relationships with girls, and so on. She ended (quite articulately, now that I think back on it), with a lecture on the joys of masturbation.

And, she resumed the exercises. She thought it would be more proper if I wouldn't have an orgasm. So, we started practising the exercises, with me very purposely not orgasming. Sometimes I lost control and went over the edge. She was OK with that. As a sort of 'punishment' she would continue the exercises until the 10 minutes was up, which felt rather unbearable.

So, to cut a long story short, this went on until I was about 14. By then, I was masturbating regularly, and ejaculating all the time, But with my mom, during the exercises, I had learnt to hold back. Except one day, I did go over the edge again, and this time I ejaculated all over her hands. She was rather taken aback, and stopped right away. It was the first time I had actually ejaculated with her. A few days later, no doubt due to that, she announced that we were done. No more exercises. For quite some time now, my foreskin had become excellent, completely retractable.

Fast forward one more time to the present. I have been happily married for 15 years. I have two children a boy 14 and a girl 11. We never do anything like that. In fact, they are very seldom nude around the house. I feel well-adjusted, and believe my family is also. Still, I wonder if my mom did anything wrong. I realize it was not a typical experience for an adolescent boy. Do you think she was right to take matters into her own hands?



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