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Face Time

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He likes to be naked when we face time


"face time"

I have known my friend for a long time. We talk on the phone a lot. Share our day-to-day lives with each other, and consider each other close friends.

Recently we started to face time. We face time with an interesting twist. I am fully clothed and he has no clothes on.

At first, it made me feel a little uncomfortable. Not that I have not seen him naked before. Many times in videos, he sent me. However, face time is different. We can see each other in live.
And he is naked. At first it was hard for me to look. More so I found it difficult not to look. But when I looked, I felt kind of embarrassed looking at him. Like I should not be looking. I also felt a little guilty. I felt like I was not being fair to him.

He was sitting there naked. I was fully clothed. Should I be letting him see something too. I even told him. How I felt. He just laughed and reassured me. That it was just fine for me to be fully clothed. He says that he trusts me more than anyone in the world. And knowing I am looking at him when he is naked. Makes him feel relieved, relaxed and at peace with himself.

Like a weight been lifted off his shoulders.

With all the stress in his life, the decisions he has to make. It makes him a very insecure person at times. I think it is just his insecurity about being vulnerable, and never being able to let his guard down. But, anyone when naked is venerable. And for him without his clothes on. He is letting his guard down, allowing himself to be vulnerable, It is a relief for him. He gets to relax, be himself and have fun. While I make him feel safe and accepted).

One time he was relaxed and feeling so good about himself. He got up and started dancing naked!
He looked sooo funny but he was really enjoying himself. So I did not tell him he was dancing like a doorknob. I asked him why he likes being naked in front of me. I wanted to understand why he enjoys it. He said it makes him feel good about himself. That it makes him feel like skipping.

That I can and do understand. With that understanding, I’m not embarrassed looking at him now. I just relax and look. It is fun to look. And I have no more guilty feelings. As far as me having my clothes on. I know that he likes me to see him naked. I know how relaxed and good it makes him feel about himself.

Talking…Weather I am looking or not. We enjoy each others company and laugh all the time. I have known him for so long. And we are such good friends. Often we sit and talk for hours. We know everything about each other. Telling each other stuff we have never told anyone. We can talk about anything. And I mean anything. I trust him and he trusts me. It’s a wonderful feeling to trust someone completely. Both of us always have a good time talking.

As we talk, And when I do look. I see him when he is small and soft. I get to watch it grow and get semi hard. Sometimes when he gets hard, it moves or twitches as we talk. It’s funny it just hangs there and goes up and down, gets big then small.

At times, I laugh to myself. When I think about him sitting there in all his glory while we are talking. Most of the time he is smallish or just semi hard. And he just nonchalantly touches it. But,If I think he is getting too aroused. Or I see him touching himself a little too much. I make little authoritative comments to him. Like “What are you doing “? “Don’t get too aggressive”, Or I just say Be good! now”. That usually does the trick. He takes his hand away little boy quick. And I can watch it shrink as he calms down. I am realizing that I can dominate (tell him what he can and cannot do).

Other times I just let him go for a little while as we talk. And I watch him. It is cute he tries so hard to be good. I let him “almost” get really excited. Allowing him get to the point where he would really get hard. The point where if I was not there he would start humping and rubbing himself. As I watch, I like the feeling it gives me, Knowing that at any time I can tell him to stop. And he will.

I can tease him as much as he is teasing himself. That feeling must be domination,

It a new and different feeling for me. Now that I am beginning to understand it. It’s fun for me knowing that I can be in control. Something new for me. Hee hee.

Sometimes, I can just feel that he is getting a little excited. I’ve told him I have to do something. That I am putting the phone down and I walk away. Then I sneak up on him so he cannot see me. Knowing that he will be touching himself. I have a good long look. Then say, “I can see you” He stops right away as I peer over the phone at him. I give him a look that says, I caught you. And we both laugh.

A lot of times when we are talking. I am in my robe and Pj’s. Sitting on the couch or lying in bed covered with a blanket. He can only see me from the shoulders up.

He does not know it. But sometimes I feel myself getting aroused. That tingly feeling. I feel the heat rising in my chest. The tingling sensation in my nipples, that descends into my lower abdomen and beyond. I enjoy that feeling. And I just let it flow. Yes, I am human too. And he would never know if my hand tweaked a nipple. Or slid down between my legs to rub my inner thighs, touch my lips or tease my clit.

That is the story about my friend and me when we face time.

There is no need for me to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I understand my own feelings and his. I enjoy the harmless voyeurism. Have fun while exploring the innocents of the light domination. Accept and enjoy the tingly feeling of my own arousal. And appreciate the understanding, compassion, trust and love that we both have for each other.

As a bonus,it makes me really feel like a woman. Wow! I feel Sexy, Powerful, Caring and Loving.

True Story, Please other ladies let me know what you think about this.

I have told no one.



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