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Rectal Exam

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A trip to the hospital for an ordinary rectal exam, I thought.


I'm from Ireland, straight, about 5 foot 7 inch, thin, my cock is about five and a half inches and not very thick, uncut. I also shave my pubic hair, makes it nice and smooth also makes my dick look a bit bigger.

When I was a kid my cousins came back from the US and brought me a small baseball bat cause I liked baseball, it was just a novelty one about nine or 10 inches long. Anyway I never got rid of it and when I was in my late teens I was glad I didn't cause sometimes when I'd jack off I used to stick the narrow end up my ass, it felt so good.

A couple of years later I went to the doctor because I had some blood coming from my ass, not much but I'd notice it when I'd go to the toilet and see some in my underwear. I was afraid I did some damage when playing with my ass, of course I didn't tell the doctor what I used to do. He said he would make an appointment at the local hospital to see a doctor for a rectum exam, I'd had a rectum exam before, no big deal I had to lay on my side on a bed, pull my underwear down a little and bring my knees up to my stomach. The doctor examined me, all very professional and clinical not at all sexual, so I was expecting the same this time. The appointment wasn't for two months, so I never touched my ass all that time. The night before the appointment, I shaved my pubic hair so I'd be nice and smooth.

I went to the hospital and was called into the doctor's room, he was an old guy, in his 60's at least. I sat down and the doctor asked if I minded if some student doctors observed the exam, I felt like I couldn't say no so I told him ok, it wasn't like they see much anyway, so in came five students, three guys and two girls. The doctor asked me some questions and then told me I could take off my jeans and underwear and go over to the bed. I took off my jeans and kind of stood there, he said to slip off the underwear too, so I did and walked over to the bed and sat up on it trying to hide my dick. The doctor was talking to the students and then turned to me and asked me to stand down and turn around, I was thinking this is odd but I did, now my ass was facing the students. He put on a latex glove and got some gel or lube and put it on his finger. He asked me to bend over a bit and spread my cheeks. I'm now thinking what the hell is going on, this couldn't be proper hospital protocol, what happened to lying on the bed with my boxers down a little and my knees up, is this for real, did he ask all patients to do this? I hesitated a bit and he said it was so he could have better access, so what could I say, I reluctantly bent over slightly and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I now felt like I was on display for the whole room, the doctor was all the time talking to the students and they'd ask questions. He then rubbed his finger around my asshole, the gel was cold, so I clenched my ass, he said it was ok, to relax. He slowly put the tip of his finger in my ass, I instinctively pushed my ass back on his finger and stood up straight leaving out a little moan, he apologised and said bend over again.

I could now feel my dick twitch and I started to get a hard on, he poked around my ass, it felt good, there was a finger up my ass and for once it wasn't mine, then pulled his finger out, put some more gel on it and stuck it back in again. He did this another two or three times and each time I pushed my ass back onto his finger sending it deeper in my ass, it was feeling great. He finally pulled his finger out and said he was finished, took off his glove and told me there was some paper towel behind me. I could clean myself off and get dressed, I now had a raging hard on. I turned around and was now facing the students, all five and a half inches of me, I took the paper towel wiped off my ass, all the time trying to maintain eye contact with the students so they wouldn't look at my dick. It didn't work, I could see them glancing up and down. I was feeling so horny and now a little naughty. I looked down and there was some precum on the tip of my dick. I'm uncut so you could just see the tip of my cock head, my foreskin was covering the rest. I took my finger and spread the precum over my dick, pulled the foreskin back all the way and showed off my big cock head. I could feel the students looking at me, I gave another three or four good long strokes over the head and back again then wiped the precum off with the towel. I left my foreskin pulled back so the full head was visible. As I walked over to the chair to get my clothes, one of the female students was just looking at my dick. I'm sure she didn't mean to and I'm sure she was trying to look away but she was just staring at it. I don't know why maybe she had never seen one that small before. I put my boxers on and had to adjust my dick to get my jeans on over my hard on. I sat down and the doctor said he wasn't sure what the problem was, he would make another appointment for me where they would put a camera up my ass, so that was it, I thanked him and left.

I couldn't wait to get home, as soon as I did I went to my room, took off my jeans and boxers and started to stroke my limp precum covered cock. I thought what the hell, got my little baseball bat and spat on the thick end, which I'd never used before, I wanted to feel it in me. I squatted down and took the bat, put it at the opening of my ass, tried to push it in but it wasn't going up, (it's not very thick but bigger than anything I had ever inserted before). I spat on the bat again and spat on my fingers which I rubbed in my ass, it really didn't want to go in but after a lot of trying, some moaning and some pain(nice pain) I finally got it inserted, it felt good. My cock was now hard, I stood in front of my mirror, stroking with one hand and pushing the bat in and out with the other. After a few minutes I could feel my orgasm building. I jacked harder up and down over my cock head, my ass was after stretching by now so I was removing the bat from my ass and plunging it in again, this was unreal. I was so close to cumming, I started to really jack off now. Just as I was about to come I shoved the bat further up my ass and came, load after load hit the floor. I had to take my hand off the bat and hold onto my desk, I felt like I was going to collapse onto my knees the orgasm was so intense. I continued to stroke my cock as I started to go limp, milking every last drop of cum out of it, the bat slowly slipped out of my ass. I just stood there for a few minutes regaining my composure. I got some tissue and cleaned the cum off my dick and wiped my ass, cleaned the bat and put it back on my desk and got dressed. My ass was sore for the next two days, but it was worth it.



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