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Rather Awkward

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It was definitely an experience I wish I didn't have.


Me and my friends were hanging out just this last Friday, at one point we were all tired and laying on my friend's bed listening to music. It was me (male), my friend (female), and the person who's house we were at (male); I was talking to her while he was looking like he was passed out while they were sharing the bed sheets (I had two sweatshirts on). Here's the catch; while we were having good conversation (I kind of saw it coming) but suddenly she like lifted her body up like on her legs and elbows and made a motion that looked as if she pulled her pants down. Immediately a bulge in the covers slid from him over to her groin.

"Well... This is awkward as %$#^ what do I do?" I asked myself, it wasn't too easy to decide what to do his room is so small if I moved to the other side of the room I would be facing them, and I couldn't leave the room because his dad was outside his room. So I played dumb and pretended nothing was happening, she was still talking to me as he was going at it so I said pretend it's not happening.

Very abruptly she gasped, stopped talking, looked away from me, and I heard squishing noises from under the covers. Well cats out of the bag now, he kept going, she stopped talking, and now I had to deal with this "vaginal discharge squishing" noise. (I just put on my Mp3 player and rolled over again still playing dumb; it was my first time ever in a situation like this so I was oblivious as to what to do)

Three songs go by and she taps me on the shoulder. I roll over to find him awake getting up, going to the bathroom, and her asking to watch a movie. When she stood up, her pants were going past her feet by about half a foot but she was wrapped with a blanket.

She sat down in the chair in front of the TV he came back and got another chair he put right beside her and covered themselves in blankets again; I sighed, disappointed he wasn't me kind of sigh, then watched the movie. It was only half hour later a smell was there but I needed to go out for a breath of air, I left the room and went outside for some fresh air. Within a few moments they came out and was like "K let's go" as if nothing happened so I just ran into the room real quick grabbed something out of my bag and that smell was still there. It was definitely an experience I wish I didn't have.



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