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Rain (a followup story)

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I meet Jasmine a second time, in the rain on a train bridge, sparks fly.



I'm laying here in the sun, too warm, and wishing I hadn't bothered to eat. But in my mind I'm somewhere else entirely. I'm in the rain. In the blissful rain. Kissing Jasmine like the world would end if we stopped. But I should start at the beginning. I'm sure you don't want to start right here

I met her under the worst circumstances I could think of. If you've forgotten, read The Aftermath first. After that night I thought we'd never see each other again. But I was gloriously wrong.

I was crazy with energy, untamed and unquenchable. The weather was crap but finally I decided I didn't care. I put on my running clothes, decided the sweatshirt would just weigh me down and left it on the mess that was supposed to be a dining room table.

I opened the door to a downpour and a rumble of thunder, but now it had exited me. It felt dangerous, and so very enticing. So I took off. I ran in my neighborhood and had a fairly good idea where not to go. Not that anyone would be out in that weather.

I wanted to see the lightning up close so I headed for the train yard bridge. By the time I got there I was soaked and sweaty, and sort of electrically turned on. All my senses were on high alert.

You know, it's funny how some people just appear out of nowhere every time you meet them. There's no plan, it just is. She came running across from the other side of the bridge.

The last time I'd seen her I was high as a kite, and the next day when I woke up in a tiny painful ball on the floor of the front porch, all I could remember was her. That few minutes we shared. And the secret she would keep for me.

But I'd have known her anywhere. And apparently, she me. She stopped right in front of me, pushed my soaking hair out of my face, and kissed me. It wasn't a question. It was nothing but raw desire. And suddenly there we were, locked in one of those deep, passionate kisses you don't want to let go of even to satisfy other needs. You know the kind.

She began to run her hands down over my body, as gentle as the kiss was not. It was a wild sensation, but I knew what she wanted to know. I pulled my shirt off and let it drop onto the old wooden boards of the bridge.
The limits were set.

This time tho, I wanted her. Insanely. I pulled her running bra off over her head and it joined my shirt. Then I took both of her hands and pinned her up against the chain link fence that was supposed to keep people from doing something stupid, like jumping onto a train. Or in front of it.

It was delicious. Rubbing our breasts against each other. I had one leg between hers and I was using my knee to massage her pussy. Moaning in need and pleasure I put my mouth over hers and kissed her deep enough to feel her moans on my tongue.

The rain was pouring down making everything more sensitive and slippery. I let go of her hands and she immediately used them to pull my long wet hair from my face and wrapped her hands very gently around the back of my neck pulling me closer. I slid both of her legs around my waist then and used the fence to help hold her in place.

My nipples were screaming to be touched when she dropped her head and began to suck gently, eyes on me the whole time. She let it become more intense till she saw the pain wash over my face, immediately withdrawing the pressure till pleasured groans flowed from me.

I was pulling her up and down against my wet shorts but I could not get enough to satisfy. I put her down and slowly and intentionally pulled my shots off in front of her. Then my tiny black thong, shaking it off with one foot and adding it to the sopping wet pile. I leaned back against the fence and spread my full wet lips just enough for her to see. Then I touched myself, stroking, cupping my hand and letting the water fill it before tipping it to let it slide into my crotch.

Then she did something I didn't expect. I wish I had a picture of the moment she threw back her head as far as it would go, and drank the rain. Then she came towards me and dribbled it out over my breast, trickling over my nipple and mixing with the rivulets of water running over my naked body.

It was then that I realized her shorts had joined mine and her fingers were playing with her underwear. She was pulling on the elastic back and forth on one side while sliding her fingers in and out of that soft white hair that id not been able to forget. I knelt down and pulled them off her with my teeth. I licked up the insides of her thighs till she was shivering with need.

But I stopped there. I very very rarely perform oral sex, and I don't allow it on myself, with only one or two exceptions. I hate it. And I wanted to watch her, i wanted her to watch me.

Stepping back against the fence, I let the rain fall into my hands, opened wide, and began to massage my clit in slow lazy circles. She sat down infront of me, close enough to watch me, just within my vision so I could watch her.

She pulled her hands down over her flat beautiful stomach and slipped them both down far enough to slide in one finger from each hand and pull her lips apart. My hand was going faster without my permission and the rain was pouring over her making her swell and whimper. And suddenly I felt myself pull back deep within me, and I closed my eyes and felt it grow and grow and expand and she cried out in the pure desperation of desire and release, and I breathed out a long breath of control and need and surrender and pain as I came in a hard explosion of ectasy and agony.

Then I crumpled to the ground and we touched and petted and kissed and nibbled. Wrapping wet, warm bodies around each other watching the lightning. To see better I sat up to the fence and looked out the tiny hole in the chain link to get a clear view.

But it didn't last because I was quickly wrapped around with those long thin legs, my back against her breasts which were rubbing slowly against it, while two hands cupped my breasts and the fire burst alive again. But you can imagine that for yourself now can't you? Or would you like me to tell that story too?



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